Immigrate to Argentina. Get ready for moving to Argentina

Moving to Argentina. Things you should know before you immigrate to Argentina

What is Argentina associated with? Most likely with tango, Lionel Messi, and matte tea. It is also a well-known fact that Argentina is the country of immigrants who once came to Argentina from Italy, Spain, Germany, France, the United Kingdom, and the Middle East in the late 1800s and the early 1900s. Nowadays, it is not that difficult to immigrate to Argentina or travel there as a tourist. In this article, we will uncover all the details associated with living in Argentina, provide you with the tips on how to immigrate to Argentina easily, and suggest the best international shipping services for moving to Argentina from the USA, Australia, the United Kingdom, and other European, Asian, and Latin American countries.

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Before you immigrate to Argentina, you need to be holistically prepared for the relocation. Check some basic facts about Argentina in this section and more details about the country, its culture, healthcare system, and even the cost of living in further sections of this article.

LocationArgentina is the second largest country in South America. It is situated in the southern part of the continent.
Capital cityBuenos Aires
ClimateGiven that Argentina stretches across the southern part of South America, it has several climatic zones ranging from the tropical one in the north and the cold oceanic area in the south of the country. There are also many desert areas in Patagonia and highlands in the Andes.
CurrencyArgentine peso is the official currency in the country. The unstable economic situation has led to sharp fluctuations in the exchange rate and the devaluation of the peso.
PopulationMost Argentines are descended from several European ethnic groups (Italians, Spanish, Germans, and French). Currently, Argentina has a large Arab population and about 180,000 Asian people mostly of Chinese or Korean origin.
LanguageSpanish is the official language in Argentina even though it has many variations compared to Castellano spoken in mainland Spain. Given that Argentina is the country of immigrants, many people speak English, Italian, Arabic, French, German, Russian, and some indigenous languages such as Quechua and Guarani.
TimezoneUTC -3
Surprising factThe Italian population in Argentina is the second largest in the world outside of Italy, with some 25 million people. Only Brazil has a larger Italian population with 28 million people.



Living in Argentina

Moving to Argentina means that you will have to get accustomed to its culture and lifestyle. You will need to go far beyond the stereotypes in order to create the right image of Argentina and grasp the political, social, and economic situation in the country. Living in Argentina could seem to be bad or good to some people, but it would be different from that in your home country. Thus, we have prepared a list of advantages and disadvantages reported by both expats and citizens about living in Argentina.


  • The quality of education. More than 98% of Argentinians are literate owing to the high quality of education in the country. Primary, secondary, and high education is free of charge even for expats moving to Argentina.
  • Healthcare services. The quality of healthcare services is superb in Argentina. It is not a secret that many people are relocating from the USA to Argentina to get medical treatment and give birth to a child.
  • Citizenship. It is easy to become a citizen by naturalization only after 2 years of living in Argentina.
  • Diversity. There are many people of various nations residing in Argentina and there are many places to visit in the country. It is possible to travel across almost all the climatic zones while living in Argentina.


  • The rhythm of life in Argentina might be much slower than that in New York, London, or other cosmopolitan cities. People do not tend to rush and prefer doing everything in a moderate tempo.
  • Argentina is a technologically backward country. The implementation of modern technologies such as high-speed internet was not evident until recently.
  • The consequences of a recent economic crisis. Argentina has just gone through probably the worst economic crisis ever. Even though the country’s economy is being gradually recovered, the national currency experiences substantial devaluation and many Argentines live below the poverty line.
  • Ongoing protests. Argentinians have the right to strike. Before going outside, check the information about the local protests in order to discover whether any streets are blocked. This will help you to get to work or to the university on time.

Cost of living in Argentina

The cost of living in Argentina varies throughout the country depending on the region you reside in. Buenos Aires and Cordoba are the most popular hotspots among the expats and tourists. Sometimes, the cost of living in Buenos Aires is compared to that in New York, but the salary rates are much lower than those in the USA, for instance.

If you decide to immigrate to Argentina, consider that you will have either to rent an apartment or to buy a dwelling. The average price for renting an apartment would be approximately $500-600 in Buenos Aires. You will also have to pay around $100 for utility bills monthly.

The cost of foods in the supermarket is not that high, but it may range because of inflation. In general, Argentinians spend about $80-100 for food per week because they like eating meat on a constant basis. Yeah, that is true. If you are a vegetarian or simply do not consume much pork, beef, or chicken, then you will spend less money on food.

Visa regulations for Argentina

Citizens from 87 world countries do not need a visa to visit Argentina for a short term of up to 90 days. If you travel to Argentina on business purpose or as a diplomatic representative, you will have to apply for a corresponding type of visa. If you are offered a job in Argentina, you also have to get a business visa and a work permit. In fact, your employer is supposed to take care of all the paperwork before you immigrate to Argentina.

Medical tourism has been rapidly gaining popularity in Argentina due to high-quality healthcare services at reasonable prices. Thus, many people travel to Argentina from abroad for long-term medical treatment in the country. If you are among those, collect all the necessary documents to apply for a 1-year multi-entry medical visa.

A long-term stay in Argentina implies that you will also have to apply for residency and register with Argentine Migrations Office as well. Consider that it is easy to get citizenship by naturalization only after 2 years of living in Argentina. Most likely you will have to be fluent in Spanish before passing the tests for citizenship.



Healthcare in Argentina

The healthcare system in Argentina has three main sectors: public, private and social. Public healthcare is funded mainly by taxes and provides medical services to the entire population for free. The private sector is financed with extra insurance packages that are voluntary purchased by population or provided by employers. The social security sector is funded by obligatory insurance schemes.

There are some differences between private and public healthcare facilities and services. Even though public hospitals are not so well-equipped as private ones, highly qualified professionals work in each sector. Anyway, medical tourists still prefer private healthcare owing to modern facilities and relatively lower cost of healthcare services than those in North America, for instance.

School and education

Primary and secondary education is obligatory for children between 6 and 18 years old. When moving to Argentina with your children, consider registering them in a local education council upon arrival. As a rule, children are supposed to attend school in their area of residence.

Primary, secondary, and tertiary education services in Argentina are free of charge. Thus, many people come from neighbour countries to study in Argentina. If you plan to enrol in one of the Argentinean universities, you only need to take your passport, any education certificates from school, and some supplementary documents to register with a high education establishment. In addition, there is a range of vocational training courses in Argentina so you can choose the one you like and get ready for professional activity in a certain industry.

The job market in Argentina

To be honest, the job market in Argentina is on the way of recovery but it is still weak. The unemployment rates are gradually declining, but the number of job opportunities for expats is not excessive. If you are relocating to Argentina for employment purposes such as working in a branch office of an international corporation, for instance, then it is pretty good. In other cases, it is strongly advisable to get fluency in Spanish to get better chances for obtaining a job in Argentina.

Currently, there is a lack of skilled workers in IT, engineering and technology, and car manufacturing industries. Expats with qualifications in the following fields are likely to find decent job opportunities in Argentina. The salary rates for such professionals would be considerably higher than the national average and could be even estimated at $2500 per month.

Even though Argentina is the country of migrants that used to actively attract foreigners from all over the world, Argentines view immigrants as a potential threat for now. There is an influx of migrants from Paraguayans, Bolivians, and Peruvians who mainly work in agriculture and construction sectors.

Property information

Renting an apartment is very popular among expats moving to Argentina. Be ready to pay in US dollars cash for the apartment rental. The same thing goes if you want to purchase a dwelling in Argentina. You will have to pay the full amount because foreigners usually could not get a mortgage or an instalment plan in Argentina.

We have also prepared a list with the average prices for the apartment rental in major Argentinean cities.

a private room1-bedroom apartment2-bedroom apartment
Buenos Aires$420$550$750

Driving in Argentina

Check some useful tips for driving in Argentina:

  1. Drive on the right side of the road.
  2. Children under the age of 10 need to seat on the back seat of the car only.
  3. Stick to the speed limits: 60 km/h in urban areas and 120 km/h on highways.
  4. Take a driver’s license, car insurance documents, and passport with you.
  5. Drive carefully in the rural areas.
  6. Close all windows and lock all doors while driving in Argentina at night.

Cost of moving to Argentina

The cost of moving a house to Argentina depends on your chosen route, but it would be definitely affordable if you choose Eurosender services. Before relocating to Argentina, you need to discover the average moving costs and find out the cheapest way to move furniture to Argentina. Thus, we have prepared some shipping tips to move a house to Argentina with Eurosender.

What is the average cost of moving to Argentina?

Depending on the purpose of your relocation and the intended duration of stay in the country, we offer shipping services for expats and international students at the very affordable cost of moving a house to Argentina. When using Eurosender platform for booking shipping services, you get a range of benefits:

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See the most popular destination from where you can move to Argentina

Moving to Argentina from the United Kingdom

In Argentina, there are many descendants of Europeans, including those from the United Kingdom. At present, many Americans and Europeans are moving to Argentina for retirement, medical tourism, and even employment reasons. To make your relocation process smooth, you need to choose the right services for international removals to Argentina. Eurosender can help you to find affordable and reliable courier companies for moving to Argentina from the United Kingdom or vice versa. We make sure that everyone gets the most affordable cost of moving a house to Argentina.

Moving to Argentina from Australia

If you are moving to Argentina from Australia and looking for an affordable solution to send your packages, suitcases, or pallets, Eurosender can offer you access to a wide network of international logistics companies. By using our online platform, you can automatically see the cost of your shipment and the estimated delivery time of shipping services from Australia to Argentina.



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