Immigrate to the Bahamas. Things you should know before moving to the Bahamas

The Bahamas is the archipelagic state which consists of about 700 islands. This country was once colonized by the British empire, so it is possible to notice the remnants of that epoch there. Owing to the geographical location of this state, many people are moving to the Bahamas from the USA, Canada, and the United Kingdom for either temporary or permanent residency. The Bahamas is not only about the turquoise beaches and tranquil lifestyle: this country has something more to offer to foreigners. Expats who plan to immigrate to the Bahamas will find this article useful as we will share the information about the country’s lifestyle, healthcare system, and job prospects there.

International removals to the Bahamas with Eurosender

Before you immigrate to the Bahamas, you need to be holistically prepared for the relocation. Check some basic facts about the Bahamas in this section and more details about the country, its culture, healthcare system, and even the cost of living in further sections of this article.

LocationThe Bahamas is the archipelagic state located between Cuba and Florida.
Capital cityNassau
ClimateThe climate of the Bahamas is characterized as tropical. The difference between the average winter and summer temperatures usually does not exceed 5°C.
CurrencyBahamian dollar (BSD)
PopulationThere are about 400,000 people living on the islands of the Bahamas.
LanguageEnglish is the official language of the Bahamas. Local people speak either English-based or French-based creole language.
TimezoneUTC -5
Surprising factThe Bahamas is one of the most expensive countries in the world to live in.

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Living in the Bahamas

Before relocating to the Bahamas, you should think of the particular island you would prefer to live on. The Providence and Grand Bahama islands are the most popular among tourists and expats. Almost all the population of the Bahamas lives on these islands, while other parts of the state are not that populous. Those immigrants and expats who prefer quiet a lifestyle are moving to so-called “family islands”.

Living in the Bahamas, the place with paradise beaches is not always that carefree and exotic. There are not so many job opportunities for immigrants, so moving to the Bahamas for employment reasons is not typical for expats. Meanwhile, businessmen, investors, and wealthy people who can support themselves without working will feel comfortable in the Bahamas.

The Bahamas is also known as a tax haven because it has favourable conditions for those who want to keep their savings safe. There is no personal income tax, company income tax, capital gain tax, and inheritance tax. However, there is a property tax applied to a house purchase which is usually divided between a buyer and a seller. Moreover, those who have a property with the estimated cost of more than $2.5 million will have to pay a property tax annually.

Cost of living in the Bahamas

Every day cruise ships with hundreds of tourists come to the Bahamas, the paradise on the earth. People are ready to spend much money on food and entertainment there, so the prices tend to be high. In fact, the Bahamas is one of the most expensive countries in the whole world. You will have to pay $10 for 1 kg of chicken and about $3 for 1 kg of bananas which is almost twice as expensive as in the USA or Germany. Check the main monthly expenses of expats in the table below.

Apartment rental$750 (1-bedroom apartment)
A cup of cappuccino$5
A meal of the day$20

Visa regulations for the Bahamas

Many people are moving to the Bahamas from the USA, Canada, and the United Kingdom because the citizens of those states do not require a visa to enter the country and stay there for less than 3 months. Overall, the citizens of 120 countries also do not need to apply for a visa in advance if they are eager to visit the Bahamas. If you plan to work in this state or want to live there for longer than 3 months, then you will have to get a work permit and/or a residence permit. Contact your local embassy or consulate for more information about visa requirements.

If you plan to work in the Bahamas, your employer must prove how unique your skills are and why no one from the local population cannot fill a particular job position. In case you possess some specific knowledge and skills to work in the Bahamas, then you will have to collect documents and apply for a corresponding visa type. Those who just want to immigrate to the Bahamas without a work permit can obtain a permanent residency by investing at least $1.5 million in the local business or purchasing real estate property which costs at least $500,000.

Healthcare in the Bahamas

Several decades ago, the healthcare system of the Bahamas was mainly based on local healing practices and so-called “bush medicine”. Recently, the quality of the healthcare services on the archipelago has significantly improved as new hospitals and private clinics opened to the public in New Providence, Grand Bahama, and Paradise Island. Meanwhile, the doctors might be still not available in smaller islets and distant parts of the country.

Expats moving to the Bahamas need to acknowledge that doctors usually take upfront payments, which could be later reimbursed by the private health insurance coverage. It is also worth mentioning that serious health issues, delivery, or operations could be processed in the nearest hospitals of Florida if there are no local doctors with the required expertise in Nassau.

School and education

Given that school education is compulsory for all children residing in the Bahamas starting from the age of 6, the literacy rate of the entire population exceeds 95%. The national curriculum at schools is based on the British model, while all lessons are conducted in English. This is good news for expats who plan to immigrate to the Bahamas with their children. If your kids speak English fluently, then they will find it easy to adapt in the country quickly.

Most local people do not enrol in universities because there are simply no higher education establishments in the Bahamas. Those who have an opportunity to study abroad usually decide to move to the USA, Canada, or the United Kingdom to get a degree there. Meanwhile, the rest of the students start working immediately after graduating from school.

The job market in the Bahamas

Immigrants usually find it difficult to apply for jobs in the Bahamas simply because local employers prefer to hire nationals. The main industries of the Bahamian economy are tourism and finance sectors. While the first one makes up to 60% of the country’s GDP, international banking generates around 35% of the GDP.

Expats with specific skills or education are welcome to apply for the available job opportunities published on websites like Glassdoor or similar ones. Another opportunity to immigrate to the Bahamas is to be transferred to the branch office of the international company. For instance, such companies as Ernst & Young and PwC have big offices and employ many workers in the Bahamas.

Property information

The cost of accommodation is also very high in the Bahamas. While some immigrants decide to buy a dwelling on one of the islands, others prefer renting an apartment in a condo. In the table below, you will find the average prices for the apartment rental and the cost of 1 square meter of real estate property in the Bahamian islands. Consider that the property tax is applied every time you buy or sell a dwelling. Moreover, those who own a house or an apartment the estimated cost of which is higher than $2.5 million are obliged to pay a property tax annually.

1-bedroom apartment$500-1200
2-bedroom apartment$650-1400
3-bedroom apartment$800-1300
1 square meter$800-1500

Driving in the Bahamas

To be honest, a car is not the most popular means of transportation in the Bahamas. As The Providence and Great Bahama host a larger part of the population, they have an adequate infrastructure with paved roads. If you want to buy a car upon your relocation, you will have to pay more than in the US, for instance, because there is an additional tax applied for imported vehicles.

Public transportation system is not very well-developed in the Bahamas. However, there are regular buses and route taxis running from the airports of Freeport and Nassau to the city centre. Furthermore, there are small boats and ferries that carry passengers from one island to another. Most of those are located in tourist areas and might be unavailable on smaller islands.

The aeroplane is the most popular transportation means in the Bahamas. The national airline Bahamasair carries out many domestic and international flights daily. Even though the two main airports of the Bahamas are in Nassau and Freeport, there are other 60 smaller airports throughout the country which operate regular flights, charter flights, private aeroplanes, and even helicopters.

Cost of moving to the Bahamas

The cost of moving a house to the Bahamas depends on your chosen route, but it would be definitely affordable if you choose Eurosender services. Before relocating to the Bahamas, you need to discover the average moving costs and find out the cheapest way to move furniture to the Bahamas. Thus, we have prepared some shipping tips to move a house to the Bahamas with Eurosender.

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The most popular destinations from where you can move to the Bahamas

Moving to the Bahamas from Canada

Canadian tourists visit the Bahamas almost as frequently as the US citizens. While some people are moving to the Bahamas from Canada as rentiers or retirees, others decide to return back from studies in the higher educational institutions of Canada. In any case, Eurosender offers an affordable cost of moving a house to the Bahamas for both expats and students. The only thing you have to do is to contact our logistics experts for requesting an individual offer and they will organise everything for you.

Moving to the Bahamas from the United Kingdom

Once the Bahamas were a part of the British Empire, but the country has tight political and economic ties with the United Kingdom even today. That is why many tourists from the United Kingdom come to the country every year, while some of them even decide to settle down there permanently. With Eurosender, moving to the Bahamas from the United Kingdom will be smooth and easy because we offer the cheapest way to move furniture to the Bahamas and transport your personal belongings overseas.

Other destinations?

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