Moving oversized equipment to another location

Due to the size of the heavy machinery equipment and construction materials, the transportation of it has to be well thought and organized. Whether you need to transport cement bags, bricks, flooring and roofing material, plumbing components or other heavy materials and machinery it is best to reach to a specialized logistics provider to arrange the transportation for you. Eurosender has helped many businesses to arrange their transport of excavators, heavy machinery spare parts or construction materials to another location.

How to transport heavy equipment spare parts by carrier

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As these are the most essential parts when doing construction works, their transportation has to be carefully executed. The transportation of cement bags, sand, bricks or other building materials is usually done in bulk, thus, there is a need for LTL, PTL, FTL or a Van Delivery service. Different shipments require different transportation methods, thus, we will provide you with more information so to choose the best service according to your needs.

Van Delivery Service – if you need rapid solution for transporting construction materials domestically you can book our Van Delivery Service. We recommend this type of service when you want the safest and fastest option when sending a smaller quantity to a construction area, or some other place of your choosing.

LTL (Less Than Truckload) If you are certain that your shipment is not enough to fill a whole truck, but fitting into a van is also not enough, then we recommend you to book an LTL shipping service. Keep in mind that with this service there can be several loading and unloading points during transportation. You may still fill the truck with bricks, cement, heavy equipment spare parts or other, but the rest of the truck will be filled with someone else’s goods.

PTL (Partial Truckload)The transportation does not only include bricks, cement or sand, but other bigger building materials. If the quantity you are shipping is rather bulky, but still not enough to fill the container of a truck, then we recommend booking a PTL service.

FTL (Full Truckload) – When you need to move oversized equipment or transporting all the construction materials in bulk, we recommend booking an FTL shipping service. Not only that you will benefit arranging the pick-up only for your needs, but also it is the cheapest and safest option when shipping large volumes.

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You should also keep in mind the need for forklifts when you are arranging a pick-up for construction materials. If you are not already equipped with one, and you are shipping your bulky items on a pallet, you should tell our team that you would need a forklift on the day of collection.

Transport an excavator or other heavy equipment spare parts to another location

If you need to transport heavy equipment or just the spare parts by the carrier, you should take into consideration the need for another moving alternative, as forklifts are not meant to move such big shipments. Therefore, heavy machinery movers are required that would securely load the excavators onto the truck or trailer. Contact our agents to see if you need heavy machinery movers or forklifts to handle the small or large heavy equipment spare parts you wish to transport by a specialized carrier.

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If you are transporting an excavator to another location, it is most likely that an “open-air” transport method would be used. Due to the weight, size and complexity of the excavators or other heavy machinery, the shipment would be placed on top of a trailer or flatbed ship and have no additional coverage on top. The heavy machinery has to be securely placed and strapped onto the trailer.

There are certain things to keep into consideration when you are moving oversized equipment and transporting excavators to another location :

  • Make sure the machine is clean as the carrier responsible for the transport will most likely require you to do this prior the transportation.
  • You should drain all the liquids from the machine so it would be safe to travel.
  • Remove all loose items and store them somewhere safe. You will be able to re-attach them later.

Following these suggestions will have you safely move the oversized equipment and transport an excavator, or other heavy equipment to another location and with less risk.

Can I transport heavy equipment spare parts by a carrier?

Every machinery needs maintenance, and maintenance brings the need of additional spare parts. Therefore, if you need to arrange a shipment for heavy machinery spare parts, Eurosender can arrange you a solution with an affordable price. Just make sure you pack the spare parts properly and if the items are of bigger volume and quantity place them on a pallet.

It is important to keep the original invoicing and packaging for the insurance to be valid when transporting heavy equipment spare parts by the carrier.

How to prepare construction materials for transportation

It is of essential importance in choosing the right container and packaging material when transporting cement bags, bricks, tiles, flooring or roofing materials, or other construction materials. Therefore, you should keep in mind the following suggestions when preparing your parcel:

  • Polybag – for example, cement bags are stored in paper bags that cannot withstand bad weather conditions. Therefore, before transporting cement bags, we recommend covering them with polybags to preserve their quality and its function.
  • Padding material – to prevent the building materials touching the container, we recommend adding padding material on the inside of the container, that would make the heavier materials bounce back. For example, if you are shipping ceramic tiles you should tightly wrap them in plastic material, add cushioning on top, bottom and sides to avoid any movement and breakage on them.
  • Sealing tape– You should not use a regular adhesive tape when you are transporting cement bags or other heavier equipment due to its inability to hold the heavy items together. if the materials you are sending are heavier in weight, you should seal them in 60-pound-grade tape.

If you were just the forwarder of the shipment, you should check the condition the construction materials have arrived in. Check if the pallet was damaged during transport if any of the packaging materials need to be replaced, or even if the container needs to be replaced. We recommend doing this before further forwarding the shipment.

Transporting small heavy equipment by air with Eurosender

Our team will prepare you a specialized offer when you need to transport construction materials domestically or internationally. Apart from offering to arrange road freight shipping, we can arrange air transportation for small heavy equipment spare parts to be shipped by air. Arranging an air cargo will reduce the transit time but it is important to mention the limitation in space, as well as the higher costs that come with it for bulky items.