Time Critical Solutions – Automotive Industry Case Study


Automotive Industry

Optimising the profitability and efficiency of urgent
deliveries across supply chains in Europe

One of the biggest Tier suppliers in Europe

One of the biggest Tier 1 suppliers in the automotive industry in Europe had a goal to improve efficiency in transport and distribution along their supply chain. With production lines in different European cities, the company has been through many logistics challenges. They searched to have dedicated solutions to optimize their processes.

Upstream requirements

As a Tier supplier to multiple automotive manufacturers, the company required direct solutions, fast response to demands and complete control over their logistics operations. Working in an industry where continuous flow of goods and perfect timing is crucial, state-of-the-art transport solutions were highly needed.

The Challenge | A dedicated ad-hoc solution

This is where Eurosender stepped in. As we manage one of the biggest networks of top logistics providers, offering express and secure van deliveries, we were able to meet the company’s transportation demands and return them the control over their supply chain distribution. With an extensive network, Eurosender covers a significant daily automotive market share in Europe. We work with Tier suppliers on a daily level.


A highly comprehensive automotive solution in one single place

Apart from offering our clients different fully flexible and time-critical delivery services, we help them optimise and digitalise their logistics operations by acting as their control tower. No matter their need, our dedicated key-account managers are available at any moment.

Express deliveries | Time-critical solution

Short delivery time is of vital importance in the automotive industry as time-critical solutions are a must for noninterrupted workflow. With collections done in less than 3 hours and direct JIT and JIC deliveries performed the very same or the next day, we ensure the distribution along the supply chain runs smoothly without undesired waiting times leading to additional manufacturer costs.

One of the best-developed express van networks in Europe

At Eurosender, we work only with the most reputable logistics companies. Our extensive logistics network enables us to provide our customers with tailor-made solutions based on their daily requirements. Express van delivery solution helps the company plan their production activities as they can count on our flexible and fast transportation times. Thanks to our strong network covering the whole of Europe, we meet our client’s demands by delivering on time and cost-effectively.

Strong support from our logistics specialists

With the collaboration and effort of our logistics experts’ team, we can constantly adjust the available solutions to the requirements of our automotive supplier 24/7.

End-to-end tracking visibility

SCV (supply chain visibility) provides our customers with real-time insights for every van, leading to improved efficiency, increased transparency and traceability of each delivery. With the estimated time of arrival prediction, our customer no longer needs to manually chase deliveries and can plan their supply chain activities to a higher and better degree.

„We have met all our goals with Eurosender’s solution of express van deliveries and their extensive logistics network. The team we work with is simply top-notch! They are very professional and efficient. We can rely on their logistics specialists to always find the best solution in a very short scope of time, which is of great importance in the automotive supply chain.”
Adam Hermann, Logistics Manager in Europe


A greener solution

As all our logistics partners are using exclusively new engines Euro 6, we can offer more sustainable transport. Our logistics experts are planning optimal routes, making sure that no vehicle travels empty and avoiding idle time in logistics. As a result, the automotive supplier successfully reduced its CO2 emissions by 6 tons in 2021. In addition, freight transportation needs were cut down by 12%.

Above all, express van deliveries are more flexible and cost advantageous in comparison to air freight. Going away from too many cargo flights is a great step to lower carbon emissions in Europe.

Key metrics


Average pick-up time


Reduced delivery delays


Lower transportation costs


Reduction on calls and emails