Eco-friendly Packaging Materials for Sustainable Shipping

Sustainable packaging materials for shipping

Go green by choosing eco-friendly packaging materials for shipping. Eurosender can advise you on how to ship with sustainable packaging materials, whether privately or as an e-commerce business. Learn about eco-friendly shipping methods and the benefits of sustainable shipping packaging.

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What are the best eco-friendly packaging materials for shipping?

Increasing numbers of private and business shippers are following sustainable shipping methods because they are aware of the importance of environmentally-friendly shipping for our planet. Check below the sustainable shipping packaging materials you can choose from when preparing your items for transport:


100% recycled paper mailer

Recycled paper is a fully renewable and sustainable packaging material for when you are shipping documents or small items in an envelope.
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Corrugated cardboard box

Corrugated cardboard is one of the most eco-friendly packaging materials for shipping. Cardboard is sturdy and ideal for package shipping.
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Wooden and plastic pallets

Both types are recyclable and sustainable packaging materials for shipping. They are the most common types of pallet used in road freight transport.
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Sustainable and biodegradable packaging materials for the inside

Internal cushioning is also important for protecting the contents of your parcel. Below are some examples of eco-friendly and biodegradable packaging materials you can use for shipping:

  • Biodegradable packing peanuts. The alternative eco-friendly packaging material made from wheat and corn starch.
  • Corrugated bubble wrap. Up-cycled corrugated cardboards make up this new alternative type of sustainable packaging.
  • Eco-friendly adhesive paper tape. The best alternative for environmentally-conscious shippers.
  • Reused and recycled cardboard and paper. The most organic materials; thus, one of the most sustainable packaging materials.
  • Bubble wrap. Can be reused multiple times before being disposed of for recycling.
  • Air pillows. This type of sustainable packaging is also lighter for shipping, can be reused and recycled.


How sustainable shipping packaging can boost your e-commerce

Sustainable shipping packaging is not only great for the environment but it can benefit your e-commerce business in the following ways:

  • Improved brand perception and customer experience if you ship their goods in recyclable packaging that they can reuse.
  • Increased sales potential and unique brand positioning among your more environmentally-aware customers.
  • Lower costs for your business in the long run by reusing sustainable packaging materials for all your shipments.
  • Lower costs by using eco-friendly soy ink for print branding on your external packaging instead of normal ink.
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Eco-friendly shipping methods

You can opt for eco-friendly envelopes and boxes when shipping with the following services:
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Preparing a parcel shipment with sustainable packaging materials

Follow these simple guidelines to pack and ship an eco-friendly package:

Find a corrugated cardboard box.
If you are reusing an old one, remove or cover old shipping labels.

Put your items inside the box.
Use alternative biodegradable packaging materials or reuse bubble wrap.

Close the box
Seal with eco-friendly adhesive tape. Add the shipping label if required for the service.


Sustainable shipping methods with pallets or containers

Transport solutions for eco-friendly pallet shipments and larger freight loads:
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Logistics made simpler and greener

Choose sustainable packaging for your logistics and get access to a range of environmentally-aware courier services on one single platform. Join Eurosender to optimise your operations and start reducing your company’s carbon footprint.
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Preparing a pallet with sustainable packaging materials

When shipping an eco pallet, follow the steps below to prepare the load for safe transport:

  1. Choose a strong, suitably-sized pallet.
    Follow the steps above for packing items in boxes. Load heavier boxes on the base.
  2. Arrange the boxes in even columns.
    Make sure nothing is hanging over the edges. Place cardboard sheets between each box.
  3. Strap and wrap the whole pallet.
    Secure the load with straps and cover with reusable material such as bubble wrap.


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FAQ on sustainable packaging materials for shipping

Where can I find sustainable and biodegradable packaging material for shipping?
  • Use materials you have at home. Often what we need to make eco-friendly and sustainable packaging for shipping is right at our fingertips. Do you have a new or used cardboard box? If it is strong and without any sign of damage, reuse it. Use crumpled pieces of old magazines and newspapers to stuff the inside of the box.
  • Buy eco-friendly packaging for your shipment in specialised shops. Materials for environmentally friendly packaging can be purchased at any hardware or DIY store. If you don't have an option near you, order them online.
  • Ask in shops for used materials. Very often shops and general stores discard sustainable packaging material that could be very useful for your shipment. Ask your local supermarket if you can get used boxes or packaging for your eco-friendly parcel delivery. You may even get them for free!
Can I find eco-friendly boxes on Amazon for my shipment?
Yes, Amazon is committed to carbon-neutral shipping and offers a wide range of eco-friendly packaging boxes and materials that you can use for preparing your shipment.
Can I pack items in a used box or other packaging for a more sustainable parcel delivery?
Yes, you can use any type of cardboard box, whether new or used, to pack your items. You can choose a used cardboard box as an eco-friendly and sustainable packaging alternative for your parcel delivery. Make sure the box is large and strong enough for the shipment.
What eco-friendly shipping or packaging methods are there for large deliveries in Europe?
If you are shipping large quantities to the same delivery address, you can opt for our Van Delivery service. To minimise carbon footprint, the goods are transported directly to the destination without any stop-overs. This is a sustainable shipping method without packaging requirements. Although packing is not required for Van Delivery, we would still recommend using eco-packaging materials to give your items maximum protection when shipping in Europe and beyond.