Moving to Greece. Get ready to Immigrate to Greece

Immigrate to Greece. Things you should know before moving to Greece

Whether you are moving to Greece for work or study, Eurosender offers the most affordable logistics solutions. We organise smooth relocations to Greece from anywhere in the world so you can start your new life there without stress. Eurosender prepared a detailed guide on how to immigrate to Greece with family or alone, visa requirements and the average cost of living in Greece. With our logistics platform, you get a wide range of shipping options and affordable quotes on moving to Greece.

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What to know when moving Greece

When you think about relocating to Greece, you imagine Acropolis in Athens, sirtaki music, and happy sunny days on Mykonos, Crete, Corfu, Rhodes, or Kos. This country attracts an immense number of tourists, but people are also moving to Greece from the USA, Canada, the United Kingdom to live there permanently or at least to stay there for a long-term period. Check the basic facts and tips on moving house to Greece.
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The cost of moving to Greece. International removals to Greece with Eurosender

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Visa regulations for moving to Greece

Expats who immigrate to Greece from the EU countries, don’t need a visa when moving. However, the EU nationals need to register in the foreign bureau in case they would like to live and work in Greece for more than three months.

When immigrating to Greece from non-EU countries, you are supposed to get a visa and apply for a residence and work permit upon your arrival. While visa allows foreigners to enter the country, permits provide a legal right to live and work in the country.

  • Tourist visa. Apply for a tourist visa in Greece if you want to travel and stay there for less than 3 months.
  • Business visa. This type of visa is issued to those who have business-related activities in Greece.
  • Work visa. Expats who immigrate to Greece for employment reasons from outside of the EU will have to sign a job contract first before applying for a work visa.
  • Investment visa. Those who buy a dwelling in Greece, which costs more than €250,000 or those who invest at least €300,000 in the Greek economy are eligible for an investment visa.
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Properties in Greece. Cost of moving to Greece

The Greek government has launched various programs for foreigners and expats who want to buy real estate property in Greece. The average price per 1 square meter is about €1,300. Thus, a small house somewhere in a rural area might cost €100,000.

While some expats prefer buying a dwelling as the perspective of permanent residence seems appealing to them, others still prefer renting an apartment. If you are immigrating to Athens as a student or to work, the average rental cost will be about €280 per month and higher. If you are moving to Greece with family, the average cost of renting a 3-bedroom apartment is €500 per month.

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The cost of living in Greece

In general, the cost of living in Greece is much lower than that in France, Germany, or the United Kingdom. Moving to Greece means that you will choose between the mainland or one of the Greek islands. In the latter case, be prepared to pay more for everything starting from food to apartment rental. You will have to pay €150 for utility bills per month, €30 for Internet, and €35 for a meal for two in a restaurant.

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The job market in Greece

Many Greek people started to leave the country as the economic recession took place. The unemployment rates dramatically increased to 20% or even higher. The average salary rate in Greece dropped almost to half from €1200 to €650. There are not many job opportunities for foreigners in Greece. However, there is still a chance to find work in the country. Agriculture and service sectors bring most of the country’s GDP these days. Thus, expats moving to Greece can find a job as seasonal workers in farming and hospitality industries.

School and education in Greece

When immigrating to Greece with children, they should start attending school at the age of 6. Primary and secondary education is obligatory for children in Greece, while higher education is not compulsory. International schools are popular among foreigners who relocate to Greece. Some schools follow the American or British curriculums with English speaking programs while others are regulated under the French and German education systems.

Age: 3-6
Compulsory: no
Primary School
Age: 6-14
Compulsory: yes
Secondary School
Age: 15-19
Compulsory: yes

Healthcare in Greece

The government-run healthcare system in Greece has seen better days before the crisis hit the country. Nowadays, Greek healthcare services are not of the highest quality in the European Union. Public hospitals are often characterised by unsanitary conditions, while medical equipment is not up-to-date.

Many expatriates moving to Greece for a long term prefer to get private healthcare insurance that covers those expenses that are not subsidised by the government-owned system. Moreover, it grants access to private hospitals and clinics with English-speaking medical practitioners.

Driving in Greece: Should I get a Greek driving licence?

You need to have a driving licence, proof of insurance, proof of ownership, and passport or ID with you when driving in Greece. Driving licences issued by EU states, or by Norway, Iceland or Liechtenstein, are valid in Greece. Foreigners from non-EU countries can drive for a year with an International Driving Permit (IDP) and a valid state-issued driver’s licence.

There are several basic rules and recommendations to consider before driving in Greece:

  • Drive on the right side of the road.
  • It is compulsory to wear seatbelts for a driver and all passengers.
  • Children under the age of 12 are supposed to travel in child restraint on the back seat of the car.


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What to expect when living in Greece as an expat

  • There are many opportunities for travelling and exploring. Greece has more than 2000 islands, and only about 200 of them are inhabited.
  • You can buy healthy and fresh products from local farmers in small markets all over Greece.
  • Strikes and protests happen every day, so you need to check the schedule of demonstrations to be on time.


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Moving to Greece from the United Kingdom

With Eurosender, you can book door-to-door shipping services from the United Kingdom to Greece. As we want you to have the best experience while moving to Greece from the UK, you can always track your parcels online and contact our customer support team in case of any issues. Book services for international removals to Greece with Eurosender platform to send packages, suitcases or pallets and get the most affordable cost of moving house to Chile.

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