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Road freight transport solutions in Europe and Worldwide

Get your load moving seamlessly with our global freight shipping solutions. We organise the transport of goods of any size or shape by road. We combine the capabilities of various international freight carriers on a single platform to make sure your shipping needs are always covered. Use our tool below to get instant quotes for shipping a single pallet, booking a full truck (FTL), or dedicated van transport.

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Why use our road freight transport services?

Immediate prices for a variety of freight shipping services

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Warehousing available to store your cargo when needed


Road freight transport services available

We offer a wide variety of services to transport freight internationally, in Europe and worldwide.
Choose the solution that best fits your load.
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Pick-up and delivery for all road freight transport services


Monday to Friday during regular working hours. Collections on weekends and holidays can be arranged by request based on availability. Book early for collection the same day, or next-day collection if booked before 4pm.


Delivery is performed in the shortest time possible, during regular working hours. Your delivery time will depend on your chosen route and service. For fast & direct transport, book a Van Delivery or Full Truck (FTL) shipping service.


Important details when booking a freight shipping service

  • Provide the exact dimensions – length, width and height (in cm) – and weight (in kg) of the freight shipment, including the pallet, for accurate price calculation.
  • Pack your freight shipment appropriately and make sure it is ready for collection on the ground floor on the scheduled date. If using pallets, follow our packing guidelines.
  • Please inform us during the booking process if you require any assistance during collection or delivery, including forklifts and tail-lifts.
  • The van or truck driver will contact you before collection and delivery. Make sure you have your phone in hand on the scheduled dates to avoid delays or missed deliveries.
  • Please have in mind that the fares for using tunnels and ferries are not included in the final price.
  • The price of the service may deviate based on seasonality and capacity.


Examples of loads commonly transported by road freight

International freight transport for businesses and individuals

At Eurosender, we offer a wide variety of road freight transport services in Europe and worldwide. We serve both private and business needs through a vast network comprised of couriers, freight carriers and van drivers. Getting an international freight shipping quote is instant with our booking tool, but you are always welcome to reach out to us if you need professional advice about the right service for you.


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FAQs – International freight shipping services

What are the different types of freight?
Freight shipping can be carried out in many different ways:
  • Airfreight, the fastest and most predictable freight shipping solution available;
  • Sea Freight, for low-cost transport of larger quantities, over longer distances worldwide;
  • Rail freight, for transporting a large quantity of goods, with fewer delays due to weather or traffic conditions;
  • Road freight, the solution that offers the most flexibility and possibility of delivery destinations;
Eurosender caters to all different types of freight transport solutions worldwide, including dedicated shipping services whenever needed. Place your order directly in our booking tool or reach out to our experts if you need a custom solution for your freight shipment.
How much does it cost to ship freight?
The cost to ship freight will depend on several factors, including the route, the urgency, the size of the shipment and the service selected. To discover the cost of transporting goods by road to a specific location, shippers must contact logistics providers to request a quote. Or, if wanting to save time, they can simply turn to Eurosender, and we will instantly compare different solutions and identify the best fit for each request. Use our booking tool and get an instant international freight shipping quote for sending a pallet, booking a Van Delivery or scheduling FTL transport.
How do I book a road freight transport service?
To book a freight service, select your pick-up and delivery locations, and click on the freight shipment type you wish to transport – pallet, van, or truck. Insert the details of your load, and our system will instantly calculate the price for shipping your cargo internationally. Select your preferred pick-up date and finalise the order by filling up the form and making the payment. It takes less than 5 minutes to book!
How do I know if I require a personalised offer when shipping cargo by road?
This is a solution for shippers whose needs cannot be satisfied with the shipping solutions we provide through the booking tool. Additionally, LTL transport needs to be booked through our custom offer page. If you are unsure which type of shipping service to use, if your freight shipment is not suited to be shipped on pallets or if you have special shipping or handling requirements, we will make a custom offer to cater to your needs. Fill out the form with your load’s details, and our team of experts will contact you directly to prepare a completely tailored quote for shipping freight internationally.
How long does freight shipping take?
Freight delivery times depend on the selected service and route. Dedicated freight shipping services have the shortest delivery times since the load is transported directly from the collection to delivery. Groupage freight transport services also involve stops and check-up on the logistics providers' warehouse, which adds up additional time, resulting in a longer delivery. Every time you book any international freight transport service with us, the estimated delivery time will be informed during the booking process before you conclude the order. For faster delivery times, we recommend booking either the Van Delivery or Full Truck transport since they are both direct solutions.
Is freight cheaper than parcel delivery?
Sending items as freight can be cheaper depending on the size and quantity of parcels you need to ship. Booking road freight transport is usually cheaper if you send multiple parcels together as a larger load, rather than sending each package individually. You can easily compare the price for booking a freight shipping or parcel delivery with our booking tool.
Is freight insurance included? Can I purchase additional insurance?
Yes. Every shipment booked with Eurosender is insured according to the CMR Convention. Additional insurance is also available through our insurance partner ERGO Versicherung AG. Please contact our experts to discuss the options of additional insurance available for your freight shipment.
Do I need to label my freight shipment?
Not necessarily. You do not need to label your shipment unless otherwise instructed to do so beforehand. In most cases, the driver will bring the shipping label, but please remove old tags from the cargo before collection. Make sure that the freight shipment has a flat surface where the driver will affix the label. In case you have to add the label yourself, we will provide this document via e-mail so you can print it and place it firmly on the load according to our guidelines.
How much is customs duty for freight shipments?
When transporting freight across the European Union borders, customs duty is calculated based on the content of your shipment and its declared value. The receiver must pay customs charges for the freight shipment to be released by the customs authorities. For more information on customs duty, see our dedicated page.
How can I arrange warehousing and storage for my freight shipment?
Storage and warehousing services are available in collaboration with our trusted logistics partners, providing modern warehouse facilities with excellent storage conditions. When requesting this service, our team will arrange the storage in the most convenient location for your transport. The service is bookable in Europe by requesting it during the booking process or contacting our sales team. Simply inform us of the pick-up date, length of storage required, dimensions of load and delivery date, and you will be provided with a tailored quote.
Can transit times be prolonged?
Yes, in some rare cases, transit times can exceed the estimated time frame due to traffic and weather conditions and other unforeseen circumstances. However, you will be informed of any changes to pick-up, transit and delivery times.