Shipping services to uncommon destinations

Shipping services to different destinations

Do you need to deliver a parcel to a remote location or to a permanent address? Or perhaps you forgot to take a tent and now you need to ship it while you are on a road trip? If you are not sure what type of address you need to provide, here is everything you need to know.

Whether you are shipping to an urban or residential area, want to deliver luggage to a cruise ship or need to transport goods to an island, you will find all answers here.


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Get more for less when shipping as a business

Eurosender provides cost-effective shipping options. Join our platform as a business and get access to your personal logistics dashboard, keep all your orders and invoices in one place, organise deliveries of ACs to any destination and expand your business globally.

Where do you need to deliver your shipment to?

Eurosender understands that your shipping needs may differ from the standard A to B shipping. If you are an active traveler, or have lots of business trips, and need to stay in hotels or use Airbnb service, we know how to organize the delivery of the items you need.
Let’s assume you want to ship a laptop to your dorm or you need urgent delivery of important documents to the hotel room, what address should you provide? Eurosender knows what to do in any situation, so please check one of the options below and see how you can ship to or from such places or contact our team for more details.

Nothing is impossible with Eurosender as we do our best to provide you with the shipping service you need, even in such complicated cases. We understand that courier delivery for gallery owners and artists differs from shipping to a parcel locker or P.O. boxes. Eurosender can help you to receive the goods you need even if you don’t have the permanent address right now.


What is the best shipping service for your delivery?

You can also use our online tool to check which service you should use for your shipping needs.
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Things to consider when shipping

To be sure that the courier will pick up and deliver your parcels without delays, follow these simple rules:
Double-check your address and the address of the recipient to make sure there are no mistakes in the order form.
The premises should be accessible as the courier driver has to be able to park no further than 15m from the entrance of the building.
Make sure that somebody is present at the address on delivery and pick-up days.
Check if your shipment doesn’t contain any prohibited and/or restricted items for sending. In case of shipping such items, the customer is solely responsible for any damages and expenses that may occur.
Please note, that the proper packing will minimize the risk of damaging your shipment along the way. To help you with it, Eurosender prepared for you some detailed guides on how to pack and ship your parcel properly.