Why Is My Pallet Delivery Delayed?

My pallet delivery is delayed – what happens next?

Although our carrier partners make every effort to deliver pallets on time, delays can happen that are beyond their control. In collaboration with +100 courier providers and +3,500 van companies, we offer a wide range of services and tailored solutions to keep pallet delivery delays to a minimum. Find out about the causes of late pallet deliveries and the steps you can take to prevent delays.

What are the causes of late or delayed pallet deliveries?

Although most shipments are delivered within the expected timeframe, there are a few factors that may lead to pallet delivery delays. The most common reasons are listed below:
  • Traffic congestion or road closures on the route
  • Peak periods in which there is an increase in shipping volume
  • Goods are not packed properly and need to be repacked for delivery
  • Freight customs clearance (for cargo crossing international borders)

Are pallet delivery dates guaranteed?

No, since pallet deliveries can be delayed by the factors mentioned above, all transit times are estimated and not guaranteed. Transit times are calculated based on averages of past shipments sent on the selected route. Although the calculations are done with the highest accuracy possible, the transit time may vary in different cases.
Read more about freight transit times.

Am I entitled to compensation if my pallet delivery is late?

Unfortunately, we cannot offer compensation for late pallet deliveries since the transit time is only an estimation. However, we do offer scheduled courier services that are fully tailored to your needs, so you can request a delivery timeframe and minimise the risk of your pallet being delivered late.

Will I be informed if my pallet delivery is delayed?

In most cases, the driver will call before arriving at the address or advise that the pallet delivery will be delayed. When placing your order, you will have to provide the contact information of the consignee of the shipment. Please double-check this information to make sure the data provided is correct.

Is there anything I can do to prevent late pallet deliveries?

While late pallet deliveries are not always avoidable, there are a few things you can do to minimise this risk:
  • Plan ahead and book the service early to meet important deadlines.
  • Choose a direct courier service if you are short on time.
  • Make sure you provide correct info (pallet dimensions, cargo details, address and contact details, etc). By doing so, you get an accurate quote and the most suitable transport service.
  • Create a business account with Eurosender and automate your logistics processes with our cutting-edge dashboard. This will help you plan deliveries more efficiently while also saving time and money.

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