How to Sell on OLX, Shipping and Delivery

How to sell things on OLX: Start selling fast and organise home deliveries

OLX is one of the biggest marketplaces fors selling new or used things, searching for certain services, or looking for a bargain. Besides multiple options to sell products, OLX now offers doorstep delivery services as well. Get to know the OLX selling and shipping process and our tips for selling your products or services fast.

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OLX selling and shipping process: from fast sales to home delivery

Placing sales ads for your products on OLX is quite easy, especially if you have decided to use the OLX app. When it comes to organising the delivery, there are multiple options you can go with and payment methods you can choose from.

How to register an OLX account and place an ad

  1. Create an OLX account. Make sure to choose your country on the OLX website or app and insert your and your store’s data.
  2. Create the OLX ad for your product. Click on Sell and choose the correct category and subcategory for the product or service you would like to sell.
  3. Fill out the required information to start selling your items or services. Make sure to complete all the fields and only provide accurate information.
  4. Ship the items to your OLX buyer. You can decide to ship your products using the OLX delivery service or book shipping by yourself. Make sure to compare the delivery prices before you ship!

Top 5 tips for selling your items fast on OLX

The competition is fierce but selling on OLX is just a matter of knowing how to place your products. If you don’t want to pay for an ad or just want to make sure your paid ad will pay back quickly, follow our tips to sell fast on OLX.

  • Choose the right ad Title. Make sure to have a short but accurate title. The buyers should know exactly what they are clicking, and this will make sure they won’t just bounce off your ad.
  • Describe your product well. Just like the title, your OLX ad description should have only true information and as much detail as possible. Not only this will make the sale process faster, but it will also help the buyers trust you.
  • Don’t save on pictures. No one wants to buy a used product without looking at it first. Take pictures from different angles and perspectives to give the buyer an exact idea of what they are buying.
  • Be fair with your prices. We know it’s appealing to try your luck with a higher price when placing an OLX ad, but in most cases, this will just make your ad get old and drop down on the list. Try to be fair and place a competitive price.
  • Offer great service. When buyers contact you, answer fast, even if you don’t accept their offer. This practice will make you look like a serious seller, and they may even come back with another offer. Likewise, once the deal is closed, make sure to send your items as soon as possible to keep your buyer happy.


Home delivery options for OLX sellers

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OLX delivery services and payment options

OLX now offers domestic doorstep deliveries in most countries, but check what features and prices they provide before you book them.

Depending on the country where you live, OLX may offer only store-to-store home deliveries, meaning you should drop off your parcel in a post office or parcel shop, and the buyer should then pick it up in someplace next to them.

OLX Home Deliveries

Check your local OLX for the correct delivery price when shipping your products and if your buyer is willing to pay for it. Of course, you can always opt for sending the item on your own or your buyer’s terms. One of the most popular delivery options is to simply meet the buyer in a safe place and finish the trade in person.

If you are still not sure about the best shipping deal or wish to send your product abroad, get instant prices and book doorstep deliveries in less than 2 minutes using our booking tool.

Safe payments when selling on OLX

OLX does not offer payment options, and this part of the trading process is usually dealt with directly by the buyer and the user. The safest way to make sure you will get your items, or your payment is to, of course, agree to a trade in person. But if you live in another city or even country, this may not be possible. In some situations, you can agree to use Cash on Delivery when buying or selling on OLX: just make sure the seller is trustworthy and has good reviews. If you live in another country, this may not be possible, and in such cases, you may opt to use a safe payment application that offers you the chance to initiate a dispute in case the items you purchased on OLX are not as described.


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What items do people buy and sell the most in OLX?

You can buy and sell all sorts of items and services in OLX. Take a look at some examples and see our packing guides to ensure your OLX purchases are safely delivered.


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FAQ about selling and shipping items on OLX

How can you buy or sell in OLX to a user in a different country?
Trading between different countries is harder if relying on standard OLX shipping methods. However, if both the buyer and the seller agree on all the terms, the OLX trade can be as easy as a local sale. Just make sure to agree on safe payment terms and prepare your item for shipping. You can opt to send the items by regular post or choose a safer service from a trusted courier company. At Eurosender, we take this burden from your hands and match your requirements with the best international courier fit for it.
How to mark an item as sold on OLX?
Once you have sold your item, you have to mark it as sold so that your buyers know it is no longer available. ? Simply go to the home screen on your app, tap or click on the bottom menu icon labelled “My Ads”, click on Selling to see all your ads and tap pen image. From there, you can mark your item as sold or delete it.
Is buying on OLX safe?
OLX knows the importance of safe trading, and you can find all types of information on their website about what to do or not do when selling/buying on online marketplaces. To ensure you won’t get scammed, follow their advice and always try to verify if the seller has good reviews. Most of the time, the trades are successful and both sides are happy.
Can I buy on OLX using Cash on Delivery as payment?
It depends on the payment agreement you have with the OLX seller and the shipping method you choose. If the seller agrees, you just need to make sure the postal service or courier company transporting the item offers this option. Be aware that COD usually carries an additional shipping fee. Read more about Cash on Delivery Services here.
How do I deliver a package on OLX?
After you sell an item on OLX, you will have to decide how to send it to your buyer. One of the options is to choose a delivery service offered by OLX, which varies according to the country you are in and may not be a doorstep delivery. If you decide to save on shipping and find another solution to your OLX delivery, you can opt to use our platform, where we compare hundreds of quotations and always make sure to offer you the best carrier and the lowest price for each route, with only door-to-door deliveries.
Does OLX handle shipping?
OLX offers shipping options that differ from country to country. However, the platform does not handle shipping itself. It is still the buyer’s responsibility to book shipping, pack and send the items.
How do I know if my package was sent on OLX?
The most direct way of knowing is to contact the OLX seller directly and ask them if they shipped your item. In case your item was shipped with a traceable service and the seller provided your email address or phone number to the courier company, you will probably receive shipping updates by email or SMS.
How can I track my package on OLX?
You can track your OLX package as long as your item is shipped with a traceable service. All you have to do is to visit the website of the postal service provider or courier company and paste the tracking number provided to you by the seller. Alternatively, if the OLX seller has provided your contact to the shipping company, you may get updates directly on your email inbox and/or by SMS. See more about Parcel Tracking statuses here.
How long does it take to deliver a package from OLX?
Domestic deliveries are usually fast and can take 1-3 working days, depending on the country and delivery service chosen. Depending on the route, your trade is international may take a few more days. Feel free to consult our estimation delivery time tool and see how long would it take to deliver your OLX items.
What delivery service does OLX offer?
Depending on the country, OLX may offer two different types of services: one for home deliveries where the courier company will pick up the item at the seller’s address and deliver it directly to the buyer’s doorstep; or store-to-store deliveries.
What are OLX delivery fees?
OLX delivery fees will be calculated based on the weight and size of your package. In case you would like to get a fast quote for shipping the products you are selling on OLX, just insert the countries of pick-up and delivery on our booking tool.
Does OLX offer doorstep deliveries?
Yes, depending on the service you choose. Keep in mind that OLX doorstep deliveries are more expensive than if you choose to use a store-to-store delivery. Select your route on our booking tool and get instant prices for door-to-door deliveries, domestic or international.
Do I have to pay a fee to sell on OLX?
No, you can sell on OLX without paying fees. However, many sellers choose to purchase ads space on OLX to ensure their items get a more visible spot on the website. This is why it is so important to build your free ad with complete information – it increases your chance of selling against paying competitors.
Does OLX have a return policy?
Being an online marketplace with professional sellers and individuals, OLX does not provide its own return policy. All the details about shipping, returns and payment methods should be discussed directly with the seller since each store creates its own OLX return policy and conditions. If you received a damaged item or it is not as described and could not find a solution for return or refund directly with the seller, you can report to OLX, and they will evaluate each case individually.


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