Cheapest shipping from Ukraine to Latvia

The service on this route will be available soon.

If you want to cover the shipping needs of your company or you simply have some packages to be sent from Ukraine to Latvia, Eurosender can offer a solution. We partner with the biggest logistics companies and together we arrange shipments to any location in Latvia. This way, you are always able to send parcels or pallets at lower rates.

Lowest prices & instant quotes (up to 70% cheaper than going direct)

Assistance from our customer support team.

Simple and seamless booking system

Door-to-door pick-up and delivery from Monday to Friday, performed by one of our trusted partners

Special rates for business customers

Fully tracked and secure transport of your goods

Three online payment methods available – credit card, PayPal and bank transfer

Standard insurance of up to 200 EUR included in the price and additional insurance available to purchase at reduced costs

We will save you the trouble of comparing shipping fares, by choosing the logistics service provider which offers the best price to performance ratio.
Place an order in few easy steps and let us take care of the rest.

How does it work?

Send a package from Ukraine to Latvia

Sometimes you can find yourself in the situation where you need courier services to ship a package abroad. Eurosender is specialized in package shipping from Ukraine to Latvia. We have developed a simplified platform where people can access courier services in only a few clicks. You only need to choose the desired route and type of package and the final price is instantly displayed. The ordering form will open and you will need to fill it in with the requested details. Then make the online payment to finalize the order. It’s that simple! The shipping service will be carried out by one international logistics company with an impeccable package delivery record. So, if you need to send a package from Ukraine to Latvia anytime soon, start by using our engine to make a free simulation of the price.

Send a suitcase from Ukraine to Latvia

The process of looking for courier companies and compare their prices can be a very time-consuming task. At Eurosender, we can do this for you. We have developed a platform that compares and selects, in the backend, the best offering available among the shipping operators that are part of our logistics networks. So, if you need to send a suitcase from Ukraine to Latvia, you can simply run a search on our website and the system will return a final price in an instant. We want our customers to be fully satisfied with our services, so we have included in the final price also a basic insurance coverage. In this way, your suitcase will be protected. Our customer support will always be available to answer any question and serve you in your native language. Don't hesitate to contact us to find out more about how the service works and what are your shipping options. The shipping services will then be carried out by one courier company, part of our international logistics network.

Send a pallet from Ukraine to Latvia

Whether you need to ship a Europallet or you have any special needs, Eurosender can organize the shipping service for you. When you send a pallet from Ukraine to Latvia, you only need to access our website and from the main engine choose the pickup and delivery country and the number of pallets. The final price will be displayed and you will be able to complete your booking process by following a few easy steps.  Once the order is paid, we hire one of the best logistics provider, part of our network, to handle the shipping service. You will receive a tracking number to follow the pallets throughout their journey. The shipment will be protected by the basic insurance and you will also have the option to upgrade the insurance coverage, depending on your needs. Contact us and our logistics experts will explain you in detail how you can ship pallets from Ukraine to Latvia.

For more information, check our dedicated page.

Pick-up from any location in Ukraine

If you need to ship a package, send a suitcase or organise a freight transport from Ukraine, we can find the best offer together with the logistics companies that we collaborate with. A courier driver will pick up the shipment from any location in Ukraine. You only need to prepare your package, suitcase or pallet for shipping. After collection, you can track the progress of your shipment online.

Deliveries in Latvian cities

Deliveries of big packages, suitcases, and pallets to Riga, Liepaja, Jelgava or Valmiera are just a few cities where our partner logistics companies can offer shipping services. No matter the type of service you need, you will benefit from quality shipping services at low prices. And for your peace of mind, parcel tracking is available.