Sustainable Shipping | Eco-friendly Packaging Trends

Sustainable parcel shipping and green packaging

You can have your share on saving the planet by using different types of biodegradable packaging materials when shipping internationally. Eurosender supports environmentalists and offers the best solution for their shipping needs.

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Sustainable parcel shipping solutions

Are you looking for eco-friendly international shipping services for your deliveries? Eurosender combines multiple transport solutions in one single platform including environmentally friendlier ones. Get your own logistics platform now and have control over all your orders, choose sustainable shipping methods and couriers, and digitise your logistics processes.


Sustainable and biodegradable materials

Most sustainable green and biodegradable packaging materials

  • Biodegradable packing peanuts. The alternative eco-friendly packaging trend made from wheat and corn starch.
  • Corrugated bubble wrap. Up-cycled corrugated cardboards make up this new alternative type of sustainable packaging.
  • Adhesive paper tape. The best alternative for environmentally conscious shippers.

Reusable and recyclable packaging materials

  • Reused and recycled cardboard and paper. The most organic materials; thus, one of the most sustainable packaging materials.
  • Pallets. Both standard and eco-friendly pallets can be reused multiple times.
  • Bubble wrap. Can be reused multiple times before being disposed of for recycling.
  • Air pillows. This type of sustainable packaging is also lighter for shipping, can be reused and recycled.

Pack and ship with the most sustainable packaging materials

Find a corrugated cardboard box.
If you are reusing an old one, remove or cover any old shipping labels.

Put your items inside the box.
Use alternative biodegradable packaging materials or reuse bubble wrap/plastic pouches.

Close the box
with the eco-friendly adhesive tape.


Our sustainable shipping alternatives


Van delivery service
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Green transport of goods | Initiatives

The increasing popularity of ecommerce websites and other outcomes of globalizations seems to make impossible reducing the amount of transports. However, it is possible to reduce the environmental impact by eliminating the shipping waste.

What can you contribute with to reduce waste while shipping?

You can lessen the environmental impact by minimising the shipping waste and reusing old cardboard boxes, choosing recyclable packaging materials like bubble wrap, air pillows, crumbled paper etc.

How does Eurosender contribute to sustainable parcel shipping?

Eurosender partners up with both large logistics companies and smaller local couriers to always optimise the routes. Thus, we see to organise the transport in such a way to makes sure that trucks, vans and containers never travel empty.

How are logistics companies adjusting to green transportation?

Some logistics companies are proving their environmental-friendly side by using bikes or “runners” to deliver smaller shipments to their destinations. Another alternative for greener transportation on the side of some courier companies, is the substitution from fossil fuels, to biofuels. Biofuels are made from waste and burn cleaner than gasoline, resulting in fewer greenhouse gas emissions.