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Join Eurosender and create your own logistics department where you can manage all your shipments. Check our selling guides to learn the best way to sell and ship from the most popular E-Commerce platforms. Sign up and join a community of thousands of SMES and online sellers profiting from low prices,a one stop platform and many more benefits that will make shipping more reliable and easier:

Insurance for each parcel included in price and options to add additional coverage.

Dedicated department for helping in unforeseen situations.

Guidance and help to prepare the package for shipping.


Ship from any e-commerce platform with Eurosender:

Join Eurosender and thousands of other SMES already using our platform to make their logistics needs easier:

  • Save orders and payment details.
  • Arrange all your invoices as a one-month-only bill.
  • Get tailored solutions to match any of your requests.
  • We will act on your behalf on possible client claims

We have also prepared tips on how to pack various objects. Why is packaging important? An item that is packed in a proper way has a lower chance of getting damaged and you as the shipper have a better chance of getting a refund if anything goes wrong.

How to pack and ship

You will find a comprehensive list of items bought and sold on online marketplaces with packing tips by clicking the button below:

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