Moving to Turkey. Get Ready to Immigrate to Turkey

Immigrate to Turkey. Things you should know before moving to Turkey

Turkey is attracting highly-qualified foreign professionals and experts from other countries. Many expats are relocating to Turkey from the USA, European countries or neighbouring states. If you are among those, check the guide we prepared to learn basic facts about working and living in Turkey. Discover the most convenient and reliable services for international removals to Turkey and the average cost of moving house to Istanbul.

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Thing to know about living in Turkey

Turkey has made a significant leap in its economic and political development over the last 20 years. Undoubtedly, this country is attractive for tourists and expats moving to Turkey from the USA, Canada, the United Kingdom, European and Asian countries. Turkey is a unique combination of Islamic traditions and western vibes. If you are relocating to Turkey, check the basic facts and essential information about this country.
UTC +3
Turkish lira (TRY)
82 million
Official language
Dialling code
Emergency number
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Visa regulations for Turkey

The citizens of many countries don’t need a visa for moving to Turkey for a short term. In case you are going to relocate to Turkey for less than 90 days and your purpose of visit concerns business activities, sports, tourism, or cultural events, feel free to apply for a tourist visa.
Here are the most popular visa types among expats who plan to immigrate to Turkey:

  • Official visa is for diplomats moving to Turkey to carry out international missions and implement projects.
  • Student/education visa is issued to those who move to Turkey for ERASMUS internships, AISEC internships, language courses, or studying in the university.
  • Working visa is suitable for those who are going to immigrate to Turkey for employment.
  • Other visa types vary in terms of the purposes of your visit ranging from the medical treatment to family reunification.
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Property information. Rentals in Turkey

Turkey is a very popular destination among foreigners who want to buy real estate property in the countryside, big cities, or coastal areas. The average price for a square meter ranges between €320 and €2000 depending on the district and the region. Some expats prefer renting an apartment, so they think of this option long before they immigrate to Turkey. The average cost of renting a 1-bedroom apartment is about €150-€300. If you are moving to Turkey with your family and children, a 3-bedroom will cost about €250-€500 per month.

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The cost of living in Turkey

Turkey is a comfortable country for living not only in terms of the favourable climatic conditions and friendly people but also because of the low cost of living. After you immigrate to Turkey, you will notice that the prices for food, basic services, utility bills, and accommodation are reasonable. However, the costs of living in Istanbul and Ankara are higher as the cities are the largest and the most expensive in Turkey.

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The job market in Turkey

The Turkish economy is being characterised by sustainable growth over the last several years. Along with the agricultural and textile sectors, tourism industry and electronics are booming and offer many job opportunities for foreigners. Even though it is not easy to obtain a work permit in Turkey, highly qualified professionals in the medical field, engineering, and IT are always welcome. Native speakers from the USA, the UK, Australia, and Canada are also in demand. They can easily immigrate to Turkey and work as the teachers of English or other foreign languages.

School and education in Turkey

Public schools in Turkey are free of charge for both nationals and foreigners. It is worth mentioning that private schools also stick to the Turkish national curriculum, but some of those offer bilingual education. Many expats moving to Turkey choose international schools for their children which offer British, German, and French curriculums. Most international schools are located in Ankara and Istanbul.

There are many higher educational institutions in bigger cities of Turkey. Students from different parts of the country usually move to Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, and Bursa to study at universities.

Pre-school education
Age: 3-6
Compulsory: No
Primary school
Age: 6-12
Compulsory: Yes
Lower secondary school
Age: 12-18
Compulsory: Yes

Healthcare in Turkey

Expats moving to Turkey will discover that the healthcare system of Turkey is different from the European or American one. There are no general practitioners, so every citizen and legal resident can directly refer to a needed medical professional upon necessity. Foreigners who have a valid residence permit for at least a year are eligible to apply for a public healthcare insurance scheme.
The quality of public healthcare services in Turkey differs across the country. That is why many expats usually opt to choose private healthcare insurance. Turkey is already known as a medical tourism destination as many private clinics in Istanbul and Ankara employ highly-qualified English-speaking doctors with international education and years of practice abroad.

Driving in Turkey. Should I get a driving licence for Turkey?

  • For driving in Turkey, you must have either an International Driving Permit or a notarised copy (in Turkish) of your foreign driving licence. If you stay in Turkey for more than 6 months, you must obtain a Turkish licence.
  • Driving in Turkey can be stressful, as drivers usually do not use signals and do not stick to the rules on the road.
  • If you plan to live in Istanbul as a student, you can benefit from the convenience of the comprehensive transportation system in the city. There are lots of city bus routes, taxis, metro lines, and ferries connecting the two parts of the city.
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What else to expect when living in Turkey as an expat

Immigrants moving to Chile allocate the following aspects of living there:

  • Expats moving to Turkey usually choose Istanbul, Izmir, Ankara, or Antalya as the city of permanent residence. Subsequently, the way of life in different regions of Turkey may vary significantly. While Ankara is a big city where major political institutions are located, Antalya is the capital of tourism on the Mediterranean coast. Istanbul is the largest and most magnificent city in Turkey.
  • Turkish is a charming and lively language. However, it is a bit different from English and other European languages. If you are moving to Turkey, it is recommended practising to learn the Turkish language.
  • The cost of petrol is rather high in Turkey, but still many people have personal cars there.

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See the most popular destination from where people immigrate to Turkey

Moving to Turkey from Canada

Many expats are moving to Turkey from Canada as the teachers of English in language schools and academic institutions. If you have already secured a job in Turkey and plan your relocation to this country, then choosing reliable relocation services beforehand is essential. Eurosender will help to ship your personal belongings, furniture, and excess baggage by providing lower than the average moving costs to Turkey.

Moving to Turkey from the UK

Many people are moving to Turkey from the UK to spend their holidays in Fethiye. Some of them even decide to buy a villa in this picturesque region. If you plan to immigrate to Turkey for the long term and want to take plenty of personal belongings with you, choose international removals services to Turkey provided by Eurosender. Our platform will help you to get the most affordable cost of moving house to Turkey as we partner with renowned logistics companies offering the best prices.

Moving to Turkey form the USA

Relocating to Turkey from the United States is not an easy thing for sure. It is necessary to discover the average moving costs to Turkey, check how long does it take for a parcel to arrive in Turkey, find out what items could be sent abroad, and learn how much is shipping from the USA to Turkey. However, when you immigrate to Turkey with Eurosender, you get stress-free relocation and affordable services for international removals to Turkey.

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