Immigrate to Argentina: International Removals to Argentina

Moving to Argentina: Things you should know before you immigrate to Argentina

Argentina is a favourite among tourists visiting South America, so it is little wonder more foreigners are looking for ways to move to Argentina from USA, UK or anywhere else. Eurosender’s simple and low-cost solutions for international removals to Argentina will help you to move to Argentina as easily as possible. You can begin to calculate your average moving costs to Argentina, right now on our booking engine.

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Learn how to move to Argentina with Eurosender

With a long history of immigration to Argentina from UK, Spain, Italy and the Middle East dating back to the turn of the century, but in recent times, visa regulations for Argentina have become stricter, so there are a few things you should know first. Here is some information about moving to Argentina.
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The cost of moving to Argentina – International removals to Argentina

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Visa regulations for Argentina

For those who decide to move to Argentina from UK, South Africa or from anywhere in the world and wish to stay longer than 90 days, there are two kinds of visas you can apply for.

  • Residence permit
  • Work permit

Argentina has a visa-free scheme with many countries which allows you to stay for up to 90 days without working. For a full list of countries and visa regulations for Argentina, please check the Argentinian Government website for detailed information.

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Property in Argentina

Foreigners living in Argentina find it extremely difficult to secure finance for property in Argentina, so for this reason, most expats choose to rent an apartment. Here are the average rental prices for a single person moving to Argentina or for those moving to Argentina with family.

  • Buenos Aires: For a one-bedroom apartment in the centre of town, expect to pay between 13.000 – 25.000 pesos (€188 – €360) per month. For a three-bedroom apartment in the centre of Buenos Aires, prices range between 25.000 – 45.000 pesos (€360 – €650) per month.

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The cost of living in Argentina

The cost of living in Argentina can vary depending on where in the country you decide to live. For those moving to Argentina from the USA, UK, or Europe, you will find the salaries are much lower, but the price of fresh food from the supermarket and everyday goods is low also.

To save money for your cost of living in Argentina, it’s a good idea to get in touch with the expat community in Argentina for tips, or even to find job and property opportunities.

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The job market in Argentina

The job market in Argentina is slowly improving, but unfortunately, job opportunities for foreigners in Argentina are quite limited. A good idea is to find international companies who have local branches for opportunities for English-speaking jobs in Argentina. For the most success in finding employment in Argentina, it is an excellent idea to learn Spanish, so there may also be opportunities in the IT, engineering and car manufacturing industries.

Education in Argentina

Primary, Secondary and Tertiary education in Argentina is free, so when you move to Argentina with children, a good idea is to register them with the local municipality to be allocated to the nearest local school. There are also international schools in Buenos Aires for English-speaking expats in Argentina, but these are more expensive. The education system in Argentina consists of:

Elementary school
Age: 6-12
Compulsory: yes
Secondary School
Age: 13-18
Compulsory: yes

Healthcare in Argentina

Healthcare in Argentina is made up of private, public and social services. Public and social healthcare in Argentina is free and provided by the state, and the private sector is funded by extra insurance. If you are thinking of moving to Argentina from USA, South Africa or anywhere else, it is a good idea to take out private health insurance for your length of stay, to access extra services and less waiting times.

Driving in Argentina

All foreigners moving to Argentina who wish to drive should remember to bring an international driving permit, as well as their local license and passport, and carry these while driving in Argentina. You should also exchange your license within a few years of moving to Argentina.

Another thing to remember about driving in Argentina is that they have a high crime rate, so it is always a good idea to lock your windows and doors while driving at night.

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What else to expect when living in Argentina

  • The quality of education and healthcare in Argentina is very good, and free of charge for citizens and expats moving to Argentina.
  • For those wishing to move to Argentina permanently, once you get past their strict visa regulations in Argentina, you can apply for citizenship after just 2 years.
  • The pace of living in Argentina is a lot slower for those moving from the USA, UK or Europe. This can be an advantage or a disadvantage to consider before deciding to relocate to Argentina.

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Moving to Argentina from the USA

For those wishing to relocate to Argentina from the USA, look no further. Eurosender’s low-cost international removals to Argentina make it easy to move your belongings with solutions to suit any sized shipment. Our easy booking platform will give you an instant price for shipping to Argentina and our Express Document shipping is perfect for organising your documents to relocate from the USA to Argentina faster.

Moving to Argentina from the UK

Visa regulations for Argentina can be very confusing and the process can be extremely lengthy, but with Eurosender’s Express Document delivery, your important visa documents can be delivered in as little as 24-72 hours, worldwide. We also offer express shipping for packages of up to 70 kg, so you can relocate to Argentina from the UK sooner.

Moving to Argentina from South Africa

Moving to Argentina from South Africa doesn’t have to be a headache, with Eurosender’s cost-effective international removals to Argentina from South Africa. Our easy booking platform will give you an instant price on express, standard, and freight delivery, so you can be sure you have the cheapest way to move furniture or anything else to Argentina. If you have an unusual request, our experts can also tailor an offer to suit any shipping requirement.

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