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How to Sell and Ship: a Guide for Shopify

Shopify is an intuitive and easy to use e-commerce platform with more than 600.000 active merchants. To help Shopify sellers profit the most out of their stores, Eurosender offers immediate shipping quotes to almost everywhere in the world. We partner up with the best couriers and make sure you get the best rates and services for each shipping requirement.

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How to sell and ship on Shopify

  1. Create an account. Registering on Shopify is free, but you will need to choose a custom shop plan after 14 days
  2. Upload your listings. Make sure to create an attractive storefront.
  3. Arrange your logistics. Create the shipping parameters of your Shopify account.
  4. Make a sale and book the service. Once you have made a sale you can book our shipping services.


Ship internationally: expert solutions for Shopify sellers

At Eurosender we offer Shopify sellers shipping solutions that combine the capabilities of the best courier providers. Leave your logistics problems to our team of specialists and invest in growing your store. Get started with Eurosender and get benefits such as:

Final negotiated rates
Our algorithm identifies the best rate for your domestic or international Shopify shipment.

Customised dashboard
Set up your business logistics department and manage all your operations from one place.

Faster payments
Create a wallet on your dashboard and execute faster payments and returns.

Ship easier and safer
Save your data and book multiple shipments even faster. Insurance options available for each service.

Why do businesses choose to sell their goods on Shopify?

Reach a global audience.

Buyers can access Shopify from nearly 175 countries around the globe.

Grow your B2B network.

The number of international shops is over 1M, which gives B2B commerce users the opportunity to create an international network.

Save with low fees.

Shopify gives users the chance of opening and personalising their own e-Commerce site at relatively low prices.

24/7 support.

Shopify offers 24/7 support for their sellers.

How to ship on Shopify?

Sellers are responsible for booking and arranging their own Shopify shipping solutions. You will have to decide your Shopify shipping scope, the different types of packaging and the types of items you will be shipping.
For Shopify sellers in the US and Canada, Shopify offers the possibility of integrating shipping services in their Shopify shops.

Shopify return policy. How to return purchases to Shopify?

Shopify does not have a unified return policy. Each seller set up their unique Shopify return process, with specific time frames, refund options, etc. On average, buyers have up to 30 days to return an item but they should make sure the goods are unused and have the original packaging when returning purchases to Shopify. To help your customers handle the returns easily, Eurosender offers affordable shipping solutions. With our door-to-door courier services, buyers can return their items without even leaving their house!

Check more information about Shopify returns on the FAQ


International shipping services for Shopify – Fast, secure, global

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Shopify selling and shipping FAQ

Is it safe to sell on Shopify?
Shopify is praised by many of its users for its reliable security system. Each shop contains many personal and verified information and you do not want that to be compromised. Another benefit of Shopify’s security is that your store is always online, and you will not miss any income because the website was down or not accessible.
Do I have to pack the items I sell on Shopify?
Sellers are responsible for properly packing and preparing their items before shipping. You can use personalised packaging to give extra value to your products. Do you need more information on how to pack and prepare your Shopify items for shipping? You can check our pack and ship guides with tips for packing dozens of different items.
How does Shopify shipping work after Brexit?
Shipping internationally from Shopify after Brexit is still possible, but there have been some changes that both sellers and buyers have to understand. Every shipment between the UK and the EU is considered an export or import and will be subjected to VAT and possible customs charges. Sellers will have to make sure they are registered for VAT where applicable and check whether they need to get an EORI number. You can get more information about the changes required for shipping internationally from Shopify after Brexit by checking or Brexit and e-commerce page.
Can I sell and ship bulky or large items on Shopify?
When you ship your Shopify sales with us you will have access to multiple freight transport options from pallet to FTL and air cargo.
Are Shopify deliveries and returns insured?
When shipping items sold on Shopify or returning purchases with Eurosender, your goods are always covered by basic insurance, whose value depends on the selected service. For extra protection, you can purchase additional transport insurances during the ordering process.
Does Shopify offer free returns for sending unwanted items back?
It depends on the seller since each online store creates its own return policy on Shopify. Some Shopify sellers may offer free returns when sending items back with selected carriers. If your seller did not offer such a benefit, you can opt to book an efficient and affordable delivery with Eurosender and save shipping costs when returning items to Shopify.


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