Prohibited and restricted items

Are any items forbidden from sending?

Yes. Some items are strictly forbidden from transport and by adopting our terms and conditions as well as the terms of the selected courier service provider, the customer agrees that he/she will not be sending such items. Among the forbidden items are all hazardous substances, illegal objects, arms and ammunition, substances requiring special permits for transportation, jewelry, gold and other objects of great value as well as sentimental value, antiques, works of art, human remains and organs, animals and plants, glass, porcelain and other fragile material, pharmaceutical products and food. If the client decides to send any of these items, he/she will be solely responsible for any damages and expenses incurred.

We would like to point out that electronics are not forbidden from sending but the customer has to make sure that electronic equipment is packed appropriately. The insurance does not apply in case the transportation of electronic devices (such as televisions, mobile phones, computers, etc.) are sent without original packaging.

Batteries are also an exception – they are not forbidden on all routes but just if the transport is done by airfreight. If you are not sure whether the transport on your selected destination will be carried out by road or air, please contact us for more details.

The driver of the selected courier company is not obligated to check the adequacy of the packaging or the contents of the parcels. This means that the driver of the selected courier company can still accept the items even if they are not packed in accordance with the terms or if they contain items on the prohibited list. All extra costs related to the shipment of forbidden items will be borne exclusively by the customer and the insurance is in not valid.

If you’re unsure whether your item is restricted or you’re thinking of sending a restricted item, we suggest that you contact us directly for help and advice. For more information about restricted and forbidden items, please check our dedicated article.


Are there any items not covered by the shipping insurance?

Yes. Only the items that are NOT among those listed as being prohibited or restricted from shipping will be covered by the insurance. If your shipment contains items listed in section 10.4 of our Terms and Conditions, the standard and additional insurances will not apply.


Can I ship cigarettes or tobacco?

Even though tobacco is listed among the forbidden items, most of the courier companies do not reject shipments containing tobacco as long as the content of the shipment does not exceed the amount established by the European Union regulations. Limits might vary depending on the local legislation of the pickup and delivery countries. We strongly advise you to check the regulations of each country before considering to ship tobacco or cigarettes.

In case you decide to ship tobacco, be aware that any issues or costs deriving from this kind of shipment would be the sole responsibility of the customer.

For more information on this matter, please check our dedicated article.


Can I ship goods that need temperature-controlled transportation?

At the moment, it is not possible to ship goods that need temperature-controlled transportation through Eurosender. If you need advice on this issue, you can contact us directly.


Can I ship liquids?

The courier service providers don’t recommend shipping any kind of liquids, such as alcohol, olive oil, and others. In the case of leakage, the package might get damaged and can also damage other parcels during transit. In this case, the selected courier provider may refuse to deliver the package to its destination. In this situation, the insurance coverage will not apply.

However, many customers DO ship such items. If you decide to ship liquids, they need to be correctly packed and protected. For advice on how to properly pack such items, please check our blog article.


Can I still decide to ship certain items even though they are prohibited?

You can decide to ship any items. However, when shipping forbidden articles, you do this on your own responsibility. Any losses or damages resulting from the transportation of such items will be borne exclusively by the customer.


Can I specify the content of my parcel in the Comments field?

Please have in mind that the Comments field is many times overlooked by the courier companies. We strongly recommend not including any important information in this field.

Neither Eurosender nor the courier company can be held responsible if you ship prohibited items and decide to write the content of your package in the Comments field, as this information is not checked before the order is processed.


What can happen if I ship prohibited items?

When shipping forbidden items, the courier may decide to stop the parcel in transit and not deliver it to the destination.