What to Do if My Pallet Is Delivered Damaged?

What happens if my goods are damaged in transit?

While damaged pallet deliveries are unlikely, they unfortunately can sometimes happen. We have compiled this guide on how to file a claim for goods damaged during pallet delivery to give you the best support possible. If you book your delivery with Eurosender, we offer free assistance in submitting a claim to the transport company for damaged pallet delivery. We carry out the entire procedure on your behalf, from gathering all required documentation to maintaining communication with the transport company involved.

Who is responsible for goods damaged in transit?

Responsibility for goods damaged in transit can be attributed to several factors including, but not limited to:
  • Agreed incoterms between seller and buyer
  • The quality of the goods and packaging
  • How the goods were packed on the pallet
  • How the carrier handled and transported the pallet
If you are filing a claim for a damaged pallet delivery, all possible factors will be taken into account.

Do I have to sign for a damaged pallet or goods?

If you see or suspect that your palletised delivery is damaged in any way, you should not sign for the delivery as this would indicate that your consignment was safely delivered and therefore releases the carrier from all liability. We recommend inspecting the goods for damage first before signing anything.
If your purchased goods were delivered to you completely destroyed, you will need to provide us with a damage report signed on delivery, as well as a claims report and photos of the damaged shipment.

How to make a claim for damaged goods – step by step

Please follow these steps if you need to file a claim for damaged goods:
    1. File a damage report
      Advise the driver upon delivery and sign a damage report or damaged delivery note. This document should have signatures both from the recipient and from the driver. Add a comment in the report describing the damage as proof that the damage was noted at the time of delivery.
      Please note that without a damage report, we will not able to submit your claim to the transport company. Allegations that the driver left too fast or that the damage was discovered only after unwrapping/unloading the goods will not be taken into consideration by the transport company.
    2. Inform Eurosender as soon as possible
      Please notify the Eurosender Claims team through our website contact form. If possible, please inform us on the day of delivery or no later than 48 hours after your damaged pallet delivery. If the claim is submitted outside the time frame indicated above, the claim will be rejected by the transport company, and no compensation will be provided
    3. Provide the necessary documentation
      Upon receiving your message, the Eurosender Claims team will send you a form to fill out. You will need to provide the following information:
      • Proof of cost price (invoice showing the purchasing/manufacturing price of the items)
      • Proof of purchase price (invoice showing the cost the items were sold for)
      • Proof of weight (manufacturer description proving the total weight of the goods)
      • Descriptions of the goods
      • Detailed photos of the damage
      • Details of mitigation, salvage or repair
      • Any further information that you can provide
    4. Pending the outcome of the claim
The damaged goods should not be moved, sold or purchased pending the outcome of the claim. Furthermore, the goods should stay in the warehouse because in most cases they will require an official inspection as part of the claims process. This is because the CMR insurance covers only the damaged part of the goods.

How much compensation will I get for damaged pallet delivery?

If you did not purchase additional insurance, CMR will be valid for all pallet deliveries which covers up to approximately €10/kg of damaged goods.
If you did purchase additional insurance, you should be entitled to more compensation. We offer additional insurance options of up to €5000 or more for custom orders.

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