Moving to Canada: Things you should know before relocating to Canada

When you are thinking about relocating to Canada, there is an endless list of things you have to think of. Year after year more and more people are moving to Canada because they want to enjoy all the things Canada has to offer. With its vast beautiful territory, Canada has long been a popular destination for many people. Besides nature, Canada is home to some of the most well-developed cities in the world, such as Vancouver, Toronto, and Calgary. After getting permanent residence, you can even become a Canadian citizen.

International removals to Canada with Eurosender

When you are moving to Canada from the USA or any other country, Eurosender can help you with the removal of your inventory. In our guide, you will find all the crucial things you need to know before you move to Canada from the USA and how to arrange the transport of your belongings to your new location. As with everything in life, good preparation makes things much easier. Join us when we address each aspect of relocating to Canada, to make sure that you are ready for your next adventure.

When you are looking for international removals to or within Canada it is important to know some basic facts about Canada, which is the second-largest country in the world.

  • Canada is known for having the longest coastline in the world and for possessing about one-fifth of all lakes on our planet.
  • Canada is also one of the coldest countries in the world. Winters with freezing temperatures of -30 or -40 Celsius are no exception. It probably explains why Canadians have such a love for Ice-Hockey, which is strongly connected with Canadian identity.
  • The national anthem “O Canada” can be heard at many events and official ceremonies.

Let’s have a quick look at some other facts.

CapitalEven though Toronto is the biggest city (2.7M), Ottawa (960k) is the capital of Canada.
TimezoneIn Canada, there are 7 different time zones ranging from UTC-3.5 to UTC-8.
CurrencyCanadian dollar (CDN$)
PopulationCanada has a growing population of some 37 million inhabitants.
How do you call someone from Canada?Canadian
Official languageThere are 2 official languages in Canada: English and French.
International dialing code+1
Emergency number911 (112 will redirect to this nr) and 311 for non-emergency
DrivingOn the right side
Tippingit is standard to tip between 15-20% in a restaurant or diner.
Unusual fact10% of the citizens are vegetarian.

The population of Canada is extremely diverse. You can find people relocating from the USA to Canada, but the biggest group responsible for immigration are Asians.
It doesn’t matter where you come from, Eurosender can help you get your household to your new dream life in Canada. Whether you just have a few suitcases to ship, a whole pallet or something way bigger, you can always count on Eurosender to ship your items at the lowest price.

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Living in Canada

Living in Canada might be quite different from the country where you currently reside. With its huge cultural diversity, Canada is also a bilingual country. Most of the country uses English but in the province of Quebec French is the official language of the roughly 7.2 million Canadians who live there. Also, the state of New Brunswick has a population of 770.000 of which a third identify as francophone. When you move to one of these areas you will have to be able to speak the French language.

Visa Regulations for Canada and your way to permanent residence

The first thing you will have to do is determine for which kind of visa you want to apply and to get your hands on your start-up visa as soon as possible. The Canadian visas are divided in:

  • Temporary Residence Permits (TRP)
  • Permanent Residence Permits (PRP)

TRP’s usually give permission to a person to stay up to 6 months in Canada and could also be single-entry or multiple-entry. These kind visas include among others:

  • Student-visa
  • Temporary foreign worker visa
  • Working holiday vacation
  • Tourist visa

PRP’s (Also known as “immigrant visas”, give you the right to become a permanent resident of Canada. There are many different visas in this group such as the Immigrant Investor Program, the Family Sponsor Program, the Entrepreneur Program, and others. Being a skilled worker, whose skills are in demand, have the biggest chance to get a work permit.



Healthcare in Canada

The Canadian Medicare system is paid for by the Canadian government, with which you get free basic medical insurance. All citizens and permanent residents have access to this system. However, new immigrants will not have access to this and will have to pay their own medical bills, unless the employer covers this. Also, keep in mind that dental care is not included in the health-care insurance. Going to the dentist can be a pricey visit to Canada.

School and education for Canadian citizens

Canada offers a top-notch education to its students and it is a reason for many to come to Canada in the first place. In Canada every child has to go to school from the age of 5 or 6 to the age of 16 or 18, depending on the province. There are free public schools but you can also find a private school for your child. Another option is homeschooling. When you arrive in Canada with children, you can contact the local school board to find out how you can enrol them. The same goes for pre-schools.
There is a wide range of well-acclaimed universities, institutes, and colleges in Canada. Most of them have terms from September to December and from January to April.

The job market in Canada

The job market in Canada is very interesting and popular among many expats. But there is a lot of competition out there. There certain areas where there is a high demand for skilled workers and in these fields it might be easier to find a job. Medical personnel, engineering, telecommunications, and finance are some of the examples of spheres where you have good chances of finding a job. Speaking both English and French will also definitely help improve your chances on the job market, besides having work experience in the field that you work in.

Property information for Canada

You can either rent or buy living space. When you come to Canada you will most likely start with a rented place. Check out how much you can spend check the possibilities in the area you want to settle. When you decide to buy an apartment or a house, make sure that you have the proper legal protection.

Cost of moving to Canada

The cost of moving house in Canada is an important thing to keep in mind when you are relocating. Canada is a huge country and moving between cities or towns can feel like you move between different worlds. The average moving costs in Canada depend on the volume of your items and the distance between your old and new place. Eurosender can not only help you find the cheapest way to move furniture to Canada, but we can offer your transport for every single thing you want to ship. When you want to know: How much is shipping from the USA to Canada, or from another country, you can easily measure the dimensions of your shipment. After that, you can contact us for an individual offer, which will be tailor-made to meet your individual requirements. Eurosender also offers storage facilities at convenient prices. Another service often used for removal is our dedicated van delivery. With this option we reserve an entire van for you alone, to transport all your items at once.

Cost of living in Canada

The cost of living in Canada is probably different from your current location and it also differs within Canada. Make a budget with the data about the region that you are planning to settle. Prices vary between countryside and cities but in general Canadians spend up to about 50% of their net income on household expenses, which include things such as house/apartment, clothing, food, insurance among others. Housing and utilities will make a big dent in your budget so when you arrive in Canada it is important to look for affordable housing. Also, try to find out what your future salary in Canada will be as this probably differs from the salary in your home country.

Driving in Canada with foreign citizenship.

Driving in Canada is an essential way of transport because of the vastness of the territory. When coming to Canada, there are two ways to start driving.

  • You can get a Canadian driving license. With this, you are allowed to drive all over the territory of Canada. The driving license is issued by the local authorities of the province in which you reside. The driving exam consists of a written part and one or two driving exams.
  • You can drive in Canada with your driving license from your home country. For this, you need an International Driving Permit (IDP). You can apply for an IDP at driving authority in your home country and usually, it is just a formality where you fill in the application form and the send you the IDP. Make sure that your IDP is translated both in English and French.

Besides a driving license, it is also obligatory to have car insurance. When choosing an insurance plan, make sure that you understand the conditions of the plan to be aware of what is covered and what not. It is also a good idea to contact a few insurance companies to get a better idea about the differences between them. This could easily save you some money.

From what countries do Canadian immigrants frequently come from?

Moving to Canada from Mexico

There could be various reasons for moving to Canada from Mexico. Many join their families who have already immigrated before or they move because they have better job opportunities in Canada. Another popular thing to do is studying in Canada, owing to the fantastic education facilities. Whatever the reason for your removal, with Eurosender you can easily ship your belongings to your new destination when you move to Canada from Mexico

Move to Canada from Sweden

The Swedes have been migrating for centuries to Canada. This originally started because of the poor living conditions in Sweden. People came to Canada because they were attracted by the fact that it was possible to possess farmland, something that was not possible for many in their homeland Sweden. With the improved living conditions in Sweden, the number of migrants has fallen. However, every year there is still a significant group of Swedes who decided to settle in Canada every year. When you move to Canada from Sweden, Eurosender can help you find the best and cheapest courier services to get your items overseas.

Moving to Canada from Iceland

From all Europeans, Icelanders live closest to Canada. That is why moving to Iceland from Canada, is not such a big step. The climate conditions are pretty similar and with that, the lifestyle shows comparisons. Icelanders have been coming to Northern America for more than 1.000 years and there is a population of about 100.000 Canadians of Icelandic descent. So, in many provinces, it is easy to find someone who speaks your language and can help you feel at home. So when you are thinking of moving you and your family to Iceland from Canada, contact Eurosender. We can help you get your life started in Canada.



Other destinations?

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