Transporting Construction Equipment to Worksites

Transport building materials to worksites

Building materials and construction equipment can be tricky to move from one job to another without the proper organisation and planning, especially when transporting heavy or bulky building materials to building sites. Learn the best way to ship construction equipment to a worksite and save on the cost of shipping. Find a solution to ship or transport bags of sand, cement, flooring materials or other kinds of building materials.


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Transport of construction equipment and building materials

Get the best solutions to transport flooring tiles, machinery or bags of cement or sand ahead to your next job with Eurosender:
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How to pack and ship construction equipment for transport

Depending on the type of building, flooring and construction equipment you need to transport to a worksite, follow our guidelines on how to prepare different building materials and ensure safe transport:

Construction and flooring materials including cement, bricks and tiles
  1. Place bags of cement, bricks or tiles onto a pallet and stack them evenly. Take care not to exceed the dimensions of the pallet or stack it too high.
  2. Consider using polybags and canvas to secure loose bricks and bags together.
  3. Place heavier items towards the bottom, smaller, lighter items towards the top.
  4. Secure construction materials to the pallet with wrap and ties.
Construction tools
  1. Protect your tools by wrapping any sharp edges with bubble wrap.
  2. Consider using a heavy-duty toolbox for additional protection, or place it into a strong corrugated cardboard box.
  3. Fill any additional space with cushioning materials so your tools cannot move.
  4. Seal with tape and label if required.

Direct transport of building and construction equipment

If you are looking for a fast way to transport heavy building equipment and construction tools to worksites across Europe, look no further. Get an instant price on our booking tool for a van delivery service, and transport bags of sand, cement, tools and machinery in a dedicated vehicle. Instead of sharing space with other shippers, choose a van delivery with no stop-overs and minimal packing and labelling required. Loading and unloading assistance is also available on request.

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FAQ about transporting construction equipment to worksites

Is insurance included in the price to transport building materials with Eurosender?
Yes, every shipment booked through Eurosender has basic insurance included in the price. If you are booking freight transport for building and construction equipment, your shipment will be covered by CMR conventions.
If you require additional insurance, you can select it during the booking process.
Will the driver contact me before collection or delivery of my building materials?
Depending on the route, some couriers may contact you before collection or delivery. However, they are not obliged to do so. Make sure you provide a local contact telephone number in case the courier decides to call.
What is the cost to ship flooring and building materials internationally?
The price to ship flooring and construction materials internationally will depend on the route, the number of pallets and weight and the service selected.
To find out the cost, or request an offer to transport your building equipment internationally, enter your pick-up and delivery locations in our booking tool to start.
Where can I buy pallets to transport building materials to worksites?
Pallets can be purchased new or used, either online or at most hardware stores. Be careful when choosing a pallet to ensure it is free of any damage and can handle the weight of your shipment.
Can I store my shipment in a warehouse before it is delivered to the construction site?
Yes, warehousing and storage options are available, if you need to keep your tools and construction equipment aside before it is needed at the worksite. Speak to our experts to discuss your options and get the best price.