Guide for Selling on ASOS | How to Ship Your Items

How to Sell on Asos | Shipping Solutions for your Boutique

ASOS Marketplace is a global fashion e-commerce platform for independent fashion designers, small boutiques and vintage collectors. With more than 800 boutiques, ASOS is a great platform for aspiring designers and small brands to show their designs to a global audience and start selling internationally. Grow your business globally with the best logistics partners and join Eurosender to take advantage of the best shipping services for ASOS Marketplace sellers.

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How to sell on ASOS: a guide to create your marketplace boutique

  1. Open an account and apply for a boutique. You will have to comply with the seller’s conditions.
  2. Create a PayPal or Stripe account. You must have a verified Paypal or Stripe account to sell on ASOS.
  3. Create your boutique and list your items. You must have at least 10-15 products listings at all times and comply with ASOS photography rules.
  4. Once you found a buyer for your goods, just log in to your Eurosender account and book a shipping service.

Why companies choose ASOS Boutique to sell their goods

Reach a global audience

Opening an ASOS boutique is an opportunity to reach a global audience and multiply your shop’s sales.

Sell unique pieces

ASOS gives sellers the opportunity of offering personalized and tailor-made items and flexible return policy to expand their brand.

Get brand recognition

ASOS has an extensive vetting policy that ensures all their boutiques have the highest quality.

ASOS return policy and refund – How to return items to ASOS?

According to ASOS return policy, customers can return items within 45 days after delivery. Items returned to ASOS within 28 days are eligible for a full refund and, for returns made after this time frame, a gift voucher. Returning items to ASOS is free if you use their shipping label provided on the packaging, but you will have to personally organise a shipping service if you no longer have this label. In that case, turn to Eurosender for the most efficient and affordable solution for returning your items to ASOS.

Check more information about ASOS returns on the FAQ


What to do after selling on ASOS: reliable shipping solutions

Find the best shipping solutions for your ASOS Marketplace boutique and offer your clients flat rate shipping and immediate quotes. Eurosender offers businesses the opportunity of matching all their shipping requirements:
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Check the prices for shipping your orders from ASOS internationally

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ASOS Marketplace boutiques: FAQ

Who can sell on ASOS Marketplace?
According to ASOS’s rules, you must be a new or independent brand or a vintage collector selling clothing, bags, shoes, accessories or jewellery.
Can I sell everything on my ASOS Marketplace boutique?
ASOS Marketplace is cruelty-free, so it doesn’t allow the usage of fur or endangered animal skin in the products sold. This also means that ASOS does not allow vintage furs, new furs, or exotic skins. It also has a zero-tolerance policy towards buying and selling counterfeit goods.
What are the costs of having a boutique on ASOS Marketplace?
Having a boutique on ASOS will cost you £20 per month. Additionally, ASOS will take a 20 % commission for each transaction (10% for clearance products). Finding the best international shipping service for your ASOS Marketplace boutique is key to increase your store’s efficiency and profit.
How to estimate the shipping costs for goods sold on ASOS Marketplace?
Introduce your shipment’s details on our booking engine and get an immediate final quote for shipping the products you will list on ASOS.
How to choose faster shipping on ASOS Marketplace?
Eurosender offers Express shipping for your boutique’s orders, 24h in Europe and 72h worldwide.
How do I upload a listing on ASOS?
One of the most important tips for selling on ASOS Marketplace is to follow their listing guidelines very carefully. You will have to use clear photos taken with natural lighting, minimal editing and in colour. Clothes must be worn by a model and not lying flat on a surface or a hanger, with the exception of some items such as earrings (for hygienic reasons).
Can I return items to ASOS without the original packaging?
Yes, it is perfectly possible to return your ASOS parcel without the original packaging. All you have to do is get a sturdy cardboard box and cushioning materials to repack your articles in a safe manner. Check our packing guides for dedicated instructions on how to pack several types of items. After your goods are properly packed, simply use our booking engine to schedule your ASOS return and wait for the courier to collect it at your address.
How will Asos deliveries from the UK work after Brexit?
Asos will still offer international shipping after Brexit, including shipping to the UK. However, depending on where your item is shipped from, there might be delays. All items shipped from the UK to the EU or from the EU to the UK will have to go through customs and VAT and customs duties may be charged.
How to sell products on Asos after Brexit?
If you have a shop on Asos Marketplace, your shop will have to comply with the regulations in place for online shops. You can calculate the VAT charges yourself when selling outside the UK collect it depending on the value of the items. You can also make your customers pay or VAT to customs authorities, but this may mean an increase in the price and the customer may refuse the product. If you want to learn more about how to manage Asos deliveries from the UK after Brexit you can check our complete guide for online shops after Brexit.
According to ASOS return policy, what items can’t be returned?
ASOS accepts returns of the vast majority of items. Here are a few exceptions according to ASOS return policy:
  • Opened and/or used face and body products;
  • Swimwear and underwear if the hygiene seal is not intact or any labels have been broken;
  • Pierced jewellery if the seal has been damaged or broken.
Please have in mind that you should return only unworn items. If ASOS suspects that you have returned worn clothes, they may deactivate your account and any associated accounts.


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