Shipping Sports Equipment: How to Pack Them Safely

International sports equipment shipping services

Choose Eurosender and get the best shipping service for your sports equipment, whether you are travelling, competing, moving abroad, or selling online. Find out how to ship sports gear internationally. Check our tips on how to pack sports equipment for shipping. Get an instant quote for shipping sports equipment internationally and book the service in just a few clicks.


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How to transport small or light sports equipment

See below the options for shipping sports equipment internationally in small or medium-sized boxes or parcels:
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Packing sports equipment for shipping in a box

Follow these simple steps to properly pack and ship smaller items such as soccer equipment, boxing gloves, hunting gear and other sporting goods that can fit inside a regular box:

  • Choose a sturdy cardboard box in good condition, without dents or scratches. We advise using original packaging whenever possible.
  • Disassemble larger pieces of equipment and wrap each part with bubble wrap.
  • Pack the sports equipment carefully inside the box.
  • Add cushioning material to prevent movement during transport.
  • Label the box (if required) and seal it with tape.


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How to transport large or bulky sports equipment

See below the options for sending bulky or numerous pieces of sports equipment overseas:
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Preparing sports equipment for shipping on pallets

We recommend using pallets to transport sports equipment in bulk or to ship bulky items such as gym equipment, punching bags or gymnastic equipment. Follow the instructions below to prepare your sports equipment for transport on pallets:

  1. Select a pallet in good condition that can handle the weight of your sports gear.
  2. Cover the pallet surface with cardboard to protect your sporting equipment.
  3. Load the sports gear or boxes onto the pallet without exceeding weight or size limits.
  4. Secure the items to the pallet with ropes or straps.
  5. Cover the entire pallet with plastic wrap, and label it if required.

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FAQ about shipping sports equipment internationally

Can I bring sports equipment on a plane?
Some airlines allow passengers to transport sports equipment up to a certain size on the plane as part of their checked baggage allowance, while others will charge extra for transporting it as excess baggage. You should check the policies of your selected airline before booking your flight. Read more about airline baggage policies and check our solutions for shipping excess baggage.
What is the cost of shipping sports equipment internationally?
This will very much depend on the size and weight of the items, the shipping route and the type of service selected. If you are able to disassemble your item and pack it in a cardboard box, you will get the cheapest rates with our Standard Service, which is available for shipments travelling within the EU. You can get an instant quote for shipping various types of sports gear internationally, such as tennis rackets or balls, bicycles, skis or specialised clothing, in the booking tool above.
How can I transport sports equipment when moving?
Eurosender can help you ship sports equipment to almost any destination in Europe with our man and van services. Your sports equipment will be transported straight to your new home in a vehicle reserved for your load, with no stopovers.
Read more about house relocation services.
What is the best way to transport bulky sports equipment?
You can transport bulky sports equipment with our Van Delivery or Pallet Delivery options, depending on the size and volume of your items. For example, you may be able to ship a windsurfing board or kayak on a pallet, but van transport may be the best way to ship other sports equipment, such as hurdles, a pommel horse, or large gym equipment.
Whatever your needs may be, our platform will show you the best option available after you insert your shipping information. If you have any additional questions about shipping sports equipment internationally, don't hesitate to contact us via chat!
When shipping a soccer ball or any other sports ball, does it need to be deflated?
If you opt for an air freight service, deflating your soccer ball before shipping is highly recommended, as pressure change may cause it to burst. For other transport services over land, it is up to you whether you want to deflate the soccer ball before shipping or not. However, bear in mind that deflating your soccer or volleyball means that it will occupy less space, and you will be able to pack it in a smaller box, reducing the shipping cost.
Is insurance included in the price for shipping sports equipment internationally?
Yes, shipments booked with Eurosender already have basic insurance included in the price. You can also purchase additional shipping insurance during the booking process at very affordable rates.