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Arrange insured freight shipping on domestic and international routes with Eurosender. Basic insurance for road freight and air cargo is already included in the price. Benefit from additional freight insurance coverage options for cargo of higher value.

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How does freight shipping insurance work for our services

Domestic and international freight shipping insurance works as follows:

  • CMR insurance is included in all freight shipments
  • Freight shipping insurance is provided by ERGO or the transport company
  • Extra insurance coverage is available for freight of higher value


Additional freight insurance coverage options

Get some of the lowest rates for extra shipping insurance for road freight and air cargo. When booking your order on our platform, you can purchase extra freight shipping insurance for cargo sent internationally or domestically. Additional international freight shipping insurance coverage is organised by ERGO, our insurance partner. Businesses can choose from the following options:

€1,000 coverage
€12.99 per freight shipment
€2,000 coverage
€17.99 per freight shipment
€5,000 coverage
€24.99 per freight shipment
More than €5,000
Available on request
For large parcel shipments of up to 70 kg booked with the Priority Express Service, extended insurance is available for 1% of the cargo value up to €500,000 for damaged or stolen goods. Contact our experts via chat to discuss additional insurance coverage for domestic and international freight.


What to consider when booking insured freight shipping

Make sure that insurance coverage applies to your freight shipment in the unlikely event of loss or damage. Follow the guidelines below when preparing your cargo for transport:

  • Determine the value of the cargo. Receipts or purchase orders usually serve as proof of value for shipping insurance on domestic or international freight to be valid.
  • Take photos of the cargo before collection to serve as additional proof in case needed for a claim.
  • Ensure the cargo is packed properly and complies with the packaging requirements of the chosen freight service.
  • If you are shipping items listed by transport companies as restricted or prohibited, check if freight shipping insurance can apply in your specific case.

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International freight shipping rate with insurance included

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FAQ on domestic and international freight shipping insurance coverage

What is meant by freight shipping insurance?
Freight shipping insurance protects your cargo from potential losses and destruction due to various circumstances that may occur during transport. This means that you will be eligible for compensation in the event of loss or damage, provided that you meet the right criteria.
What is road freight insurance?
Road freight insurance refers to the coverage of goods shipped using road transport. Liability for damages is based on the CMR Convention. Some countries may impose different regulations for domestic freight shipping. If you have any questions, you can contact our logistics team via chat for further information about road freight insurance for your specific route.
Why do I need freight shipping insurance?
At Eurosender, we work with trusted carriers so that your shipments are safe the majority of times. However, circumstances that are unforeseen or unavoidable may arise during transport, and for this reason, it is strongly recommended to insure your freight shipments to cover the value of your cargo. If your freight insurance coverage is insufficient and you make a claim against the transport company, you may only recover a part of the value of your goods.
Who is freight shipping insurance suitable for?
Freight shipping insurance is suitable for anyone who books a freight transport service domestically or internationally.
Is freight insurance included in the shipping rate?
Road freight shipments booked through Eurosender are insured according to the CMR Convention. If you need additional freight insurance coverage, you can choose from various extended insurance options, depending on the goods' value and the selected shipping service.
Can I add extra freight insurance after booking the shipping service?
You can add additional freight shipping insurance at any stage before your order is paid and confirmed by the carrier. If you need extra freight insurance coverage and did not purchase it during the booking process, please contact us via chat for further assistance.
What is air cargo insurance?
Air cargo insurance covers items shipped via air. It may also cover the land transport of freight to the loading or unloading airport.
What is marine cargo insurance?
Marine cargo insurance, in its original sense, referred to sea shipments, but it now also encompasses all types of cargo transport and even covers items in storage.
What is the difference between road freight and air cargo insurance?
The difference between road freight and air cargo insurance is that they are regulated by different conventions. All international road freight shipments are insured in accordance with the Convention on the International Carriage of Goods by Road Contract (CMR). On the other hand, air cargo shipments are insured in accordance with the Montreal Convention or the Warsaw Convention.
Can I increase the freight insurance coverage for more than €5,000?
Yes, businesses can request additional freight insurance of more than €5,000, but this is only organised based on individual requests. Please contact our specialists to see the options available for your shipment.
Are freight insurance coverage options different for business and private shippers?
Yes, businesses have more options when purchasing freight shipping insurance because of the limitations imposed by the regulatory conventions. If you need to ship pallets or larger cargo as an individual customer, please contact our team via chat so we can assist you with the options available.
Which international freight insurance applies to pallet deliveries?
Pallet shipping insurance is covered by the CMR Convention for ground delivery services. Any additional pallet shipping insurance you purchase will apply to the whole load. Please note that pallet shipping insurance will not apply to pallets that are packed incorrectly. You can follow our pallet loading guidelines when preparing for your shipment.
Does freight shipping insurance apply to personal items?
Basic freight insurance coverage may not apply to personal items shipped with our road or air freight services. In most cases, you will need to provide invoices and receipts to prove the value of the goods. Before booking a freight shipment for personal items, please contact our logistics specialists in advance to find the best international freight insurance solution for your load.
What are Incoterms in international freight shipping insurance?
In international freight shipping insurance, Incoterms define the responsibilities of the buyer and seller and are standard trade definitions issued by the International Chamber of Commerce. Incoterms reduce the risk of misunderstandings and legal disputes. Incoterms also specify the loading and unloading responsibilities of the buyer and seller. There are currently 11 Incoterms, each characterised by a 3-letter abbreviation. The terms are divided into four groups based on the first letter in the three-letter code.
How do I submit a road freight or air cargo insurance claim?
  • Inspect your cargo delivery thoroughly in the presence of the carrier driver.
  • Do not sign for the delivery if there are clear signs of damage. Claims that the carrier driver left too quickly will not be considered.
  • File a damage report signed by yourself (the receiver) and the carrier driver.
  • Report the event to our claims team through our website contact form within 48 hours of the delivery, including the damage report and any photos or supporting documentation.
  • You will receive via email some additional documentation to complete.
  • Receipts of the goods may be requested as proof of value.
  • Send the requested documentation via email as soon as possible. Eurosender will then submit the claim to the transport company in charge of delivery. We will act on your behalf throughout the claims procedure and keep you informed of all updates via email.
  • The transport company will investigate the claim and provide a decision within 60 days.
If my international freight insurance claim is accepted, when will I receive compensation?
You will receive the freight shipping insurance compensation amount within 30 days from when we informed you about the admissibility of the claim.
Will I be entitled to compensation if my claim was rejected but I bought extra freight insurance coverage?
No, if the transport company rejects the claim, you will not be entitled to any compensation regardless of the value of additional freight insurance coverage or the value of the cargo stated during the booking process.