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How to organise your move to South Korea?

South Korea is fast becoming a hub for foreigners from all over the world who have chosen to make this tech-forward, economic powerhouse of Asia their home. With Eurosender, international removals to South Korea are an easy and affordable experience. Forget the moving hassle – let us help you immigrate to South Korea by saving you time and money. Organise your move to South Korea in a few simple steps!

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Things to know before moving to South Korea

Before relocating to South Korea from the USA, Canada, or any other country, consider what living in South Korea as a foreigner might be like. You will find below some basic facts about this Asian country:
UTC +9
Korean Republic won (KRW)
Official Language
Dialling code
Emergency number
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Immigrate to South Korea | Visa regulations

Immigrating to South Korea implies going through a complicated visa system depending on the reasons behind the foreign citizens’ removals to South Korea. If you wish to relocate to South Korea for business or employment, there are 8 visa types, each with different requirements. To find the one that best suits you, check the South Korean Immigration Website.

Once you know for which visa you will apply, you should organise your paperwork. Eurosender can have your important visa and immigration documents sent to and from South Korea in as little as 24-72 hours, worldwide!
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Should I rent an apartment in South Korea?

The price for renting an apartment or buying property in South Korea is very high due to limited amount of space. Most expats opt for rentals, as government red tape makes it very difficult for foreigners to buy property.

As most of the population, expats tend to settle in Seoul, the price to rent a one-bedroom apartment in the heart of the city will cost around 974,430.38 ₩ (~700 €) per month. Expect to pay around 19,589,204.44 ₩ (14,244.06 €) per square metre for buying property.

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Living expenses in South Korea

Apart from rentals, routine expenses are not so high. A daily cup of coffee will cost you around 4,615.56 ₩ (3.36€), and count on 50,000.00 ₩ (36.36 €) for an average-priced dinner for two.

A great way to reduce your future living expenses in South Korea is to get some useful tips from those who have already immigrated there. Do not hesitate to reach out to expat communities even before organising your move to South Korea.

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Finding a job in South Korea

High standard salaries make finding a job in South Korea quite competitive, but not impossible. Many English-speaking jobs in South Korea can be found in teaching in smaller villages and towns. If you are more tech-minded, you could look to the electronics, IT, and shipbuilding industries or apply for vacancies in some of the international companies based in Seoul.

Schools for expats in South Korea

The standard for education in schools in South Korea is extremely high, both for nationals and those who have immigrated to South Korea. Primary and lower secondary education is free of charge, but parents must pay for uniforms and materials. Most expats choose to send their children to international schools in Seoul, thanks to their excellent programs for expat children in English. The school system in South Korea consists of:

Primary School
Age: 6-12
Compulsory: Yes
Lower Secondary School
Age: 13-16
Compulsory: Yes
Upper Secondary school
Age: 17-19
Compulsory: No

Healthcare for expats in South Korea

With both Western and Eastern medical practices, healthcare in South Korea is funded by the government and free for all citizens, including expats. The latter can access the public healthcare system once they receive their Alien Registration Card (ARC), however, most expats prefer to take out their own private healthcare to access a wider range of services.

Can I drive in South Korea with a UK or other foreign license?

You are permitted to drive in South Korea with any foreign license, including UK, accompanied by an International Driving Permit (IDP) and your passport. If you would prefer to obtain a local license, you should contact your local embassy in South Korea once you immigrate, or visit the IDA website.

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The most popular countries from where people relocate to South Korea

Organise your move to South Korea from the USA

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Organise your move to South Korea from Canada

Relocating to South Korea from Canada will no longer be a headache. Explore the Eurosender range of services for moving to South Korea and save on your transportation costs. Get expert advice on shipping furniture along with other personal belongings to South Korea, benefit from timely assistance in multiple languages. Forget the stress: insurance and tracking are included in the price.

Organise your move to South Korea from the UK

Immigrating to South Korea from the UK raises a lot of important questions, including the cost of shipping the necessary personal belongings to South Korea. Luckily, at Eurosender, we can help you move not only to South Korea but to any destination worldwide. We can answer any question you may have. If you are looking for safe and reliable relocation services to South Korea, choose Eurosender for the job.

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