Immigrate to Iceland. Get Ready for Moving to Iceland

Moving to Iceland. Things you should know before you immigrate to Iceland

When you are aiming to relocate to Iceland with your family or alone, for work or study, use reliable services for international removals to Iceland. Before moving to Iceland, it is better to plan your relocation in advance. Explore the essential information about living in Iceland, including lifestyle and culture, healthcare system, and visa requirements. When you are ready to move, take advantage of international removals to Iceland provided by Eurosender.

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Things to know about living in Iceland

Iceland has been actively attracting tourists over the last several years. After a short visit to this country, many people decide to immigrate to Iceland and stay there for a living. People are moving to Iceland from the USA, Canada, Australia, Germany, and some other states of the European Union. Check some basic facts before moving to Iceland and start a new life there. It will be so simple because Eurosender offers cheap and fast services for international removals to Iceland.
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Icelandic krona (ISK)
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The cost of moving to Iceland. International removals to Iceland with Eurosender

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Visa regulations for Iceland

Iceland is not a member of the European Union, but it is in the European Economic Area. Thus, the citizens of the EU and the EEA states do not need a visa and work permit when moving to Iceland. Other immigrants and expats coming from outside of these territories need to get a visa and residence permit to live in Iceland.
To stay in Iceland for longer than three months, you need to register at the local municipal authority and obtain kennitala (ID number/social security number). Kennitala is essential for signing a rental agreement, job contract, and opening a bank account for everyone who immigrates to Iceland.

There are three types of visa expats usually apply for before relocating to Iceland: work visa, student visa and family reunification visa.

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Property information for Iceland

More than 80% of local Icelanders have their own houses and dwellings. Native Icelanders either inherit a real estate property or construct new homes from scratch. If you think of the latter option after moving to Iceland, consider that you will need a special permit from local authorities for that purpose. When immigrating to Iceland, be ready for a high competition for the apartment rental and high cost. For instance, the average price for a 1-bedroom apartment in Reykjavik might be about €1300 per month.

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The cost of living in Iceland

The cost of living in Iceland is extremely high as the country ranks the world’s 4th most expensive country for a living. Be ready that you will have to pay twice more for food and conventional clothes as almost all the products and goods are imported from the outer world. However, the cost of utility bills in Icelandic is low as the country uses only renewable sources of energy.

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The job market in Iceland

Expats immigrating to Iceland can easily apply for seasonal jobs, particularly in summer. The fishing industry remains the core sector of the Icelandic economy. Iceland is also highly interested in experts specialised in biotechnology, software development, and electrical engineering. The average salary in Iceland is around 410,000 ISK per month (approximately €3000). Foreigners moving to Iceland for work should pay taxes.

School system and education in Iceland

Children need to attend primary and lower secondary schools obligatorily. Meanwhile, upper secondary and higher education is not compulsory, but many students decide to obtain a degree at a university or go into vocational studies to gain skills in a certain profession. Consider that there are no tuition fees at any stage of education in Iceland.

Expats moving to Iceland with children are usually interested in international schools. There are few private schools for international students in Iceland, and most of them are located in Reykjavik.

Pre-school education
Age: 3-6
Compulsory: No
Primary school
Age: 6-12
Compulsory: Yes
Secondary school
Age: 12-16
Compulsory: Yes

Driving in Iceland

After relocating to Iceland, you will need to think of transportation, and a car might be the best option for you. Unlike conventional cities on the continent, driving in Iceland requires one to be extremely careful and vigilant. A foreign driver’s licence is valid in Iceland for those who stay there temporarily. However, if you immigrated to Iceland and received a permanent residence, you need to obtain an Icelandic driver’s licence.

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What else to expect when living in Iceland as an expat

Immigrants moving to Iceland allocate the following aspects of living there:

  • After relocating to Iceland from the USA, for instance, it might seem that you arrive in a big village. The positive aspect of living in Iceland is that people do not rush anywhere and value family bonds greatly.
  • Iceland is a safe place. Given that unemployment rates are very low and people earn enough to support their living, thus, the crimes are not common in this country.
  • Before moving to Iceland, you need to accept the fact that there is very little sunlight in winter, while nights are absent in summer.
  • In winter, heavy snowfalls are frequent in Iceland. Sometimes, there is not enough personnel and technical equipment to clean the roads.

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See the most popular destination from where you can move to Iceland

Moving to Iceland from Germany

Iceland is a great place to plunge into divine nature and enjoy a moderate pace of life. Expats who plan to relocate to Iceland from Germany usually look for affordable solutions to move their personal belongings, furniture, and household goods. As Eurosender partners with the most renowned shipping companies in Europe, your packages or suitcases can be safely delivered in Iceland. Thus, you will save time and money when moving to Iceland from Germany.

Moving to Iceland from Canada

Iceland is a popular destination for tourists and expats coming from Canada. If you are planning to stay in Iceland for longer, we offer an effective solution to transport all your suitcases and packages. Moving to Iceland from Canada would be a bed of roses due to the cheapest way to move house to Iceland and appealing moving costs.

Moving to Iceland from Australia

International courier services provided by Eurosender could be the best choice for moving to Iceland from Australia. You can choose our platform to get multiple quotes and make a simulation of the average moving costs to Iceland. If your items are bulky or oddly shaped, you can send us a request, and we will prepare a tailored offer based on your needs.

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