Moving to Jordan. International Removals to Jordan

Moving to Jordan. Things to know before you immigrate to Jordan

Whether you are relocating to Jordan from the USA, India or any other country, it is necessary to get acquainted with this land and discover some basic facts about it. Eurosender prepared the essential information you need to know before moving to Jordan with your family or as a student. Let us organise your move to Jordan and plan a smooth journey with our range of relocation and removals services.

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How to immigrate to Jordan with Eurosender

Jordan is a country of golden sand, smiling people, and stones with a 1000-year history. The country’s economy is gradually developing, while the standards of living are really high. That is why people are moving to Jordan from the USA, Canada, European and Asian countries to working, studying or living with family. Check this guide to learn more about the county, its people, visa regulations, and best international removals options to Jordan that Eursender provides.
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The cost of moving to Jordan. International removals to Jordan

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Visa regulations for Jordan

Foreigners moving to Jordan from Bahrain, Egypt, Hong Kong, Japan, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Syria, United Arab Emirates, Vatican and Yemen do not require a visa for entry. Citizens of other countries need a visa, and most nationalities can obtain a visa on arrival.
Moving to Jordan as an expat means that you will obligatorily need to obtain a work permit and apply for a visa in your local consulate or embassy.
A Jordanian residence permit is valid for one year and will need to be renewed annually. After immigration, expats can become citizens after living in Jordan permanently for a number of years, depending on their nationality.

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The cost of moving to Jordan. Property information

Most expats moving to Jordan prefer residing in Amman because most of the job opportunities are there. If you plan to immigrate to Jordan with your family, a 3-bedroom apartment will cost you €420-€610. For those who are moving to Jordan alone or as a student, a 1-bedroom apartment far from the centre will cost around €250.

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The cost of living in Jordan

Living in Jordan is often associated with living in Amman, mainly because it is the most famous hotspot of immigrants, expats, and international students in the country. The cost of living in Jordan is much lower if compared to the USA or the UK. The average cost for utility bills is around €75, food and clothing are very affordable. You will need to pay nearly €6 for a meal of the day.

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The job market in Jordan

The economy of Jordan is developing gradually, so this country is really attractive for immigrants. There is also a high demand for expatriate workers in Amman, particularly for those with expertise in engineering. The job market in Jordan has many opportunities for English speakers in education and translation areas. The average salary in Jordan is €2700 (gross).

School and education in Jordan

Expats living in Jordan with children will be glad to know that the quality of education there is high. Schools in Jordan have two main categories: governmental and private.

Afterwards, students may enrol in tertiary education at the university or start working. If you are moving to Jordan with your family and children, there are international schools following the American and Canadian curriculum in Amman.

Age: 4-6
Compulsory: Yes
Primary school
Age: 6-12
Compulsory: Yes
Preparatory school
Age: 13-16
Compulsory: Yes

Healthcare in Jordan

There are two sectors in the healthcare system of Jordan: public and private. Both of those function similarly and comprise hospitals, primary care facilities, and other healthcare establishments. The quality of healthcare in Jordan is high. All doctors both in the private and public sectors are well-trained and have a proficiency in English.

Driving in Jordan

Driving in Jordan with a foreign licence is allowed. However, you must always have your International Driving Permit along with your national licence at all times. Things to consider before driving in Jordan:

  • Do not go over the speed limits: 60 km/h in built-up areas and 120 km/h on highways.
  • Drive on the right side of the road.
  • The maximum level of alcohol in the blood is 0.02% Blood/Alcohol Count (BAC).
  • The emergency number is 911.
  • Take all the necessary documents with you: passport, driving licence, registration, and insurance.
  • The minimum driving age is 18, but you can rent a car only after you turn 25.
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What to expect when living in Jordan

Before relocating from the USA to Jordan or moving from other western countries, you need to acknowledge that Jordan is a Muslim state. The county has its values and traditions that may be contrasting with your own culture. Here’s a list of general recommendations and essential facts both tourists and expats moving to Jordan need to know:

  • Jordan is famous for the highest standards of living and safety in the Middle East region.
  • Even though Jordan is considered a developing country, there are many job opportunities for foreigners moving to Jordan.
  • There are specific rules concerning clothing and behavioural norms. Women living in Jordan are supposed to wear clothes that entirely cover legs, arms, shoulders, and belly.
  • Polygamy is officially allowed in Jordan.

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The most popular destination from where you can move to Jordan

Moving to Jordan from the UK

Relocating to Jordan from the UK or any other west country may be challenging, but with Eurosender you get a stress-free moving experience. Whether you are immigrating to Jordan from the United Kingdom for work or retirement purposes, you need to get ready for relocation properly. Get the most affordable services for international removals to Jordan with Eurosender platform.

Moving to Jordan from the USA

Moving to Jordan from the USA, you need to pass a long way. Eurosender can become your reliable logistics partner during the relocation. Let us organise your migration to Jordan so you can focus on your new life there.

Moving to Jordan from India

Immigrating to Jordan from India might be a stressful experience, so bring your belongings with you and save money in a new country. With Eurosender, you can benefit from affordable shipping services for expats with lower than the average cost of moving house to Jordan. We collaborate with the best courier companies to provide you with safe and pocket-friendly international removals.

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