LTL Freight Shipping: Less Than Truckload in Europe

Less than truckload (LTL) shipping services

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Save on freight shipping expenses. With our shared truck transport, you can ship less than a truckload with the most cost-effective solution. Eurosender is your connecting point to a wide network of European van and truck carriers. Get an instant quote with the booking tool, or reach out if you need a tailored quote for transporting LTL shipments.

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Organising LTL freight shipping services with Eurosender

We organise on-demand LTL freight shipments all over Europe. Each request is handled individually, so we can always make sure your specific needs are fulfilled. Read below some of the features included in all LTL shipping services.

Semi-direct transport service

The LTL shipping service is not fully direct since the truck is shared between a few shipments, but it is considerably faster than a groupage pallet delivery service. Here, the truck will not make so many stops at warehouses and depots, so you will benefit from a semi-direct delivery.

Door-to-door deliveries

Collections and deliveries are performed at the address of your choice, which will be agreed upon during the booking process. A forklift, a dock and access for a semi-trailer must be provided at the loading and unloading sites.

Flexible routes to fit your schedule

You define when and where your load needs to go, and we will make it happen. Instead of offering just a handful of fixed shipping routes, we are able to accommodate LTL shipping requests all over Europe by collaborating with a vast network of logistics providers.


More than just a truck delivery
More than a simple LTL carrier provider, Eurosender is a one-stop logistics platform where you will find answers for your most complex shipping problems. We combine the capabilities of multiple players, providing scalable solutions that will evolve with your business.

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What you get by shipping with us

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All businesses that have an account with us get instantly matched with an account manager who will personally make sure your deliveries run smoothly.

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Industry-specific solutions

With +60k businesses regularly using Eurosender, we are proud to say we can adapt to various industry requirements. Here are a few examples of industry sectors that use our LTL freight shipping solutions:

Automotive industry


Medical supplies

Retail & e-commerce

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Important information for organising LTL shipments

Customs on international deliveries
Shipments that cross international borders have to go through regular customs procedures. All the documents required for clearing the international LTL shipment should be provided by the shipper when booking the service. Read more about freight customs procedures.

Storage of goods
Besides LTL transport and distribution, we can also provide cargo storage services throughout Europe. Storage is available for short- or long-term shipments of any dimensions. Safe warehousing is provided by our logistics partners. Read more about cargo warehousing.

Other shipping options for palletised shipments

Besides LTL shipping, we also offer other services for transporting palletised shipments.