Sending your electronic piano from Mestre-Venezia to Orlando

Don't waste unnecessary time waiting for quotes - instantly check how much does it cost to ship your electronic piano from Mestre-Venezia to Orlando with our tool below. Our automated platform is designed to identify the best shipping solution for each order request, automatically comparing all couriers available and identifying the right one based on the price-performance ratio.

Shipment type
Musical instruments
Weight & dimensions
30KG, 45x20x140cm
Estimated delivery time
1-2 days
Shipping price
100.62 +VAT

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Packing guide

How to pack your electronic piano for shipping to Orlando?

It is essential to prepare and pack your item appropriately when booking a delivery service for your electronic piano. Choose the packaging material that best suits your good, depending on its weight and dimensions.

Cardboard boxes

Sturdy and big enough to fit your item comfortably


Used for shipping bulky items or multiple articles

Bubble wrap

Essential for cushioning and protecting the item

How to organise a delivery service for your electronic piano?

Determine what is the best service for your item. Check all options here.

Prepare the shipment for collection and attach the shipping label.

Assign another person to hand over the parcel if you cannot be present.


Upcoming public holidays

Some logistics service providers do not operate during holidays, so please consider the bank holidays when shipping your electronic piano from Mestre-Venezia to Orlando.





Things to know when shipping your electronic piano to Orlando

  • How long does my electronic piano take to be shipped to Orlando?

    Shipping your electronic piano to Orlando takes ususally around 1-2 business days. However, please keep in mind that the delivery time may differ depending on the service you choose to use. For the fastest delivery service for your electronic piano, we recommend using either the Express Service or the Van Delivery, which is a direct transport solution.

  • What is the shipping cost from Mestre-Venezia to Orlando?

    To calculate the exact shipping cost from Mestre-Venezia to Orlando, use our booking engine above and insert the accurate dimensions of your electronic piano. Our system will instantly search for the best quote available for your requirements, comparing over 150 million quotes offered by multiple logistics providers.

  • How can I track my electronic piano delivery service?

    Whenever you ship your electronic piano to Orlando with us, you receive the tracking number for your order via e-mail after the service is confirmed. Insert it in our digital tracking tool to follow your shipment from pick-up to delivery.

  • Do I have to pay customs duties when shipping my electronic piano to Orlando?

    When shipping on most routes inside the EU, you will not need to pay any customs duties since it is considered a trade-free zone. However, when your shipping route includes countries outside of the EU, the package or parcel will have to go through regular customs procedures when exiting and leaving the respective countries. The shipper will be responsible for paying any taxes or duties incurred during the customs procedure.

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