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Catawiki is one of the fastest-growing online auction sites, with sellers offering luxury and upscale goods such as art pieces, antiques, stamps or special wines. Join Eurosender and find the best international deliveries for Catawiki sellers. Get an instant quote for your lot and provide your customers with a safe and reliable Catawiki shipping solution tailored to your needs.

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How to sell unique luxury products on Catawiki

  1. Register as a seller. You can open your own seller profile free of charge.
  2. Select your luxury items for sale. You can put them up for auction individually or in lots.
  3. Add the shipping price: as a seller, it is your responsibility to set up the shipping cost for Catawiki sales.
  4. Submit the items for review. A team of experts will inspect the item and help you price them.
  5. Create the auction and wait for the highest bidder to make an offer.
  6. Once the auction is over and the item is sold, wait for the bidder to contact you and arrange the delivery with your preferred delivery method


International shipping for Catawiki sellers

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How to set up shipping on Catawiki

The buyer will be responsible for paying the Catawiki shipping costs, but they have to be set by the seller beforehand. Getting affordable courier services for Catawiki sellers is crucial for a successful sale. In Eurosender we can help you find the best courier service for Catawiki sellers. You can get a quote for shipping your lot before putting it for auction and include an accurate price estimate for domestic and international shipping on your listing. Make sure you calculate domestic and international shipping both in Europe and abroad.


What can I put up for auction on Catawiki?

Catawiki is a digital auction house with a vetted list of items of the best quality only. If you are interested in selling luxury items online on Catawiki, you will get the assistance of an in-house team of experts who will assess the item or items and help you price it. The platform will only accept special and valuable items with a price of €75 or more. Some of the items most commonly auctioned on Catawiki include:

  • Art pieces, both modern and classical.
  • Antiques, including archaeological findings and unique vintage pieces of clothing, toys, decoration or furniture.
  • Exclusive or rare art prints or photographs.
  • Stamps, coins and other numismatic collector’s items.
  • Autographed items.
  • Second-hand luxury goods such as watches or jewellery.
  • Special edition or rare books, comics, journals or newspapers.

Catawiki returns: How to return an item on Catawiki

If you want to make a return on Catawiki, first you will have to request a cancellation within 14 days of receiving the item, which is called the cooling-off period. You will have to cancel the lot or item you have won through your own Catawiki account. Once the seller has received and approved the return request, the customer will have to arrange the delivery of the Catawiki return. If it is possible, Catawiki recommends using the same packaging. If there are no issues with the items and the lot is complete, the buyer will receive a reimbursement of the total price and the shipping costs. If the seller has already received the payment for the lot, they will be responsible for reimbursing both the price and the Catawiki shipping costs.

Learn more about how to return an item on Catawiki in the FAQ


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FAQs about how to sell and set up shipping on Catawiki

How does Catawiki work? Can anyone sell on Catawiki?
Catawiki is an online auction house where both professional and private sellers can put up special and valuable items for auction. To sell luxury items online on Catawiki, sellers can list their items on the platform and a team of experts will check the listing, establish the value and price and accept or deny the listing based on their price estimate. Only items with an estimated value of €75 or more can be put up for auction on the platform.
How much does it cost to sell on Catawiki?
Catawiki allows sellers to add as many items or lots they want, free of charge. However, Catawiki takes a commission for each item sold. The platform deducts a commission of 12,5% of the winning bid.
How do I know if I can sell on Catawiki? What is the minimum price for selling on Catawiki?
To know if you can start selling luxury items online in Catawiki you will have to check the price and value of the items you want to sell and make sure they are especial or valuable. The platform will only accept items with a price of €75 or more. Both individuals and businesses can sell on Catawiki, as long as their items or lots fit within the parameters of the platform.
Who will assess the value of my items?
Catawiki has an in-house team of experts who assesses every item and decides on its value. These experts can help you identify and price all your items and make sure that every lot auctioned in the platform follows their standards.
How to choose faster shipping on Catawiki?
Eurosender offers a variety of courier services to match your Catawiki shipping needs. You can book Regular+plus deliveries with shorter delivery times within Europe or choose our Express services for the fastest delivery. If you are not sure which courier services to choose, you can contact our experts.
How to set up good shipping costs on Catawiki?
To get the best shipping as a Catawiki seller you will have to assess the type of goods, the urgency of the delivery and the destination. Instead of comparing different services manually until you find a good match you can introduce the details of your shipment on our booking tool and you will get the best rate automatically.
How does Catawiki free shipping work?
As a seller, you can decide to offer free shipping for your Catawiki sales. This way you may attract more bidders. To offer free shipping, calculate the domestic and international shipping costs beforehand with our platform and add them to the bidding price.
Does Catawiki work internationally?
Catawiki operates internationally, and around 70% of the sales done through the platform are international. Although the company is based on the Netherlands, you can register as seller or buyer from anywhere in the world. This is why getting the best international shipping on Catawiki is especially important. To ship internationally, the items on your lot have to comply with the export and import regulations of the countries of pick-up and delivery. The customer is responsible for paying any customs charges, clearing charges or VAT duties that may arise.
Does Catawiki sell in the UK?
Yes, Catawiki sells in the UK. However, after Brexit there have been many changes in the export and import policy of the UK. If you want to offer international shipping on Catawiki and include the UK we recommend you check our Brexit guide on customs and ecommerce for more updated information.
Who pays for the Catawiki return shipping costs?
Depending on the reason for returning, the seller or the buyer will have to cover the cost or the return. The seller will have to pay for the Catawiki return shipping costs if the item arrived broken or damaged.

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Take into consideration these guidelines when shipping your Catawiki sales via courier in Europe or overseas. Nevertheless, please consider that following them does not guarantee that the courier company will transport your package without restrictions. In case you decide to ship your Catawiki sales with Eurosender will not be held responsible for any damages caused by the transportation of your shipment.