Standard Parcel Shipping Service

International standard shipping: book an affordable parcel delivery!

Optimise your shipping costs. Benefit from delivery services performed by top logistics providers while securing the best standard shipping price with Eurosender. Book your standard parcel delivery below, and we will take care of all the shipping details for you.



Why choose the Standard Shipping Service?

The most cost-efficient solution for non-urgent parcels

Easy booking of single and multiple package deliveries

Fully tracked and automatically insured service


Standard shipping service: dimensions and weight limit

Regular & Flexi

up to 30 Kg

Max length:
175 cm (biggest side of the package)

Max measurements (in cm):
length + 2x height + 2x width = less than 300 cm

Regular Plus


up to 30 kg

Up to 210 cm total (maximum length of one side is 120 cm)

Regular Plus


up to 70 Kg

Up to 230 cm total (maximum length of one side is 120 cm)


Standard parcel delivery: Pick-up and delivery

  • Collections: 9-18h local time, on business days
  • Same-day collection is available for the Flexi & Regular Plus options
  • You may be required to print the shipping label for specific routes and services
  • Choose the address where you want your standard shipment to be picked-up
  • Available in Europe
  • Deliveries: 9-18h on business days
  • All deliveries are fully door-to-door
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Delivery time – Standard international shipping

The delivery time varies for each shipping request since it depends on the specific route and service selected. To find out how many days your standard shipping will take, simply use our booking tool, and you will see the estimation on the following page after filling up the package information. To help give you a general idea, here is an estimate of the delivery time for most standard shipments:

ServiceDelivery time
All standard services (domestic)1-2 business days
Regular (international)3-7 business days
Flexi2-5 business days
Regular Plus2-3 business days

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Make sure standard shipping is the best option for you!

Our Standard Shipping Service is aimed at shippers looking for affordable rates and no shipping hurry. All deliveries are door-to-door for your convenience, so you don’t need to worry about waiting in line or dislocating to a parcel shop. Being such a practical solution, Standard Shipping is the preferred service of online shops and individual users.

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Items allowed in the standard parcel shipping


Ideal for better protection of your items during transit.

Packaging tips:

  • Make sure to pick a sturdy cardbox.
  • Add enough cushioning materials to keep the items safe.
  • Seal it properly with duct tape and add the label if needed.

Commonly shipped from or to holiday destinations containing personal items.

Packaging tips:

  • Cushion your items enough so that they will not move during transit.
  • Place the suitcase in a sturdy cardboard box.
  • Wrap it in stretch foil, including the wheels and handle. Add the label if needed.
While some courier companies accept suitcases for shipping, it is highly recommended to use cardboard boxes as the final packaging. Please bear in mind in certain countries, the courier company may refuse to take suitcases that are not properly packed in cardboard boxes. For specific information about your desired route, please contact our support team via chat.


All standard shipments are automatically insured!

Every standard parcel delivery organised with us is automatically covered by basic insurance, at no extra cost. To ensure optimal protection for your items, we also offer additional insurance at a small price, which can be added during the order process.


Service information – Standard Shipping

  • Upon payment and booking confirmation, you will receive an email with your tracking number and the name of the selected logistics provider.
  • Check the confirmation emails to see if you are required to print and attach the shipping label yourself.
  • Standard parcels are delivered by road and should be packed accordingly before the courier comes for collection.
  • Please make sure someone will be present at the collection and delivery addresses on the scheduled dates.
  • The courier driver may call you in case they need any extra information regarding the time of pick-up or the location of the address (applicable only for local numbers).

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FAQs – Standard parcel shipping service

How much is a standard parcel delivery?
The cost of shipping a standard parcel is determined by its dimensions, the shipping route and the service selected. Use our booking engine to get an instant calculation of the standard shipping cost for your desired route.
Our sophisticated algorithm always identifies the logistics provider that offers the best price for your requirements, so you will never have to overpay when sending standard parcels.
Can a standard shipment be delivered over the weekend?
When using the Standard Shipping Service, pick-ups and deliveries are not available during the weekend.
Exceptionally, if the delivery address is located in a remote or rural area, couriers may offer deliveries only on certain days of the week, which might include Saturdays.
Does Eurosender provide cardboard boxes or stretch foil?
It is the customer’s responsibility to protect and correctly pack the items for shipping. Even though Eurosender does not provide packaging materials at the moment, we do offer extensive guides on how to properly package different types of items.
How many days does the Standard Shipping take?
It depends on the selected route and service. Most domestic standard shipments are delivered within 1-2 days, but international shipments may take up to 3 days with the Regular Plus option or up to 7 days if you choose the Regular service.
Head to our booking engine to discover the exact time estimation for your order. The system will automatically calculate how many days your standard shipment will take based on your inputted requirements.
Can I send a letter, a postcard, or documents with the Standard Parcel Delivery Service?
Yes, as long as they are well packaged, you can send paper documents, letters or even pictures through the Standard Shipping option. We strongly suggest using padded or cardboard envelopes to assure the safety of the content. However, have in mind that the Standard Shipping Service is dedicated to parcels, so your paper items will be treated as such. If you plan to send important documents such as contracts or passports, we strongly suggest using our specialised Document Shipping Service.
Can padded envelopes be used as packaging when sending standard parcels?
Yes, when sending standard parcels, you can opt for packaging them in boxes or padded envelopes, depending on the type of item you wish to ship. However, we strongly suggest using small boxes since they are more resistant and ensure better protection during transit.
Can I ship duffle or sports bags by Standard Shipping without packaging?
No, all soft bags should be placed in cardboard boxes for better protection. When shipping a standard package, you should have in mind that your goods will be handled, loaded, and unloaded multiple times. Therefore, using a sturdy cardboard box is the best alternative for protecting your goods.
Please have in mind that the courier has the right to refuse to collect a duffle bag if not packed in a cardboard box.
Do I have to attach the label to the package when using the Standard Service? How to properly attach it?
It depends on the service chosen, the courier and the country of pick-up. In most cases, when using the Regular Service, the driver will bring the label and place it on the package himself. However, on certain routes or when selecting the Flexi or Regular Plus options, it may be your responsibility to print and attach the shipping label to the package or suitcase. This information will be displayed during the booking process and will also be sent to you via email, along with the shipping label attached.
To assure that the label will be appropriately affixed to the package, make sure to remove any old tags when reusing boxes and to have a clean and flat surface where the label can be clearly read and scanned. Check our dedicated page for further instructions.