Optimised On-Time Stock Delivery – Wholesale Industry Case Study


Wholesale to retail logistics

Streamlining transport of goods to stores and providing the management with more accurate information on their upcoming deliveries

Leading German supermarket brand

Our client is one of the biggest discount retail chains with more than 11.500 stores in 31 countries around Europe. Only within Germany, around 360 trucks make more than 500 trips on a daily level to more than 3200 stores. Thousands of pallets are being transported every day.

Focusing on on-time stock deliveries

Consistent product availability makes buyers happy and satisfied. But as soon as a delivery is late, the staff gets stressed and afraid to miss the sales, while the customers quickly become grumpy and unsatisfied.

In the warehouses and distribution centres of our customer, the short turnaround time between inbound and outbound stock is of utmost importance not to increase any risk of causing delayed deliveries to the store. With the quick growth and ever-increasing customers demands, our customer needed urgent and flexible transport solutions.

Flexible and reliable transport added value

We listened to our customer and understood that what they searched for was a logistics provider offering fast, reliable and flexible transport solutions, which is simply a must in nowadays retail world. It is of vital importance to any retailer to receive their goods on time to be able to operate the stores and provide a best-in-class customer experience.

Premium dedicated van solution

At Eurosender, we manage an extensive network of top logistics providers, offering daily dedicated van deliveries around Europe. With collections done in less than 3 hours, the goods are delivered the same or the next day. We enable our customer to benefit from shortest transit times as pallets of merchandise are delivered directly to stores with no stopovers.


Real-time tracking

All vans from our vast logistics network are equipped with interactive maps which facilitate our customer’s logistics department to get regular updates with real-time tracking of each single van.

Our sophisticated dashboard takes information from each driver and accurately predicts the estimated delivery time per van. Stores can thus better organise their daily activities, while warehouses and distribution centres can proactively take action if they know in advance that a particular shipment is delayed.

Reduced backlogs, increased sales

Thanks to flexible ad-hoc transportation solutions, with which we have greatly decreased never desired backlogs in warehouses, our customer now benefits from a 16% increased availability of merchandise in all stores. This has led to increasing of 12% in overall sales per month in the last 12 months.


A powerful, digitalised platform

Our performance-boosting platform enables our client to have full control over their logistics processes. The staff has complete access to delivery information, which has already greatly reduced numerous phone calls and emails to know the shipments’ whereabouts.

A green logistics

Optimised transport helps that no van travels empty or is idle. Through improved delivery performance, transport costs have been lowered. All our logistics partners offer a more sustainable transport by using only new Euro 6 and electric engines.

To conclude, express van deliveries cost less than air freight and they are a greener solution due to lower carbon emissions.

Key metrics

2-3 h

Average pick-up time


Reduced phones calls and emails


Reduction in transport costs


Increased customers’ satisfaction