International Air Freight Shipping Services

Ship urgent loads using our air freight transport services. The fastest shipping alternative for transporting goods & cargo worldwide. Book highly predictable deliveries and get a personalised quote for shipping via air freight.

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Why use international air freight shipping?

The fastest solution for time-sensitive shipments

Extensive coverage reaching almost anywhere in the world

Tailor-made offers for complex shipping requirements


Cargo shipping services by air freight

Organise simple and fast air cargo deliveries with Eurosender. We are a one-stop platform that combines logistics capabilities to serve any shipping requirement. Create your personalised logistics dashboard and manage all your invoices and transactions in one single place.


Pick-up and delivery times


Service organised based on your needs. Same day pickup available


24h delivery within the same continent, 48-72h worldwide

Track and trace

Follow your shipment at any time using the tracking number provided

How to book air freight services with Eurosender?

We organise cargo shipments via air freight based on individual requests. Send your shipping requirements, and one of our experts will prepare a personalised offer that fulfils your needs.

Pros and cons of international air freight shipping


Advantages of air freight

  • Fastest shipping service available
  • Increased predictability of deliveries as flights are rarely delayed
  • Safe transport due to airports tight security measures
  • Faster customs clearance as air cargo is quickly unloaded
  • Goods can be transported via air freight to almost any destination


Disadvantages of air freight

  • Air freight costs are higher than other shipping services
  • Not cost-efficient for shipping light and inexpensive goods
  • Less eco-friendly transport since air freight has high carbon emission
  • There are a few restricted products that cannot be transported by air but can be transported by road or sea freight

Customs procedure when shipping internationally by air freight

When shipping internationally, check the regulations of both collection and destination countries. Prepare and attach all necessary documents for the customs clearance to make sure your cargo will be quickly released.

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Frequently asked questions about Air Freight shipping

Can I get instant air freight rates online for shipping smaller items?

Yes, with Eurosender you can get immediate rates for international air freight for shipping parcels by selecting the Express or Envelope Services in our booking tool. If your shipping requirements exceed the dimensions limit for the Express Service, request an Individual Offer and our logistics experts will prepare a personalised offer just for you.

What is air freight forwarding?

Air freight, also known as air cargo, is the transport of goods via an air carrier. An air freight forwarder is a company that organises air freight shipments, negotiating rates and acting on behalf of the customer to coordinate all the transportation details with the carrier. At Eurosender, we partner with the best freight forwarders and we are able to organise any type of shipment, be it by air, road, sea or railway.

Why are air freight costs higher than those of other transports?

Air freight costs depend not only on the route and dimensions of the item but also on the cost of fuel and maintenance of the aircraft. When summed up, the international air freight rates end up being higher than those for road transport, for example. But, even with higher costs, the air freight service is still the most recommended for transporting high-value goods, urgent cargo or documents.

Do I have insurance when shipping by air?

Yes, all shipments organised in our platform have insurance included in the price. When booking international air freight shipping, our experts will also present you the options for additional insurance coverage that can be purchased for extra protection of your cargo.

What products are most often transported by air?

Air freight is mostly used for transporting high-value items and time-critical deliveries. Since air transportation is the fastest shipping alternative, many businesses use air freight to transport important cargo such as medical equipment or expensive goods. It is also the most recommended service for sending documents abroad.

Can electronic items be transported by air?

When shipping electronic items, you must have in mind whether or not the device is powered by lithium batteries. Items that contain a non-removable lithium battery can be shipped by any transport service if it has a single-cell battery with up to 20Wh or a multi-cell battery ≤ 100Wh. Devices that contain lithium batteries with higher power than these specifications are not allowed to be transported by air freight but can be shipped by road, rail or sea. When sending such items, please contact our logistics experts so they can arrange the safe transport of your item using one of the alternative services.