How to Ship Vinyl Records Abroad

How to ship LPs by courier – safely ship vinyl records internationally

Whether you’re a collector, selling vinyl records online or simply wish to ship vinyl records abroad as gifts, Eurosender offers low-cost and reliable international shipping services that could be a fit for your type of items. Since vinyl records are delicate items, we highly recommend paying attention to the way of packing your vinyl collection for shipping. Use the calculator below and get an instant price for shipping and book the right shipping service to transport vinyl records overseas, in just a few clicks.

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Send vinyl records internationally – for businesses

E-commerce businesses and vinyl record retailers can increase efficiency and keep up with growing demand for shipping LPs internationally by registering as a business. Benefit from your own personalised digital platform, giving you a full overview of shipping history and upcoming shipments, including expenses. Access world-renowned courier services and pre-negotiated low-rates for international shipping, and save time with convenient booking and payment options.


Services for shipping vinyl records internationally

Regardless of how often you ship, the volume each time or if you’re a business or individual, Eurosender have a solution to suit any type of shipment:

Express shipping

Perfect for time-critical shipments. Delivery in 24-72 hours worldwide
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Standard shipping

The most cost-effective solution to send items that fit in boxes
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Pallet shipping

Ideal for bulk shipments. Instant prices for pallet shipping in Europe
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Van delivery

Reserve a van dedicated solely to your shipment, with no stop-overs
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How to pack LP records for shipping

  1. Clean the record using a microfiber cloth. Place the record inside the inner sleeve, turn it 90 degrees and place it inside the outer sleeve, ensuring the vinyl cannot slide out.
  2. Place the outer sleeve inside a third, plastic sleeve and cover with bubble wrap or an additional layer of plastic.
  3. Using LP record mailers: Place the record inside an LP shipping box, and if needed, use additional cardboard or cushioning to fill any gaps.
  4. Without an LP mailer: Choose an appropriately sized box for the number of records to be shipped. Slide an additional piece of cardboard and piece of bubble wrap on either side for protection, and fill any extra space with cushioning to ensure the records cannot move.
  5. Gently shake the box to ensure no movement, then seal with tape. Label the box, ‘This way up’ to minimise the risk of mishandling.

How to pack a record player for shipping

  1. Take apart all removable pieces such as the dust cover, the platter, tonearm and turntable and pack each piece separately with multiple layers of bubble wrap and tape.
  2. Reinforce the original box or an appropriately sized box with additional cardboard to ensure the sides cannot be crushed when transporting vinyl record player overseas or domestically.
  3. Place the heaviest piece inside the box first, and fill any additional space with foam cushioning or newspaper.
  4. Place the smaller pieces towards the top of the box, ensuring there is enough padding to prevent each piece from moving during transport.
  5. Gently shake the box to ensure no movement, then seal with tape. Label the box, ‘This way up’ to minimise the risk of mishandling.


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Frequently asked questions about packing and shipping LPs

Is insurance included for all shipments with Eurosender?
Basic insurance is included in the price for all shipments with Eurosender, and the coverage depends on the method of shipping chosen. Please be aware when shipping vinyl records, insurance may not apply due to the fact that they are considered fragile items. If you are unsure about insurance options for your shipment, reach out to our experts who will be more than happy to assist you.
How can I find out the best way to transport vinyl records overseas?
When you have packed your LPs and other items for shipping, carefully measure the entire package. Insert the dimensions and weight into our shipment size checker to find out the best service to transport your vinyl record collection or anything else overseas or domestically.
How do I find out the cost to safely ship vinyl records and book the service?
Once you have inserted the dimensions of your shipment to find out which service to use, simply enter your pick-up and delivery destinations. For Express, Standard and Pallet and Van delivery (in Europe), you will receive an instant price for shipping. Then you can simply accept the offer and pay for the service to book the shipment. You will receive a confirmation by email, including any additional instructions.
Where can I find packaging materials to pack LPs for shipping?
If you wish to use vinyl and LP record mailers, you can find these through specialised record stores, stationery retailers and online. We strongly recommend using these if possible. For all other materials such as bubble-wrap, foam cushioning and additional carboard, you can purchase these through storage and stationery stores. Alternatively, you may find good materials to pack LPs for shipping around the house such as additional cardboard and plastic.
Why send vinyl records internationally with Eurosender?
  • Selling vinyl records online: Many collectors choose to send LP records by courier internationally and domestically when buying or selling rare LP’s online.
  • Moving house: Individuals can ship their record collection and pack LP records for moving, along with other personal belongings quickly and safely, with our removals and relocations services.
  • Ship vinyl records abroad as gifts: LP records are the perfect gift for any music lover, and with Eurosender, you can arrange safe and reliable transport of vinyl records overseas and to anywhere in the world.

Take into consideration these guidelines when shipping vinyl records. Nevertheless, please consider that following them does not guarantee that the courier company will transport your package without restriction. In case you decide to ship vinyl records, Eurosender will not be held responsible for any damages caused by the transportation of your shipment.