Lost and Found Shipping from Schiphol Airport

Reclaim your lost property and luggage from Schiphol Airport

If you have lost an item or luggage when travelling to or from Amsterdam, they may be located at Schiphol Airport Lost & Found Offices. Once they are found, you will need to find a way to recover your lost items as soon as possible. Travelling back to claim it is expensive and time-consuming. Eurosender can help you find reliable courier services for shipping lost and found items and forgotten luggage from Schiphol Airport. Discover the simplest solution to recover your lost luggage and property from Schiphol Airport.

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Shipping lost and found items and luggage from Schiphol Airport

Trust Eurosender to get your left luggage delivered from Schiphol Airport. Get reliable courier services from Schiphol Airport to recover your missing property. Our platform matches customers with the best shipping solution, allowing them to get their lost luggage sent from Schiphol Airport.
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How to reclaim and recover lost luggage and property from Schiphol Airport

If you suspect you lost your luggage or your items are found at Amsterdam’s Schiphol Lost and Found offices, follow these simple steps to shipping them home:

  1. Contact Schiphol Amsterdam Airport lost and found desk and confirm they have your item;
  2. Verify that you are the owner and ask if they are willing to ship it – you may need to show ID or give a detailed description, depending on the item;
  3. Ask for details for collection – Schiphol airport lost luggage storage number and contact details of an airport staff member responsible for dealing with the courier;
  4. Remember that your items also need to be packed in order to be shipped. Always check that the airport staff is willing to pack the item according to our packing instructions.
  5. Prohibited and restricted items: Always make sure your lost property is not considered prohibited or restricted by couriers, to avoid any issues with returning it.

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Provide the correct details to claim lost luggage and property from Schiphol Airport

When arranging courier services to ship left luggage from Amsterdam Airport lost and found desk, it is essential to provide complete and correct details. Follow the example below to provide a correct pick-up address when booking delivery to return your lost luggage from Schiphol airport:

  1. Country
    Choose the country of pick-up/delivery
  2. Name & Surname
    Add the name of lost and found desk contact followed by the name of the consignee
    Ex.: Schiphol Airport Lost and Found desk (After Security), (lost property for) Angela White.
  3. Address
    Fill out the airport address, check their website to make sure it is correct.
    Ex.:Evert van de Beekstraat 202, 1118 CP Schiphol, Netherlands
  4. Additional info – Optional
    Keep in mind that the courier does not always take this into consideration.
    You could choose to include a reference number or officer contact here.
  5. ZIP code
    Add the zip code, please double check it to make sure its correct.
    Ex.: 60547
  6. Town/city
    Add the full name of the town or city
    Ex.: Schiphol
  7. Phone number
    Add the phone number, change the area code if needed.
    Ex.: +31 20 333 0333

What items are usually shipped from Amsterdam’s Airport Lost & Found?

Travellers often ship back their missing carry-on luggage items. Some of the most common items shipped from lost and found at Schiphol Airport include:


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Shipping lost luggage from Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam: FAQ

What is the best way to pack and ship lost luggage from Amsterdam airport?
When booking courier services from Amsterdam airport, your lost luggage will need to pack inside a cardboard box to ship it safely. Please be aware that some couriers may refuse collection if your items are not packed appropriately and insurance will not apply to the suitcase or its contents. For detailed packing instructions for luggage, see our dedicated page.
Will the courier driver take any unpacked lost items from Schiphol Airport?
When booking courier services from Schiphol Airport or anywhere else, every piece of luggage needs to be packed according to our instructions. Any left luggage items ready for transport from Schiphol Amsterdam Airport have to be packed inside cardboard boxes. Be sure to inform Schiphol Airport lost and found staff beforehand or the courier driver may refuse the package.
How can I find out when my lost luggage has been collected at Amsterdam airport lost and found and is on its way?
You can easily track the return of your lost luggage or property from Schiphol airport, Amsterdam to any destination on our tracking tool. Once you book the service, you will receive your tracking number by email, which will be active once your item is collected. If you are unsure about the progress of your shipment, or your tracking has stopped for whatever reason, contact our team via chat or e-mail who can track it down for you.
How can I know the item was returned to me?
Do not forget to look for updates on your tracking status. Track the progress of your lost item from Schiphol Airport lost and found to your home, easily on our tracking tool.


Are the packages insured when shipping with Eurosender?
When getting left luggage delivered from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, parcels will only be insured when they are properly and thoroughly packed, and only when they do not contain restricted or prohibited items.