LTL Freight Shipping – Less Than Truckload

Less than truckload shipping – LTL transport services

Save on shipping expenses for your freight shipments. With our shared truck transport, you can ship less than a truckload with the most cost-effective solution for businesses and individuals. Send multiple shipments at once with LTL transport performed by vetted and renowned carriers. We provide you with a tailored quote for LTL shipping in the shortest time possible, so you can get your load moving sooner and more easily. Stop paying for space you do not need and send your shipment via LTL transport with Eurosender.
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Why is our LTL shipping the right type of service for you?

Fast, personalised quotes for LTL transport services within Europe

Access to a vast network of local and international LTL carriers

Warehousing solutions available to store your cargo whenever needed


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As pioneers in the field of digital logistics, we are proud to offer customised quotes for your LTL shipping needs. Request a quote now to find out the cost of your LTL shipping service. With our optimised platform, our business customers can organise faster and more efficient LTL transport without compromising quality. We only work with the best international carriers to ensure that all orders are handled safely and securely.
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How much does LTL transport cost?

Our team of experts will tailor the most cost-effective solution in the shortest time possible, to provide you with an LTL shipping quote based on a number of factors, including:

  • Dimensions of your LTL shipment
  • Distance from pick-up to delivery
  • Type of LTL shipment – standard shipments, fragile, dangerous or perishable items
  • Additional services including insurance and extra assistance


Preparing an LTL shipment for dispatch

Pack your boxes on the pallets, using stackable pallets whenever possible

Make sure your LTL shipment does not exceed the size of the pallet

Place heavier items at the bottom, and shrink-wrap each pallet

Use crates for extra protection when transporting machinery and equipment

What to consider when booking a
shared truck (LTL) transport service

Make sure you inform the correct dimensions of your LTL shipment including the cargo + pallets for accurate price calculation

Whenever possible, pack your items in stackable pallets since some LTL carriers may request a surcharge for transporting non-stackable pallets

Prepare all the required shipping documentation for your LTL transport, which may include the commercial or proforma invoice

Make sure you have your LTL shipment ready for collection on the scheduled date, preferably on the ground floor of the building

Please bear in mind that the fares for using tunnels and ferries are not included in the final price, and that the cost of the service may deviate based on seasonality and capacity.


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FAQs – Shared truck or LTL shipping services

What does LTL mean in transportation?
By definition, LTL stands for less than truckload and refers to the transport of large loads by road in a shared truck. The advantage of using LTL transport services is that you only pay for the space you occupy, sharing the cost and space in the vehicle with other shippers. The LTL transport service is usually faster than a regular pallet delivery because it usually does not involve depot checks along the way.
Are LCL and LTL the same?
While LTL refers only to transport by road, LCL (less than container load) can refer to road, rail and sea freight. Both methods are cost-effective, as you only pay for the space you need, and share the vehicle or container with other shipments. For more information on LCL, see our page dedicated to sea freight.
How long does LTL delivery take?
It depends mostly on the distance between the origin and destination. When booking a shared truck (LTL) transport, your goods will be delivered almost directly. Even though LTL transport is technically considered a groupage shipping service, it has much fewer stops than the pallet delivery service because, in this case, each shipment takes up a significant portion of the truck and, therefore, it requires fewer stops. You can ask our logistics experts to give you an estimated delivery time when they are preparing your personalised quote.
What is the difference between LTL and FTL?
LTL, or ‘less than truckload’, refers to palletised shipments which do not require the entire space of the truck for transport by road. Instead, the area inside the vehicle is shared with other loads, saving you the cost of reserving a truck that will ride with empty space. On the other hand, FTL, which means ‘full truckload’, is ideal for shipments which do require an entire vehicle. FTL is a faster way of transporting freight than LTL, as your goods are transported directly to their destination, without diversion.
When booking on Eurosender, which LTL freight company will carry out the shipping service?
We will inform you via email the name of the LTL freight carrier selected to perform your shipping service. At Eurosender, we only work with the best regional and international freight companies in the business, and we match you with the most suitable LTL carrier to complete the job, based on your requirements.
What can I send with an LTL shipment?
LTL shipping services are suitable for a range of different shipments, including multiple boxed packages, furniture for removals, and other larger, bulky items, which are too small to occupy a full truck or van, but too large to send via standard shipment. Check our complete list of what you can send.
Do I need a forklift when arranging the transport of an LTL shipment?
A forklift is useful for loading and unloading pallets on the truck. When scheduling the service, please bear in mind that it is the shipper’s responsibility to load and unload the LTL shipment; therefore, you are expected to have all the necessary equipment to do so. If you require any additional equipment or assistance during pick-up or delivery, please inform our logistics experts so that we can arrange it for you directly with the LTL carrier.
Will the LTL carrier contact me before collection?
When booking your LTL shipment with us, the carrier driver will usually contact the customer to confirm the details before performing the collection or delivery. Please make sure you can be contacted by phone, and your shipment is ready for collection on the scheduled date before your LTL carrier arrives.
How much does the transport insurance cost when booking an LTL shipping service?
Every time you book an LTL shipping service with us, you already have basic insurance coverage included in the price. We also offer affordable additional transport insurance for higher-value LTL shipments. Talk to our experts about the options available to you.