Shipping from online marketplaces

Ship from online marketplaces

We are:

  • Quick and affordable
  • Able to transport almost anything you like
  • Reliable

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We offer:

  • Guides for the most popular marketplaces
  • Packaging advice
  • Support via phone and email

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Why use Eurosender for shipping from online marketplaces?

By sending with Eurosender, in addition to low prices and ease of use, you will be able to take advantage of additional benefits that will make shipping more reliable and easier:

  • Insurance for each parcel up to € 200. In addition, at affordable prices, you can extend your insurance to € 1000 or even € 2000.
  • Customer support service in 15 languages.
  • Dedicated department for helping in unforeseen situations.
  • Guidance and help to prepare the package for shipping.
  • Delivery confirmation
  • Text notifications about the steps of delivery.
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Take a look at our packaging tips

We have also prepared tips on how to pack various objects. Why is packaging important? An item that is packed in a proper way has a lower chance of getting damaged and you as the shipper have a better chance of getting a refund if anything goes wrong.

You will find a comprehensive list of items bought and sold on online marketplaces with packing tips by clicking the button below:

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Eurosender for business

If you are a B2B customer that aims to streamline your shipping process than Eurosender is the place to go. Setting up an account with us gives you access to many benefits:

  • Place orders faster and save preferred details – save the information that you will be using in the future and save the time on filling in the ordering form
  • No monthly fee no contract required – ship with us as much as you want, whenever you need
  • Same convenient rates regardless of the volume of shipments – enjoy low prices, no matter how much you send
  • Tailored offers – offers prepared individually for more than 8 packages or bulky goods
  • Rewards and exclusive offers – special prices for returning customers

If you have any other question about shipping from online marketplaces or selling you items online and using courier services to transport them we encourage you to contact our customer service department. They will answer your questions on the spot.

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