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Shipping prices and courier comparison

We have gathered all the information you require for many courier companies and their offer. Get informed about the price, speed of delivery or quality of the service each courier offers without spending time comparing international parcel prices or else, on your own! We built an algorithm that compares international courier prices worldwide in real-time, to provide you with an immediate and cheapest quote. Check the already compared courier shipping rates for 2022 with our booking tool below.


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Eurosender offers a wide range of shipping solutions for businesses and individuals.
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Van delivery service
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Price comparison of international shipping rates with Eurosender

The process of receiving automatically compared prices for shipping packages or pallets directly on our platform is as follows:
We negotiate prices with the logistics companies in our network

The backend operations compare the prices in our system

You receive the final price of the compared international shipping rates


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Get any shipping service at the click of a button, and enjoy pre-negotiated shipping rates. You get the best shipping rate without comparing courier quotes yourself. We offer a variety of logistics solutions suitable to your needs.
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Apart from courier quotes comparison, our platform offers a variety of alternatives:

Different pickup options available, on request, anywhere in the world

Diverse shipping services with compared international courier prices

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Check our packing guides

Have you finished comparing the international courier prices? Now, you should learn how to properly prepare the shipment for shipping. Keep in mind that the packing is of utmost importance for safe parcel delivery to any destination! Read our packing instructions after you have completed the courier price comparison for small or larger parcels.

Get instructions on how to prepare various items for shipping:


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