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Shipping sports equipment internationally

Sports enthusiasts, travellers and sports equipment suppliers all look for the cheapest way to ship sports equipment internationally, without compromising the quality of the service. Whether you need to ship a soccer ball, hunting gear or fitness equipment, Eurosender has a solution to suit any type of requirement, as well as tips on how to pack sports equipment for shipping. Check the price of shipping sports equipment internationally and book a delivery by selecting your chosen route and dimensions of your shipment

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Sports equipment shipping service for stores and suppliers

Whether you’re shipping sports equipment to retailers, gyms, or individuals, discover why thousands have trusted Eurosender to optimise their logistics operations, increase efficiency and save on shipping costs. Register your business to keep track of your shipments and expenses.


Send sports gear to another country or domestically

If you need to send sports equipment ahead when travelling to a tournament, to a holiday destination, to a customer, or when moving house, Eurosender has the right shipping solution for you:

Express shipping

Urgent package deliveries in 24-72 hours worldwide
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Standard shipping

The most affordable solution for shipping sporting goods by courier
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Pallet delivery

Ideal for transporting bulky and heavy loads
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Van delivery

A dedicated van for transport within Europe
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How to pack sports equipment for shipping


Follow these simple steps to properly pack and ship smaller items such as soccer equipment, boxing gloves, hunting gear and other sporting goods that can fit inside a regular box.

  • Disassemble larger pieces down into smaller pieces if possible and pack each piece separately;
  • Protect each part with bubble-wrap or foam to avoid scratches;
  • Choose an appropriately sized box to fit your sports equipment with the least empty space;
  • Fill the voids with additional cushioning to prevent movement during transport;
  • Label the box (if needed) and seal with tape.


If you are sending sports equipment in bulk, or need to ship bulky items such as gym equipment, a punching bag or gymnastic equipment, we recommend using pallets:

  • Select a pallet that can handle the weight of your sports equipment and is in good condition;
  • Place cardboard on the base of the pallet to protect your sporting equipment;
  • Place all sports equipment or boxes onto the pallet, making sure it does not exceed the dimensions;
  • Secure with bands or cables and fix your sporting goods to the pallet;
  • Secure the entire load with stretch-film, and label if needed.


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FAQS – Shipping sports equipment internationally

Is insurance included in the price of shipping sports equipment?
Yes. Every shipment organised with us has basic insurance included in the price. Additional insurance is also available to purchase during the booking process at very affordable prices.
How can I check the cost of shipping sports equipment internationally?

You can check the price of shipping sports equipment and anything else by first entering your chosen route into our booking tool, as well as the dimensions and weight of the shipment. You will get an immediate quote for shipping sports equipment with our Express or Standard services, as well as organising bigger moves with the Van Delivery or Pallet Transport.

If you are shipping oddly shaped or special items and require a personalised quote, our team of experts will prepare an Individual Offer for your international shipment of sports equipment in the shortest time possible.

What is the best way to ship sports equipment when moving?

If you are moving house, Eurosender can help you to ship sports equipment directly to your new home, with our Van Delivery service. This way, your sports equipment will be transported directly to any destination in Europe, with no stopovers.

If you are unsure which is the best service for your move, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team of experts who can assist you whenever you need.

What is the cheapest way to ship sports equipment such as a soccer ball, boxing gloves or gym mat ahead to my destination?
The cheapest solution for shipping sports equipment that fits inside a regular package such as soccer equipment, boxing gear or a gym mat, is by using our Standard Service. This service is available in any destination within Europe and is it the most cost-effective solution, with affordable prices and reliable transport.
What is the best solution for shipping bulky items such as a punching bag or gymnastics equipment?
If you need to ship heavy and bulky sporting goods, packing them in a pallet is the most recommended option, since this packaging material guarantees safe transportation of large goods. The pallet delivery is especially useful for items that cannot be disassembled, for instance when shipping a pommel horse or other bulky gymnastics equipment. Depending on the number of items you need to transport, you may also consider booking a shared truck (LTL) or full truck (FTL) service.
Is it necessary to deflate a soccer, volleyball, or any other sports ball before shipping?
If the delivery will be carried out by air, deflating your soccer ball before shipping is highly recommended as the change in pressure may cause the ball to burst. If the transport service will be carried out by road, it is the shipper’s decision whether they want to deflate the soccer ball before shipping or not. However, bear in mind that deflating your soccer or volleyball means that it will occupy less space and you will be able to pack it in a smaller box, reducing the shipping cost.
Is there any regulation for sending hunting gear by courier?
Sending hunting clothes or even a hunting bow is perfectly possible, either via courier or mail. Check our dedicated page to learn how to properly pack your hunting bow for shipping to make sure it arrives in one piece at the destination. However, the same is not true when shipping a hunting gun or riffle since fire weapons are considered restricted or prohibited items for most courier companies. Please consult the applicable regulations before arranging the transport of such items.