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Why choose the standard shipping service?

Cost-efficient & optimal solution for non-time sensitive deliveries

Best choice for e-commerce and retailers that ship multiple packages regularly

The most convenient service for occasional shippers who want to benefit from low prices


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Standard shipping dimensions: size and weight

Max weight: up to 30-40Kg, depending on the selected courier

Max length: 175 cm (biggest side of the package)

Max measurements (in cm): length + 2x height + 2x width = less than 300 cm

Use our Shipment size checker to verify if your package is eligible for standard delivery


Types of standard shipments you can send


Ideal for shipping small amounts of items between individuals or businesses.

Packaging tips:

Add enough cushioning materials to keep the items safe during transit.
Seal it properly with duct tape and add the label if needed.


Usually shipped from or to holiday destinations, containing personal or sports items.

Packaging tips:

Cushion your items enough so that they will not move during transit.
Wrap it in stretch foil, including the wheels and handle. Add the label if needed.

While some courier companies will accept to ship suitcases, it is highly recommended to use additional cardboard boxes as final packaging, as they are less prone to damage. If you are shipping suitcases to the United Kingdom we highly recommend to pack them in cardboard boxes.


Pickup and delivery times


  • When booking a standard shipment, you will be able to pick on our calendar the preferred day of collection.
  • Collections are carried out between 9-18h local time, on working days.
  • Depending on the country of pickup, you can pick a Same-day collection.


  • Get the estimated delivery time with our dedicated tool.
  • Deliveries are carried out between 9-18h on working days.
  • Contact our support team if you wish to change the delivery address.


Free insurance with every shipment!

Every shipment organised with us is covered by insurance. To ensure optimal insurance for your items, we also offer additional insurance at a small price, which can be added in the order process.

Things to take into account when booking the Standard shipping service

Our smart algorithm will instantly select the best courier for your delivery as soon as you insert your preferences during the booking process.
Upon payment and booking confirmation, you will receive an email with your tracking number and the name of the selected logistics provider.
Depending on the country of collection and the selected logistics provider, you may or may not have to print the shipping label. This information will also be provided to you by email.
The courier driver may call you in case they need any extra information regarding the time of pickup or the location of the address (applicable just for local numbers).


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Frequently asked questions about standard shipping

Can a standard shipment be delivered over the weekend?
When using the standard shipping service, pickups and deliveries are not available during the weekend.
Exceptionally, if the delivery address is located in a remote or rural area, couriers may offer deliveries only on certain days of the week which might include Saturdays.
Does Eurosender provide cardboard boxes or stretch foil?
It is the customer’s responsibility to protect and correctly package the items to be shipped. Even though Eurosender doesn’t provide packaging materials at the moment, we do offer extensive guides on how to properly package different types of items.
How long is the estimated delivery time for standard shipments?
Depending on the selected route, the delivery time may vary between 1 and 5 business days. To calculate the estimated delivery time for your shipment, you can use our dedicated tool.
Can I send a letter, a postcard or documents by standard courier services?
Yes, as long as they are well packaged, you can send paper documents, letters or even pictures by standard courier services. We strongly suggest to use padded or cardboard envelopes to assure the safety of the content. Have in mind that, since the standard courier services are meant to be used for parcels, your paper items will be treated as such. If you plan to ship important documents such as contracts or passports we strongly suggest you consider using our specialized envelope shipping service.
Can padded enveloped be used as packaging when shipping standard parcels?
Yes, when sending standard parcels you can opt for packaging them in boxes or padded envelopes, depending on the type of item you wish to ship. Even if smaller objected and items can easily be shipped in a cardboard or padded envelope, we still suggest using small boxes instead since they are more resistant and can ensure better protection during transit.
Can I ship duffle or sports bags without packaging?
When shipping a standard package, you should have in mind that your goods will be handled, loaded and unloaded multiple times. Therefore, if you decide to ship duffle or sports bags, make sure to always pack them in sturdy boxes properly cushioned and sealed before the driver collects the shipment. Have in mind that the courier may refuse to collect a duffle bag if not packed in a cardboard box.
Do I have to attach the label to the package? How to properly attach it?
It may be necessary that you print and affix the shipping label to your package or suitcase, depending on the courier and country of pickup. However, in most cases, the driver will bring the label and place it on the package himself. To assure that the label will be appropriately affixed to the package, make sure to remove any old labels when reusing boxes and to have a clean and flat surface where the label can be clearly read and scanned.