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Get an instant pallet delivery quote below and schedule your collection with ease. Our system will automatically find you the best pallet shipping quote from our wide network of trusted logistics providers. You do not have to make approximate calculations: simply provide us with your shipping information and get your pallet freight quote right away.

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Getting a pallet shipping quote with Eurosender

Follow the simple steps below to get a pallet freight quote and book your delivery:


Use the tool above to select your route


Input the size and weight of your pallets to get the price


Fill out the form and proceed to payment


Get ready for collection on the scheduled date


What is included in each pallet delivery quote

At Eurosender, our mission is to get you the best international pallet delivery service at the best rate. After you place your order, our logistics experts will take over and arrange the transport with the carrier on your behalf. You can count on us for support every step of the way.

Pallet shipping quote with insurance included

Road freight pallet shipments booked with Eurosender are insured according to the CMR Convention, which is already included in the pallet delivery price quote. Additional insurance coverage is also available through our insurance partner ERGO Versicherung AG. When placing your order, please ask our logistics specialists about the additional insurance options available.

How pallet freight quotes are calculated

The weight and dimensions of your loaded pallet are used to calculate the density. In general, when calculating pallet delivery costs, the higher the density, the lower the price. Other factors which will affect the pallet shipping quote are:

  • Distance from the collection to delivery points
  • Freight classification or type of cargo
  • The declared value of the cargo
  • Additional insurance coverage, if required
  • Equipment for loading or unloading, if required

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Pallet delivery costs in Europe

Pallet delivery costs depend on factors such as load size as well as the distance between the collection and delivery destinations. You can get instant pallet shipping quotes on our website for shipping throughout Europe.

Pallet delivery costs on domestic routes

Check pallet freight quotes for some of the most popular domestic routes in the table below:

Shipping routePallet delivery cost (120 x 80 x 100 cm, 240 kg)
Portugal – Portugal€ 171.51
Italy – Italy€ 269.00
Poland – Poland€ 168.53
Germany – Germany€ 162.46
Croatia – Croatia€ 247.85
France – France€ 191.40

Pallet delivery rates on international routes

Check pallet freight quotes for some of the most popular international European routes in the table below:

Shipping routePallet delivery cost (120 x 80 x 100 cm, 240 kg)
Austria – Croatia€ 182.69
Italy – Germany€ 251.09
Germany – France€ 181.93
France – Italy€ 185.74
France – Spain€ 191.34
Poland – Netherlands€ 211.82
Note: The prices above are valid as of May 2023.
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FAQ on how to get a pallet delivery quote

How much does it cost to post or ship a pallet?
The cost of shipping a pallet takes into account the route distance and the specific transport service you select during the booking stage. If your shipment is not urgent and you do not require additional features, you can expect lower rates for international pallet shipping.
Will the pallet delivery quote be higher if I request weekend collection or delivery?
Yes, since carriers normally operate on business days only, they will charge an additional fee for weekend collection or delivery. Please specify your requirements when placing your order with us, and our team will find the best pallet shipping quote for you.
Do carriers provide pallets as part of the shipping quote?
No, the carriers we work with currently do not provide pallets as part of the service. You can get shipping pallets from most hardware stores, specialist providers or online. The pallet must be loaded and ready for collection on the scheduled day. You can follow our pallet loading guidelines when preparing your shipment.
Is tracking included in the pallet delivery quote?
Yes, tracking is already included in the pallet delivery quote when booking through our price calculator above. You will receive instructions via email to allow you to track your pallet shipment online. Read more about how freight tracking works.
What happens if I miss my pallet collection or delivery?
The pallet shipping quote you receive is for one collection and delivery attempt. If collection or delivery fails due to an error on your side, we will request a surcharge from you so that the carrier can complete the service. Failure to pay the surcharge will result in delays for you and, in the case of a failed pallet delivery, potential additional costs such as warehouse storage or the shipment being returned.