How Do Standard Courier Services Work?

Berenika Teter
20 days ago

It may seem obvious to some of us, but how do courier companies and their services work? Before booking you should have an overview of what to expect from standard courier services. Despite the COVID-19 outbreak, both Eurosender and the courier companies we partner with continue working. Therefore, if you wanted to ship a package …

Top Courier Companies in Europe
Beatrice Tirelli
27 days ago

You are looking for a great logistic experience that will not rip you off, and at the same time, there are so many options available on the European market. At Eurosender, we know how complex the logistics world can look like, so we prepared a list of the top courier companies in Europe. Despite the …

The 9 Best Spots for Water Sports and Activities in Portugal
Mariana Franco
28 days ago

Portugal’s over 900 km of coastline (just in the continent) attracts water sports’ enthusiasts from all over the world. With its sandy beaches, stunning sunsets and perfect waves, it’s easy to get lost with the variety of water sports and activities offered in every city touching the ocean. We put together a guide of the …

Is Erasmus Worth It?
Marcela Neves
29 days ago

Is Erasmus worth it? Students always hear about the importance of Erasmus and the beautiful experience that it is, whether as a bachelor’s, master’s student, or even an intern. People are continually sharing experiences about their mobility period abroad in Erasmus, and you always wanted to be the next one to share this experience. So …

What Happens to Shipping Containers Lost at Sea? What Should I Do If My Cargo Is Lost?
Christina Cencic
last month

It may be one of the cheapest and safest way of transporting goods, but improper packaging and damage onto the cargo may result in the container to sink in the sea. Then you might wonder, what happens to the cargo containers lost at sea? Were there many containers lost at sea in 2019? Are you …

The Courier Damaged the Goods During Delivery. What Now?
Berenika Teter
2 months ago

Even though it is not such a typical situation, the goods you have shipped might get damaged during transport, and we always assume it was the courier’s fault. However, there are many situations that the courier companies do not have any influence on, and you will find the most common causes in this article. What …

Can I Send a Passport Internationally by Courier?
Gabriela Buzoianu
2 months ago

Nowadays we can internationally ship many things by mail or by courier, but is sending a passport to an embassy one of them? Shipping a passport and other documents abroad come with certain risks. But with a little research done beforehand, you will be able to make an informed decision. Can I send a passport …

How to Cancel a Delivery?
Monika Kelesovska
2 months ago

Are you expecting your package, and then realized that you no longer need that shipment, and want to cancel the delivery? When it comes to withdrawing your order, timing is everything. Meaning, there are times that you can stop the courier delivery free of charge, unlike other situations, when it is no longer possible to …

Why Was My Parcel Returned to the Shipper?
Carla Araujo
2 months ago

The sender has sent the package, and you expect no complications. You did everything as asked, and yet, the courier returned the parcel to the shipper. You may ask yourself what the reason for its return is, and we are here to give you some of the most common causes that will help you get …

What Does Undeliverable Shipment Held at Location Mean?
Gabriela Buzoianu
2 months ago

Have you found yourself in a situation where the tracking status shows that the package is undeliverable, and now you do not know what to do? There are many reasons and scenarios why could have this happened, and some you can solve easier than others. Read and find out what are the actions to be …

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