Time-Critical Aircraft Parts and Components Delivery – Case Study


Aircraft On Ground (AOG)

Emergency deliveries of time-critical aircraft parts and components around Europe

Time critical logistics

One of Europe’s leading airline companies was looking for a reliable logistics provider who would meet their demands for time-critical transport of aircraft spare parts to any airport around Europe. At Eurosender, we understand that when a plane is grounded for hours it cause substantial costs as well as endanger the airline’s flying schedule.

The fastest transport solution for any aircraft part

Every aircraft-on-ground (AOG) situation calls for an immediate solution. The solution is to deliver the required spare parts to the technical team as soon as possible, so the plane back in the air.

Since time-critical transport is one of our fields of expertise, there was no difficulty in understanding the needs and demands of our client. By offering them a tailored van delivery including special handling of all sensitive and very urgent spare parts, Eurosender gained the trust of yet another top-tier European company.


Premium van delivery

We manage one of the biggest European networks of 3.5K available vans from the most trusted international logistics providers, meeting even the strictest of conditions.

From urgent shipping of spare aircraft parts for AOG to organising the entire logistics process of our clients supply chain, our solutions are designed to cover all possible logistics and transpiration demands.

Our dedicated van delivery network couriers can arrange pick-up in up to 2 hours with express, direct, same or next-day delivery to any European airport .


Real-time, dedicated expert support

At Eurosender we understand that flexibility and effectiveness are of paramount importance in the aviation industry, which is precisely why our dedicated logistics experts are available 24/7 for our client’s needs. We offer complete support regarding any urgent shipping order, always finding the most efficient solution in the shortest time possible. Because of our can-do mentality and hands-on approach, our client feels confident to trust with their time sensitive logistics operations.

Powering digitalised solutions

Our unique, completely digitalised platform, offers real-time insights for every van on the road, along with predictions of the estimated delivery time. This allows the repair crew to prepare for immediate action once the parts arrive on location.

“In the aviation sector every minute counts. It is hence of extreme importance to my team that we have the best and fastest delivery options available. We cherish the hard work and dedication that Eurosender puts in providing the most efficient logistics solutions. I don’t know if they are aware of the tremendous positive effect they have for our company.”

Philippe Stafford, Head of AOG Logistics


Significantly reduced costs for grounded airplanes

With the overall delivery rate threshold reached and strict demands met, the client has already reported reduced costs as the average time of grounded airplanes has shortened for 27% in the last year. While our client is already enjoying reduced costs due to using our services, our logistics experts are working on new, proactive solutions, designed to provide our client with additional benefits.


Increased efficiency with direct delivery

In comparison with air freight services, express van deliveries are a more flexible and less expensive option. Each van goes directly to the final destination without any stopover. Furthermore, our carriers make sure that no vehicle is idle or travels empty, making van delivery the most sustainable option as well.

Key metrics

Up to 2h

Average pick-up time


Reduction in spare part delivery time


On saving AOG costs


Decrease in transportation costs