How to Ship to an Automated Parcel Locker

Shipping a package to a parcel locker

Automated parcel lockers are perfect when you don’t have the time to wait for home deliveries or collections but still need to send a package. Find out how parcel lockers work and what are some reliable shipping alternatives.

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What is an automated parcel locker system, and how does it work?

An automated parcel locker system, or delivery locker, is an autonomous storage container that allows shipping and receiving packages at any hour of any day. Through unique codes, users can access the parcel lockers to pick-up or receive their package whenever they prefer.

Who can use an automated parcel locker?

Individuals can pick up their packages according to their availability once it is delivered to the nearest automated parcel locker.

For logistics companies, automated parcel locker systems will reduce their delivery costs, enable them to reach more customers and increase their performance.

For online businesses, using automated parcel locker systems means more flexibility, fewer unsuccessful deliveries and happier final customers.

What are the advantages of using an automated parcel locker system?

  • Pick up your items whenever you want
    While post offices or parcel shops are open for a limited number of hours per day, you can pick up your package in a parcel locker at any time, night or day.
  • No more failed deliveries
    Instead of arranging several delivery attempts or having to drive to the next town to receive your package, an automated parcel locker service enables you to find the nearest parcel locker and pick up your package.
  • Peace of mind with safe storage
    Parcel lockers are usually extremely sturdy and safe and normally include video surveillance system. You will be the only holder of your key, code or card to access your deliveries.
  • No extra charges
    By having your package stored in a parcel locker, you won’t have to pay any extra fees, and you will be able to pick up your parcel for up to 48 hours (depending on the parcel locker system).

Disadvantages of shipping a package to a parcel locker

  • Weight and dimensions limit
    Couriers delivering to parcel lockers usually have specific weight and dimensions limitations. If you are sending large packages, a home delivery may be better suited.
  • Limited locations
    Automated parcel lockers are more frequent in big cities and common destinations. However, if you live in a small town or the city outskirts, you may not have a parcel locker in the area.
  • Carry the parcel home
    Booking a parcel locker delivery means that you will also need to carry the box from the parcel locker to your home. This can be really inconvenient in bad weather conditions or long distances.

Alternative solutions to shipping to a parcel locker

A safe and convenient alternative to parcel locker deliveries is booking a door-to-door shipment. With this service, the courier will deliver the parcel directly to your address.

Door-to-door shipping services offer more advantages:

  • Higher limits of weight and dimensions than parcel locker deliveries.
  • No need to carry the parcel anywhere: the courier will deliver it to you.
  • You don’t have to worry about bad weather or the road to reach the locker.


Alternative delivery options to a parcel locker service

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FAQ about sending a package to a parcel locker by courier

How can I find parcel locker locations?
Examples of places where you can find automatic parcel lockers are car parks, supermarkets, train stations, and petrol stations. Each courier or postal company operates with their own network of parcel lockers. To find the location of the closest parcel locker, visit the website of the courier company you chose.
Is it possible to send a package directly to a parcel locker through Eurosender?
Eurosender offers mainly door-to-door shipping services, meaning the courier will deliver the parcel to the required address. This will save the sender the time to bring the parcel to the parcel shop or post office and the receiver to carry it back from the parcel locker or post office. Depending on the route, you may have the option to select a parcel locker for your delivery.
What can’t be delivered to parcel lockers?
As automated parcel lockers are intended for parcels and packages, they may not be suitable for larger deliveries. Generally, parcel lockers come in a few different sizes to suit different-sized packages, from small envelopes to medium-sized parcels. The courier companies also limit the delivery to parcel lockers to parcels containing items that can get damaged or spoil, like for example food and perishable items. As with any courier delivery, you should first check to make sure the item you wish to receive in the parcel locker is not restricted or prohibited by the courier.
How long can a package stay in the parcel locker?
Usually, parcel lockers can hold packages for up to 48 hours after delivery, but this can vary between different companies. In some cases, you can also opt to extend the use of your parcel locker. Whenever your package is delivered to a parcel locker, the courier company will inform you of how long the parcel will be available for pick-up. If you are unable to collect your parcel within that time, it will usually be taken to a depot or post office where it can be held for a limited time.