Shipping a package to a parcel locker by courier

Parcel lockers are a great alternative to P.O. boxes, which can be used both by Post Offices and by couriers. If you are a busy person who cannot afford to wait around for delivery the whole day, shipping to a parcel locker system by courier may the right choice for you. At Eurosender, we like to inform you about all the matters regarding the logistics world. Therefore, if you have any questions about what parcel lockers are, how to ship to parcel lockers or what are the pluses and minuses of using a parcel locker system, this article is for you!

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What is a parcel locker system?

A parcel locker can be seen as autonomous containers that allow shipping and receiving packages at any hour of any day. Not only that you can store a package into a parcel locker that won’t fit in a normal mailbox, but a parcel locker also enables receivers to manage their deliveries and shipments however they prefer.

This means that:


Instead of waiting around all day and waiting for a delivery, receivers can just pick up their package according to their availability after it is delivered to the nearest automated parcel locker.

Logistics companies

For logistics companies, investing in autonomous parcel locker systems will reduce their delivery costs, enable them to reach more customers and increase their performance.


For online businesses, this means more flexibility, less time spent with reclamations regarding unsuccessful deliveries and happier final customers.

What are the advantages of using a parcel locker system?

Package locker systems are usually located in easily accessible areas that both receivers and courier drivers can reach without trouble. Some advantages of using a parcel locker service include:

Pick up your items whenever you want
While post offices or parcel shops are open for a limited number of hours per day, you can pick up your package in a parcel locker at any time, night or day.


No more failed deliveries
Instead of arranging several attempts of delivery or having to drive to the next town to receive your package, an automated parcel locker service enables you to find the nearest package locker and pick up your parcel at any hour.


Peace of mind with safe storage
Parcel lockers are usually extremely sturdy and safe. They might even include a video surveillance system and of course you will be the only holder of your own key or card to access your deliveries. This being said, you won’t have to worry about having a package stolen from your porch anymore, knowing it will be safely waiting for you at a package locker system.


Free of charge
After several failed attempts of delivery or upon the request for changing a delivery address, some couriers might charge you for extra services. By having your package stored in a parcel locker you won’t have to pay any extra fees and you will be able to pick up your parcel for up to 7 days (for some couriers, packages might be available for pick up for a longer time).


Alternatives to shipping a package to a parcel locker

Standard shipping service: With a standard shipping service, you can send packages, parcels, suitcases, sports and duffle bags all over the world. Whatever your shipment will be, it has to be packed well and correctly to avoid any damage in transport from external factors. To qualify for a standard shipping service, you need to follow the following restrictions:

  • A maximum length of 175 cm;
  • Length (in cm) + 2x width (in cm) + 2x height (in cm) < 300 cm;
  • The maximum weight may differ according to the selected courier and the country.

The standard shipping service is Eurosender’s most frequently used service, which we recommend if you are looking for an affordable and reliable courier service. The door-to-door service will have the courier come and pick up your parcel during the day and deliver it to any given destination, including remote locations. Fill out the order tool on the top of the page and start shipping!


Freight Service: Do you need to ship multiple volumes or very big and heavy items on a pallet? Then our freight service is the right choice for you. Either you are moving to another country or you just want to ship your motorcycle to your holiday destination, this service is the best option for you.


Individual Offer: If you have a parcel that is bigger than the requirements for standard delivery or you have something different to ship, don’t worry! All you have to do is to ask for an individual offer and our sales experts will find you the best shipping solution for your items at the best available rate!


Get an individual offer

How can I find parcel locker locations?

Shipping to a parcel locker per se is normally not an option as the courier always requires a delivery address. However, if your area is served by a parcel locker, in case no one will be present at the address during the delivery, the courier will most probably leave your goods at the parcel locker. At Eurosender, we work together with both international courier companies such as DB Schenker, DPD and GLS as well as local couriers like BRT and SEUR.

Hereunder we have listed links to their webpages so you will be able to find their parcel locker locations.


Examples of places where you might see parcel lockers: public spaces, supermarkets, train stations, etc.

What are some frequent problems when shipping a package and how to solve them?

In most cases, people won’t be shipping directly to a parcel locker, but they will send a package to someone. A parcel locker is a cost-efficient way for the last mile delivery, getting the parcel to or from the customer. So, when the courier is unable to deliver a parcel to your door, he might put your parcel into a parcel locker. Below, you will find some of the most common issues when shipping abroad and what can you do in order to prevent these issues from happening.

Wrong details
An apartment may have multiple doors, multiple letterboxes, or a bell with no name. If the details on the shipping label are not complete or wrong, delivery will not take place.


No access
The entrance to your building may be surveyed by a receptionist or there may be an obstacle limiting the access. In case there will be someone in the lobby, inform them that you are waiting for a delivery.


Wrong names
In case the name on the doorbell does not match. Avoid this by putting down the name on the doorbell in brackets when you fill out our form. You can additionally explain this in the comment field.


Change of plans
Your plans can change for various reasons and you can’t always predict this. But when you know beforehand it might be a better idea to ship your package to a nearby parcel locker. This way you’ll know for sure that your items are stored in perfect condition.

Is shipping to a parcel locker possible through Eurosender?

Eurosender’s core service is door-to-door shipping. As soon as you have booked and ordered with us, we will contact the selected courier company to deliver your order. The courier driver will come to pick up the parcel at your door, which will be then taken to a hub where all parcels are consolidated and sent to their final destinations. Depending on the courier company, there will be two delivery attempts. If the parcel was not delivered by then, it might be sent back to the pick-up location, or the courier may also store it in a parcel locker or take it to a parcel shop for you to pick it up there in person.

We hope that this article has shed some light on shipping to a parcel locker. If you have any other questions regarding parcel locker services or about Eurosender, do not hesitate to contact us!

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