A More Transparent Supply Chain - Manufacturing Industry Case Study


Manufacturing industry

Building an efficient supply chain powered by a dedicated premium van
and flexible deliveries across Europe

One of the leading European toolmaking manufacturers

A very important tool producer in Europe wanted to conduct a more sustainable, cost-efficient and transparent supply chain of end-to-end flows. The company had great challenges in accurately forecasting their supply chain activities and ensuring a reliable supply of end-products due to delays in delivering different goods. Their logistics operators spent a significant amount of time checking and monitoring where the goods were as there was a big lack of transparency of shipments’ statuses.


A performance-boosting dashboard

At Eurosender, we are among the pioneers developing digitalised logistics, going away from old ways done on paper. We are one of the first companies offering technologically advanced 21st-century full logistics solutions.

Our modern dashboard gives our clients complete autonomy to manage their transport operations, including an overview of all shipping orders – past and current ones – and their statuses.

A top-notch know-how

Our knowledge and years of experience in the logistics world enable our logistics operators to plan and coordinate even the most challenging and complex supply chain demands in the toolmaking industry acting as our client’s control tower.

Our logistics specialists do all-in-one. They plan daily schedules, making sure that no van travels empty or is stuck waiting for the load to arrive. They offer pre-and aftersales support at any stage.

Punctual daily deliveries to the supply-chain points across Europe are fundamental for the company’s supply chain to run smoothly. As they have regular routes within the supply chain to serve, we have created dedicated van lines, especially for their requirements. Every day, vans are dispatched from the company’s designated areas to the next location within the supply chain of the end-to-end flow.

A more premium delivery solution

As we manage an extensive network of top logistics providers, we offer express van solutions across Europe. Our services are fully secure and flexible. They enable short delivery times with collections done in less than 3 hours and shipments delivered the very same or next day. This way the supply chain runs smoothly, without any undesired waiting times leading to higher costs.

With tailor-made solutions, Eurosender has helped to increase efficiency and productivity along the supply chain as our client’s employees can fully focus on their jobs.

A complete logistics support

Our dedicated logistics specialists offer the client complete support taking into consideration their full logistics processes and helping them to find optimal transport solutions for pre-planned or ad-hoc demands.

Our key managers are available at any time to make sure all e-mails and calls are replied to instantly, transport quotes are given within a maximum of an hour. With a fast and smooth conversation in place, Eurosender has reduced delivery delays by 20%. With the new dedicated van solution, we are trying to increase the percentage by an additional 10% by the end of August 2023.

Keeping the supply chain wheels moving

By implementing the Eurosender express van delivery services, the company has already taken many positive steps and implemented direct actions challenging their pain points.

  • The real-time transportation visibility enables their supply chain team to have better control of the flow of goods.
  • With their production lines optimised and constantly available flexible transport solutions, the warehousing costs have been reduced to 15%.
  • Fasts deliveries have led to reduced supply chain backlogs by 18%.
  • Shorter transportation times have impacted better relationships with sellers and final customers.
  • Lower time spent between production and until the products reach the selling stage has reflected in better cash flow.

Key metrics


Average pick-up time


Saved daily time on checking where the goods are


OTD – On-time delivery


Decrease in transport costs for on-time deliveries


Supply chain process improvements


OTC – On-time collection