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Packaging materials and guidelines for international shipping

Shipping safety is our priority, and we want to ensure you are well equipped for your next order with us. Find out which is the packaging material that will best protect your items during transit and how to package the parcel or freight shipment for international shipping. The packaging will depend on the type of item you are shipping, the volume, and the goods’ sensitivity. Protect your shipment from any handling and transit shocks by adding the best packing materials for shipping your items and apply our packaging guidelines for sending parcels and freight abroad.

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External packaging materials and packaging guidelines for international shipping

Use the following packaging materials and guidelines for sending parcels and freight internationally and domestically:


Choose a suitable envelope for documents and other small items.

Cardboard boxes

Use a sturdy cardboard box for your shipment size and weight.

Sustainable packaging materials

Use biodegradable packaging materials and contribute to reducing waste.

Wood, Steel or Plastic Pallets

See which pallet is best suited for your large or heavy parcel delivery.


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Internal cushioning materials and packaging guidelines for sending parcels and freight

Choose the best packing materials for shipping any item to wrap and fill the empty voids inside the package and secure the shipment during transit. Bear in mind that in this packaging guideline for sending parcels contains the most commonly used materials for internal content support of the package.

Bubble or other wraps

You can wrap your item with plastic cushioning, paper or clothing cushioning.

Packing peanuts

Use them to fixate the inside of the cardboard box and prevent any content movement.


You can use this type of material as a great surface protection foam for the internal cushioning of the cardboard box.


Use durable brown or clear tape to secure the shipment and any loose ends of the shipment.


How to properly use packaging materials when sending parcels and freight | Packaging do & don’ts

To keep the content safe during transit, it is not only important to use the best packing materials for shipping the items or for cargo transport, but you should also bear in mind the following advice:

Packaging do’s
  • Choose a box of good quality
  • Select the correct box size
  • Wrap each of the items individually
  • Fill all the voids inside the package
  • Choose a durable and robust tape
  • Make sure the label is visible
Packaging don’ts
  • Do not use a box that cannot handle the shipment
  • Do not leave empty voids inside the package
  • Do not overpack or under pack the package
  • Do not use the regular household tape
  • Do not cover and conceal the label


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FAQ on the best packing materials for shipping any items

What are the best packaging materials for shipping fragile items?
It is best to start with bubble wrap, but we recommend adding more layers to the item. In most cases, just one layer of bubble wrap is not enough to give the appropriate protection from transit shocks. Add two or three layers to make sure your fragile shipment is intact.
What are the best packaging and cushioning materials for packages or cargo transport?
For the outer packaging, we recommend you corrugated boxes or pallets if something is heavier or larger than the recommended.
The most widely used cushioning materials are the different varieties of bubble wrap, packing peanuts, and crumbled paper.
Can I reuse the packaging materials that I already have for my next shipping?
Yes, you can reuse packages, tubes, pallets and other! You just have to make sure that the packaging materials are not showing any signs of damage. Cover any previous shipping labels and bar codes so they would not interfere with the new order.
What the best reusable packing materials for shipping any items?
For the outer protection, the most environmentally friendly option are corrugated or any other paper boxes. You can reuse the shipping boxes as long as the package is not damaged.
There are various eco-friendly cushioning options for internal shipment protection: fabrics, recycled paper or plastics, corrugated wraps, biodegradable packing peanuts, any other recycled material.