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How should I pack my package or suitcase?

To ensure that your package is delivered undamaged, please pack it in a manner that is appropriate for transportation with a courier service provider. Be aware that this involves reloading and mechanical sorting in logistic centers. Your package must be properly closed and sealed, but also adequately packed in order to avoid damage in the unlikely event of a fall or hit.how to pack your package


Are there any size restrictions for items I wish to send?

All packages should weigh up to 50 kg and be within the following dimension limits:

  • Maximum length of 175 cm
  • Girth: Length (in cm) + 2x width (in cm) + 2x height (in cm) < 300 cm (length plus two times width plus two times height should be less than 300 cm or 3 m all together). The length measurement should represent the longest side of the package.

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How should I pack travel/duffel bags?

As travel bags are usually more prone to damage than suitcases during shipping, please pack your travel bags into cardboard boxes when sending them through courier services so as to avoid damage or loss.


How should I pack any other items that I wish to send?

All items, other than the suitcases covered with stretch foil, need to be packed into a cardboard box.


Do I need to write the delivery address on the parcel?

No. You do not need to write the address on the parcel. The courier will provide you with the appropriate item label (with all the necessary information) upon pick up.
Nonetheless, we recommend that you pack a copy of the payment confirmation with all of the relevant details on top of your package, as this will make locating and delivering it much easier in the unlikely event of damage or loss of the label.

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