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Sea freight forwarding, also known as ocean freight, is a very cost-effective solution for transporting large quantities of goods that are not time sensitive. Whether you require pallet transport, FCL or LCL shipping, choose Eurosender and get a unique sea freight shipping service tailored to your needs.


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To better serve your business requirements, we only work with personalised quotes when it comes to international sea freight forwarding services. This means that we treat each request individually. Once you send us your shipping requirements, we will prepare a solution that is suited perfectly to your needs:


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How to choose the right sea freight forwarding service

The two main sea freight services are LCL (Less-than-container load) and FCL (Full-container load). The decision on which service to use typically hinges on cost, load size, and speed.

LCL (Less-than-container load) shipping

LCL is an economical way of transporting goods that do not require a full container by sea freight. It involves consolidating smaller shipments into one larger shipment and splitting the price among multiple shippers. This helps to reduce overall costs, making it attractive for businesses seeking efficient ways of sending goods around the world.

FCL (Full-container load) shipping

FCL is a method of ocean freight transport where goods are shipped in a single container. It is typically used for large-scale shipments and provides the benefit of improved security and efficiency during transport, since it requires less handling. Full container loads are usually 40′ and 20′ containers loaded and sealed at the point of origin, then transported by rail or road to the port.

International sea freight shipping: Europe and worldwide

We provide sea freight services around the world, with a special focus on Europe. Our network of freight forwarding contacts and long-standing logistics partnerships allow us to deliver top-tier solutions tailored to each client’s unique needs – wherever they may be. All our services are handled with the utmost professionalism and efficiency, ensuring you receive value for money while enjoying the comfort of knowing that the entire process is in safe hands.

Available sea freight shipping options

Choose between port-to-port, port-to-door and door-to-door.

entails shipping from a certain harbour to another through cargo ships.


is when goods are transported from the originating seaport directly to their destination.


involves all facets of transport, from pick-up at point A to delivery at point B.

These multimodal shipping options are incredibly efficient for transporting goods across the oceans with minimal cost and hassle.

Other freight transport options with Eurosender

At Eurosender, we offer a broad range of freight shipping services. Through our platform, you can get instant quotes for numerous routes or get a personalised solution for your specific request.


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