Standard Pallet Dimensions and Sizes for International Shipping

Standard pallet and road freight shipping dimensions

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It is important to know the average pallet dimensions and sizes for shipping to your international destination, as there are different pallet shipping dimension standards for the UK, Europe and worldwide countries. Read our guide about road freight shipping dimensions and check our freight shipping services.

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What are the average pallet sizes for international shipping?

Check the tables below to see the average pallet dimensions and sizes for international shipping on different continents. Maximum weight indicates the safe working load of a single pallet before an additional pallet is stacked on top. In most cases, the maximum number of fully loaded pallets that can be stacked is two or three.
Read more about how to load a pallet

Euro pallet standard sizes and dimensions for shipping

Euro pallets (or EUR pallets, EPAL pallets) are the standard pallets used in Europe. A single pallet weighs 20-25 kg and is available in four different sizes:

EUR-pallet typesDimensions (W x L)Maximum weight
EUR, EUR 1 (most common in Europe)80 x 120 cm (31.50 x 47.24 in) 1,500 kg (3,300 lb)
EUR 2 (most common in the UK)100 x 120 cm (39.37 x 47.24 in)1,250 kg (2,756 lb)
EUR 3100 x 120 cm (39.37 x 47.24 in)1,500 kg (3,300 lb)
EUR 660 x 80 cm (23.62 x 31.50 in)500 kg (1,102 lb)

Standard pallet sizes and dimensions for international shipping

ISO pallets are available in six different sizes. Their dimensions vary depending on the region in which they are used.
If you are shipping internationally to a different continent, we recommend choosing a standard-sized ISO pallet for the destination so that the goods do not have to be transferred to another pallet before delivery.

Here is a summary of the six ISO pallets most commonly used:

Commonly used inDimensions (W x L)Maximum weight
North America101.6 x 121.9 cm (40 x 48 in)2,087 kg (4,600 lbs)
Europe and Asia100 x 120 cm (39.37 in x 47.24 in)1,250 kg (2,756 lb)
Australia116.5 x 116.5 cm (45.9 x 45.9 in)2,000 kg (4,409 lb)
North America, Asia, Europe106.7 x 106.7 cm (42 x 42 in)1,678 kg (3,700 lb)
Asia110 x 110 cm (43.4 x 43.4 in)1,750 kg (3,858 lb)
Europe80 x 120 cm (31.50 in x 47.24 in)1,500 kg (3,300 lb)

Van Delivery load capacity

Van Delivery is the perfect shipping solution for the following scenarios:

For time-critical shipments of up to 8 pallets

When transporting items not suitable for pallet transport

When shipping a load that exceeds standard pallet dimensions

For urgent shipments when you cannot get a pallet in time

Box van

465 x 165 x 180 cm or 13 cubic metres and 1000 kg capacity

Curtain-side van

410 x 210 x 230 cm or 19 cubic metres and 1000 kg capacity (with tail-lift only 700 kg)

Even though you can choose to send palletised shipments, this service does not have any specific packing requirements, so you can load your items in the van however you wish.

Truckload capacity for shipping road freight of larger dimensions

Full truckload (FTL) is an ideal solution if you need to transport 10 pallets or more at the same time. When you book this service, you get an entire truck that transports your palletised goods directly to the delivery destination. Check the most-used pallet sizes for international shipping in our tables above to help you plan your transport.
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What if the wrong road freight shipping dimensions are indicated?

If the cargo size exceeds the parameters allowed for the selected freight service, the following scenarios may take place:

Pick-up refusal

The carrier may refuse to collect the shipment if it exceeds the standard size and weight dimension limits for the pallet or road freight shipping service chosen.


Shipments that are larger or heavier than indicated in the order, but still within the limits of the transport mode selected, may be charged an extra fee.

Additionally, carriers usually impose additional charges for non-stackable pallets without a flat top surface. If you are using non-stackable pallets, we recommend contacting our logistics experts, who can tailor an individual offer for you. In this case, your non-stackable pallet shipment will be noted in advance to avoid refusal by the carrier driver or surcharges.


CMR insurance is included in all freight shipments

Most freight shipments booked through Eurosender are insured according to the CMR conventions. If you need additional freight insurance, you can choose from various coverage options, depending on the value of the cargo and the service selected.


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FAQ on standard pallet and road freight shipping dimensions

Why do road freight shipping dimensions matter?
In the logistics industry, the shipping rates are usually calculated based on the size and weight of each shipment. Most transport companies around the world have adopted this pricing method because it is an efficient way of charging for the space in the lorry – the bigger your cargo is, the more space it occupies and the shipping rate increases accordingly.
When booking a transport service with Eurosender, you will be asked to provide the dimensions and weight of your road freight shipment to calculate the delivery price. Please try to be as accurate as possible when providing the cargo details in order to get the most accurate price. Read more about road freight shipping services.
How can I measure the dimensions of my road freight shipment?
Volumetric space is a key part of shipping freight, so shipments are measured by cube, space and density. When booking freight transport with Eurosender, you need to provide the overall dimensions to get a quote. We will then calculate the volumetric weight or any other necessary metric. However, if you want to estimate the volumetric weight of your load, follow the steps below to calculate the volumetric dimensions of your road freight shipment.
  1. Measure the length (l), width (w), and height (h) of cargo in metres. For oddly-shaped items, measure them as if they are in a rectangular cardboard box. Use the extreme points to get the length, width and height.
  2. Multiply the length x width x height to get the cubic measurements of your shipment. If you have multiple items, repeat this step for each and add all of them together.
  3. Divide the total by 5,000 to get the cubic metres of your shipment.
  4. Weigh your shipment, then divide the weight by the cubic metres to get the density or the ratio of weight to volume.
What is the maximum loading height when shipping a standard pallet?
In general, the maximum height when shipping standard pallets is 220 cm (87 in). Arrange the boxes of cargo in even columns and distribute the weight evenly across the pallet. Load heavier goods at the bottom.
If you need to ship a pallet higher than 220 cm, you will require a custom solution as it will be considered a non-stackable and special shipment.
What are the different standard European pallet dimensions for shipping?
The most-used sizes of pallets for shipping in Europe are:
  • EUR 1: 80 cm x 120 cm (31.50 in x 47.24 in)
  • EUR 2: 100 cm x 120 cm (39.37 in x 47.24 in)
  • EUR 3: 100 cm x 120 cm (39.37 in x 47.24 in)
  • EUR 6: 60 cm x 80 cm (23.62 in x 31.50 in)
What is the maximum shipping pallet size for international air freight?
The maximum shipping pallet size for international air freight is usually 244 cm x 315 cm (96 in x 125 in). However, this may depend on the individual air freight transport company. Read more about air freight shipping services.