How to Ship to an Automated Parcel Locker

Shipping a package to a parcel locker by courier

Automated parcel lockers allow you to decide when and where to collect or send your packages from. An improved alternative to P.O. boxes, parcel lockers can be used both by Post Offices and couriers. Perfect for busy people who don’t have the time to wait for deliveries or collections but still wish to ship a package by courier. Find out how you can use them and what alternatives you can use with Eurosender.


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What is an automated parcel locker system and how does it work?

An automated parcel locker system, or delivery locker, is an autonomous storage container that allows shipping and receiving packages at any hour of any day. Through unique codes, users can access parcel lockers to manage their package deliveries and collections however they prefer.

Automated parcel locker systems are the best option for:


Individuals can pick up their packages according to their availability once it is delivered to the nearest automated parcel locker.

Logistics companies

For logistics companies, automated parcel locker systems will reduce their delivery costs, enable them to reach more customers and increase their performance.


For online businesses, using automated parcel locker systems mean more flexibility, less unsuccessful deliveries and happier final customers.

What are the advantages of using an automated parcel locker system?

Pick up your items whenever you want
While post offices or parcel shops are open for a limited number of hours per day, you can pick up your package in a parcel locker at any time, night or day.
No more failed deliveries
Instead of arranging several attempts of delivery or having to drive to the next town to receive your package, an automated parcel locker service enables you to find the nearest package locker and pick up your parcel at any hour.
Peace of mind with safe storage
Parcel lockers are usually extremely sturdy and safe and even include a video surveillance system. You will be the only holder of your own key or card to access your deliveries.
No extra charges
By having your package stored in a parcel locker you won’t have to pay any extra fees and you will be able to pick up your parcel for up to 48 hours (depending on the parcel locker system, packages might be available for pick up for a shorter or longer time).

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Alternatives to shipping a package to a parcel locker

Envelope delivery

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Standard shipping

Low-cost shipping for small packages and suitcases
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Freight service

Send bigger loads and bulky items on pallets
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Dedicated van delivery

Reserve a van for direct transport within Europe
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FAQ about shipping a package to a parcel locker by courier

How can I find parcel locker locations?

Shipping a package directly to a parcel locker is normally not an option as the courier always requires a delivery address. However, if your area is served by a parcel locker, and if no one will be present at the address during the delivery, the courier will most likely leave your goods at the parcel locker. At Eurosender, we work together with both international courier companies such as DB Schenker, DPD and GLS as well as local couriers like BRT and SEUR. Hereunder we have listed links to their webpages so you will be able to find their parcel locker locations:

Examples of places where you might see parcel lockers: public spaces, supermarkets, train stations, petrol stations, etc.

What are some frequent problems when shipping a package and how to solve them?

In most cases, people won’t be shipping directly packages to a parcel locker, but they will send a package to someone. A parcel locker is a cost-efficient way for the last mile delivery, getting the parcel to or from the customer. So, when the courier is unable to deliver a parcel to your door, he might put your parcel into a parcel locker. Below, you will find some of the most common issues when shipping abroad and what can you do in order to prevent these issues from happening.

  • Wrong details: An apartment may have multiple doors, multiple letterboxes, or a bell with no name. If the details on the shipping label are not complete or wrong, delivery will not take place.
  • No access: The entrance to your building may be surveyed by a receptionist or there may be an obstacle limiting the access. In case there will be someone in the lobby, inform them that you are waiting for a delivery.
  • Wrong names: In case the name on the doorbell does not match. Avoid this by putting down the name on the doorbell in brackets when you fill out our form. You can additionally explain this in the comment field.
  • Change of plans: Your plans can change for various reasons and you can’t always predict this. But when you know beforehand it might be a better idea to ship your package to a nearby parcel locker. This way you’ll know for sure that your items are stored in perfect condition.
Is direct shipping of packages to a parcel locker possible through Eurosender?
Eurosender’s core service is door-to-door shipping. As soon as you have booked and ordered with us, we will contact the selected courier company to deliver your order. The courier driver will come to pick up the parcel at your door, which will be then taken to a hub where all parcels are consolidated and sent to their final destinations.
What can’t be delivered to parcel lockers?

As automated parcel lockers are intended for parcels and packages, they may not be suitable for larger deliveries. Generally, parcel lockers come in a few different sizes to suit different sized packages.

As with any courier delivery, you should first check to make sure the item you wish to receive to the parcel locker is not restricted or forbidden by the courier company.

How long can a package stay in the parcel locker?
Usually, parcel lockers can hold packages for up to 48 hours after delivery, however, this can vary between different companies. In some cases, you can also opt to extend the use of your parcel locker. In any case, if your package is delivered to a parcel locker, the courier company should inform you of any time limits. If you are unable to collect your parcel within that time, usually it will be taken to a depot or post office where it can be held for a limited time.