A Safer Logistics for Urgent Deliveries – Health Care Delivery Case Study


Health Care Logistics

With time-critical healthcare equipment, minutes and safety matter
and you want to have full control on every step of the journey.

Going an extra mile to ensure safe on-time critical deliveries

The client is one of the leading medical equipment suppliers in Europe who required specialised transportation services to ensure the parts are delivered to hospitals, nursing homes and other medical institutions on time and in a safe manner. As in the medical sector humanity often races against time, the logistics experts at Eurosender always go an extra mile to make sure that deliveries are done on time with the utmost care to all locations around Europe.

Every minute counts

Every minute that defibrillators, anaesthesia machines, patient monitors, dental scanners, ultrasound machines and other medical equipment are standing in a warehouse or a carrier’s hub is wasted. It not only brings extra costs to the supplier, but it affects thousands of individual patients waiting for their illness to be treated. With this in mind, we must stick to very strict demands and meet the requirements regulating the transport for these items.

Powering time-critical medical equipment deliveries

Punctuality up – delays down
We listened to our customer and understood their needs. It was of vital importance that their shipments were delivered in the shortest time possible.
At Eurosender, we sought the end-to-end solution in our highly customised express van service. The client has the medical equipment picked-up the very same day, within 2-3 hours only. The load is then transported directly to the final address and is delivered the same or the very next day.
Extensive express van network
Express van service is the perfect solution for safe transport of expensive medical equipment. With our large network of highly experienced and trustworthy logistics providers, hands-on and can-do mentality, our logistics experts were able to meet the client’s demands. At Eurosender, we manage a network of 3500 box and curtain-side vans, each having the load capacity up to 1000 kg, or up to 8 Euro pallets.
We provide fully flexible and secure van service in Europe and our client benefits from the shortest transit times.
White-glove deliveries
Healthcare logistics requirements of our client often require special handling during delivery. To offer them peace of mind and to assure that their shipments are in good hands, we offer white-glove delivery. Our logistics partners are highly trained to handle such shipments with the utmost care on every step of the journey.
Last-mile delivery
We understand that some medical equipment items have specific requirements that are critical for ensuring their quality. Thus, we offer last-mile delivery service run by dedicated vans which take care of the safety and promptness demanded by the items’ characteristics and needs of our clients.

“We were really impressed with the Eurosender express van service and their professional approach to our logistics requirements. My team really appreciates that their logistics specialists go an extra mile when needed and help us get our medical equipment delivered in time. It’s an amazing collaboration!”

Rich John Heath, Transportation Manager


Dedicated support on every step

Being the control tower of our client’s logistics processes, our logistics specialists offer a complete support. They provide tailor-made solutions at any time, no matter the day or the hour. Our key managers are always ready to act and solve the issue.

Key metrics


Average pick-up time


Reduced delivery delays


Decrease on transport costs for on-time deliveries


Improved service level