How to safely ship vinyl records abroad with a courier?

Vinyl records have become incredibly popular in the last 5 years. Listening to music in its purest form, and taking your time to enjoy an entire side of an album is a nice change of pace for a generation that is constantly on the move. For some it has become a true hobby: buying, exchanging and collecting vinyl records. But what if you are moving abroad or you found that one album you really want online in another country? With Eurosender you can safely ship vinyl records abroad. In this article, we will tell you how to pack LPs for shipping and what to think of before you transport vinyl records overseas.

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Get informed on how to pack your items for shipping

Using Eurosender to transport vinyl records overseas is not different from sending any other item. Once you’ve packed the LPs and prepared it for shipping, measure the parcel and fill out the following tool.

Check what service will be appropriate

If you want to ship vinyl records abroad, all you have to do is enter the dimensions and weight of the package, as well as information about the destination, and we will find a courier service who can ship vinyl records abroad for you at the best possible price.

Why choose Eurosender to ship vinyl records abroad?

  • Immediate price up to 70 % lower than going direct and the best available offer.
  • We cooperate only with the most reliable international courier companies like DHL, DPD, GLS, DB Schenker, SEUR, etc.
  • User-friendly platform and simple ordering process.
  • Tracking number to track your parcel online.
  • Friendly support staff speaking 15 local languages.
  • We have a vast amount of guides on how to pack and ship different items, that can help you with your specific shipment.

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Everybody can ship LPs by courier!

Let’s say you are:

  1. Spending a semester abroad. When leaving home to spend a semester or even longer abroad, packing is probably one of the most frustrating tasks for many a student to face. And in the end, you also decide to bring your LPs but there is no more space in your suitcase? The solution is simple, choose Eurosender to ship LPs by courier.
  2. Moving to a new apartment. Why should you struggle with carrying heavy items around when you can just ship them cheaply to your new address? Even if you are an expat moving to another country. Our customers pack LPs for shipping and have us arrange transport for them.
  3. Selling vinyl records online. From occasional sellers to beginners in the record selling business, those that cannot directly negotiate the best shipping prices with couriers frequently turn to us in search of better offers. Ship LPs by courier fast and reliable!
  4. Ship vinyl records abroad as gifts. Combining friendly guidance and an affordable offer, Eurosender is the perfect solution for those who cannot deliver their gifts in person or want to surprise their loved ones living abroad.

Pack LP’s for shipping

If you want to transport vinyl records overseas, proper preparation is crucial in ensuring a successful and, above all, stress-free delivery process.

When you ship LPs by courier, make sure you don’t forget any crucial steps in ordering the shipping, simply follow this checklist.

  • Be sure to double check the size of the parcel to make sure your shipment is eligible for standard courier services.
  • Also, double check the weight of your shipment and make sure it does not weigh over 40 kg, which is the upper limit for standard package shipping. If the shipment is heavier, you can request an individual offer on our page and our logistics specialists will do their best to offer you the best possible price for reliable service.
  • When you want a package to be picked up in Romania, Poland, Spain or Sweden, do not forget to print the shipping label and attach it to your package. In other countries, this is done by the couriers or when you ordered a pallet shipment.
  • When you plan to leave your chosen pick-up location soon after booking (because you move out for example), place the order at least 2 days before your scheduled departure. This is the easiest way to avoid any problems with the pick-up.

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Pack LP’s for shipping: How to prepare your parcel?

Before you start to pack LPs for shipping visit your local supermarket for a cardboard box or two to ship your records in, and, visit a hardware store for some wrapping paper, bubble wrap and Styrofoam sheets.

Start by cleaning your records with a clean microfiber rag. Just to make sure they are getting shipped in the best condition. Put the record in the inner sleeve, turn it 90 degrees and slide it into the outer sleeve so the record cannot fall out. Put it all in the third plastic sleeve, if you have it.

Next, wrap the record in some wrapping paper to protect the album. Also, wrap it in bubble wrap to maximize its security. After securing all your records place them in a box and add cushioning materials to make sure everything fits nicely. Seal with tape.

Place the cardboard box in a larger cardboard box. Fill the empty spaces with Styrofoam sheets as final protection. After closing the cardboard, gently shake it to convince yourself that nothing is moving inside.

Finally, you can add the label if needed. You can mark the parcel with ‘Fragile’ to make the people who are handling it aware of the content. This does not mean that they will always treat it as such. And add an arrow saying ‘This way up’, so that your records are shipped next to each other and not stacked.

Shipping Insurance

As a rule, Eurosender services have standard shipping insurance (200€) included by default. In case your shipment is rather expensive, you might consider one of the insurance packages for valuable items. This additional insurance of 1000€, 2000€ or 5000€ does not increase the total shipping cost significantly but it enhances security for sure. You will have to be able to provide an original invoice for the additional insurance.

Do you want to know more about how to transport vinyl records overseas, or how to pack LPs for shipping? Contact our experienced support team for more information. Our logistics experts will gladly assist you.

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