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Estimated delivery time: how to calculate the shipping time

Transit times depend mainly on the type of service and the distance between pick-up and delivery addresses. When choosing a shipping service, both price and shipping time are important to decide which service is the best. Select the pick-up and delivery country and insert the parcel weight in our transit time calculator to get an estimated delivery time for your international parcel or shipment.

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Average parcel delivery time

The delivery time is calculated by each logistics company depending on the distance and route, taking into consideration also their schedule and the average transit time of past orders. In the following table, you can find the average delivery time for our main services.

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How to estimate the delivery time and price

When you book a shipping service on our platform you will receive the estimated delivery time for your parcel during the booking process.
Select the pick-up and delivery country and the desired shipping method to book your service in just a few clicks.
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How long does the courier take to deliver my parcel?

To have an idea of how long does it take for couriers to deliver a parcel, check the table below with the average transit time on some of the most popular shipping routes in Europe. If you can’t find your route or you want to calculate the shipping time for different countries, just insert the route in our transit time calculator.

RouteTransit timeService
France – Germany2 daysStandard
Romania – Hungary2 daysStandard Flexi
Spain – Germany3 daysStandard
Luxembourg – Belgium1 dayPriority
Sweden – Poland2 daysStandard
UK – Germany1-3 daysPriority Express
Note: the transit times presented above may vary depending on weight, dimensions and specific route.

Useful advice to ensure a smooth delivery

  • Plan the collection of your parcel in advance to avoid last minute problems or delays.
  • Check if all the details are correct and make sure to give all the required information.
  • Make sure that someone is present at the given addresses for collection and delivery.
  • Contact our team of logistics experts for any question about your shipment.


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FAQs about estimated delivery time and transit time

How is the estimated delivery time calculated?
To calculate the average transit time, all past shipments sent on your chosen route or similar routes are taken into consideration. Although the calculations are done with the highest accuracy possible, the transit time may vary from case to case.
Are parcel transit times guaranteed?
The transit time that you receive when booking a shipping service is an estimate of the time the courier will take to deliver the parcel, not a guarantee. Usually, parcels are delivered in time according to the estimated delivery time, but some events may influence the transit time and even cause delays: adverse weather conditions, peak seasons (like Christmas) or national holidays are a few examples of situations that may occur.
Can a package arrive before or after the estimated delivery date?
Yes, it is possible for a package to arrive before or after the date estimated for the delivery to happen. This occurs because, as the name suggests, the estimated delivery time is only an approximation and is not a guaranteed transit time. Even though most deliveries take place within the estimated time-frame, in some cases, delays may occur due to external factors or problems on the delivery.
Does the estimated delivery time give me an exact hour for the parcel delivery?
Most courier companies provide an estimated delivery time-frame or date, since they can’t predict the exact hour when the parcel will be delivered. Usually, the courier companies deliver between 9h and 18h. The exact delivery time is influenced not only by the route of the truck or van but also by other factors not related to the company or the driver, such as traffic or weather conditions.
How do I calculate the estimated delivery time for my e-commerce sales?
Many websites and e-commerce also require that you insert both the shipping price and the transit time when publishing the item. Online sellers usually calculate the estimated delivery time or date based on the time taken for dispatching the item and for the transit. The dispatch time should consider all the necessary steps until the collection of the parcel, including order processing and packaging. For example, if you are able to dispatch goods within 2 days, simply check the average parcel transit time with our calculator and add 2 days to the final number.
Can I check when my parcel will be delivered?
When you book a shipping service on our platform, you can check immediately the estimated delivery date for the required service. Once the service is confirmed, you will receive an e-mail with information about the estimated delivery time and with the tracking details. You can insert the tracking number directly in our online tracking tool to follow your parcel and predict when it will be delivered. If you have any problem while tracking your parcel, don’t hesitate to send us a message via e-mail or chat.