Moving to Uruguay. How to Immigrate to Uruguay

Moving to Uruguay. Things you should know before immigrating to Uruguay

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Things to know when moving to Uruguay

Moving to Uruguay from the USA or any other country, means starting a new life. Uruguay is becoming a more important player in the wine market every year, which is no surprise when you consider the local cuisine: an eclectic mix of cultures by itself. With affordable housing and a booming economy, Uruguay attracts more and more expats from all over the world. That is why we have compiled this ultimate relocation guide on how to immigrate to Uruguay.
Uruguayan peso (UYU)
3.4 million
Official language
Dialling code
Emergency number
997 (Ambulance) 999 (Police)
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Visa regulations for Uruguay

Uruguay has relatively easy visa regulations. Below you will find the different types of visas available:

  • Tourist visa: Citizens from most countries (including, for example, the USA, Canada and countries from the EU) don’t need a visa for Uruguay when staying as a tourist. Uruguay is also one of the few countries that allows you to look for a job on a tourist visa.
  • Temporary residence permit: There are 7 categories for this kind of permit. Depending on the permit, you can stay and work in Uruguay legally for up to 4 years.
  • Permanent residence permit: Want to make Uruguay your permanent home? Then choose for permanent residence and never leave again.
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Property information in Uruguay. The cost of moving to Uruguay

There is a wide range of accommodation in Uruguay, matching each budget. However, most expats choose to rent an apartment in Montevideo. If you are moving to Uruguay to study or work alone, a one-bedroom apartment will cost you around €400 per month. If you are immigrating to Uruguay with family, monthly rent for a three-bedroom apartment will be around €570.

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The cost of living in Uruguay

Living in Uruguay as an expat is quite affordable. Like in any other country, accommodation takes the most significant bite out of your budget, but on the whole, your expenses will be much lower than when renting something similar, in, let’s say Europe. The cost of living in Uruguay is not high as local food is both widely available and affordable.

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The job market in Uruguay

There are many job opportunities for foreigners in Uruguay as the country’s economy continues to grow. Agriculture is the main engine of the economy, but other sectors as the textile industry, chemicals, machinery, and more recently, the automotive industry are also adding to the success of Uruguay. When you have some experience and the right education, you should be able to find a job in Uruguay easily. Keep in mind that speaking Spanish will drastically increase your chances in the labour market.

School and education in Uruguay

The school system in Uruguay is known as one of the best in South America. Education is free for citizens and permanent residents and mandatory until 14 years old. After finishing secondary school, students can go on in higher education.

International Schools are very popular among expats with children living in Uruguay. These schools typically offer different curricula, with the most popular being the British, American and International Baccalaureate.

Pre-school education
Age: 3-6
Compulsory: No
Primary school
Age: 6-11
Compulsory: Yes
Secondary school
Age: 12-18
Compulsory: Yes

Healthcare in Uruguay

When having a temporary or permanent residence permit, you can visit the free clinics provided by Uruguayan public healthcare. Even though the quality is not bad, there are very long waiting lists as there is a lack of funding. Therefore, many expats use private healthcare in Uruguay, which is both good quality and affordable. You don’t buy healthcare insurance, but instead, you pay a monthly fee to a healthcare company, that usually has numerous different clinics across the country.

Driving in Uruguay: Should I get an Uruguayan driving licence?

These are the documents you need with you when driving in Uruguay.

  • Driving licence: local licences from many countries are accepted. However, it is always recommended to check with the local Uruguayan embassy whether you need an International Driving Permit. You can get one for about €20-25 at your local driving authority.
  • You also need to have a registration document of the vehicle and insurance when driving in Uruguay.

Check some other basic rules regarding driving in Uruguay:

  • It is mandatory to keep your headlights on at all times.
  • Drivers in Uruguay are easy-going, tolerant and well-mannered.
  • As half of the country lives in Montevideo, you can expect a fair amount of traffic jams and difficulty finding a parking space.
  • Many highways are tollways. And also, many of them only accept cash.
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What else to expect when living in Uruguay as a foreigner

  • When you decide to turn your life upside down and move to Uruguay, you will notice that not everything is the same as in your home country.
  • Mate, which is gaining worldwide popularity now, is one of the most popular drinks in Uruguay and is way more popular than sugary sodas.
  • Uruguay has a fine dining culture, owing to the mix of immigrants over the centuries.
  • Situated near the ocean, Uruguay has a vivid beach life, and Montevideo is located right on the coast, which makes for a relaxed atmosphere all year long.
  • Although crime is not absent, Uruguay is one of the safest countries in South America.
  • When you speak Spanish, you may find that the Spanish spoken in Uruguay is a little different from the Spanish in your textbooks.

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See the most popular countries from where people move to Uruguay

Moving to Uruguay from Canada

Moving to Uruguay from Canada has become more and more popular over the last two decades. With its natural diversity and its growing economy, Uruguay is popular among Canadians who are looking for a change of scenery. Add to that the easy visa regulations and the pleasant climate, and you understand why many Canadians are immigrating to Uruguay and choose International removals with Eurosender.

Moving to Uruguay from Portugal

When you are relocating to Uruguay from Portugal, you want to be sure that all your belongings arrive in one piece. With the services of Eurosender, you can be sure that your international removals to Uruguay will go smoothly. We offer a wide range of affordable and safe shipping options and advanced tracking tool so you can be sure your personal belongings will arrive on time.

Moving to Uruguay from Italy

Moving to Uruguay from Italy is a big dream which can come true with Eurosender. The cost of moving house to Uruguay is much lower when choosing international removals with Eurosender. Move furniture to Uruguay or anywhere in the world with the most reliable and trusted logistics platform. Our logistics experts will help you with your order and offer you the best relocation solution.

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