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Shipping urgent road or air cargo requires a logistics partner that can get you fast, efficient solutions. At Eurosender, we make it our goal to guarantee you always have both, never compromising on the quality of the urgent freight delivery service. In collaboration with reputable international logistics providers, we will get you the best urgent air cargo or road freight shipping service for your needs. Book your express freight service with us and let our experts make the arrangements with the carrier on your behalf.

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Urgent road and air freight delivery services

Benefit from our wide selection of urgent road and air cargo shipping services and choose the option that best fits your needs:
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Van Delivery – the fastest solution for shipping urgent road freight

The Van Delivery Service is the best solution for urgent road freight deliveries in Europe. When booking this service, you will have an entire van dedicated to your cargo that will go directly to the delivery address in only 24-48 hours. Same-day collection can be arranged in 2-3 hours from most European cities. Van Delivery is the ideal solution when you need an urgent road freight delivery without complications because there are no strict packing or labelling requirements.
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Choosing between urgent road and air freight solutions

We offer various express road and air cargo transport options, depending on your requirements and load size.

Check the features below to help you decide which service to choose:

FeatureVan DeliveryFull Truckload (FTL)
Same-day pick-up availableX
Available for individuals and businessesX
Packaging requirementsX
Load capacity (pallets)8 pallets*33 pallets
*The Van Delivery Service has no specific packaging requirements, this number is for comparison purposes only. If you book FTL transport, you need to load your cargo on a pallet before transport.
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How to prepare air and road cargo for express transport

For FTL & Air Freight

Stack your goods on pallets – Follow our pallet-packing guidelines to appropriately prepare your urgent pallet delivery

For Van Delivery

No packaging requirements – We still recommend protecting fragile items with bubble wrap or moving blankets


Tracking is available for your express freight service

For urgent cargo delivery, our Van Service is the best solution as we provide dedicated transport that is fast and direct while still allowing you to track your shipment from pick-up to delivery through our live tracking map.

For any additional updates, call our specialists so that we can keep you informed on the delivery progress. Proof of collection and delivery can later be forwarded to you upon request.


Custom solutions for urgent freight delivery services

At Eurosender, we cater to various different shipping requirements. Whether you need a one-time delivery service or your company needs frequent express delivery services, we will find the best solution for your needs. We organise urgent freight shipping services on demand, so you can contact us whenever needed.


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FAQ on urgent air cargo and road freight delivery services

How long do international express freight services take?
The time of delivery may vary depending on the service chosen. Urgent cargo shipped via air freight is usually delivered within 24h for destinations within the same country and in 48-72h for intercontinental routes. Express road cargo transport with our Van Delivery Service has a similar transit time of 24h for shipments within the same country and 24-48h for international deliveries. When arranging the urgent air freight delivery service with us, you will always be informed about the estimated time of delivery during the booking process.
Do I need any particular documents when booking an express air freight service?
For any urgent cargo shipping service, you will need to fill out the proforma invoice and the airway bill, which is provided by the carrier. For international express freight services, you will also need the necessary documentation for the customs clearance procedure. We advise you to arrange all the required shipping documents in advance so your load can be released as quickly as possible.
What is the fastest service for urgent pallet delivery?
If you need to arrange urgent pallet delivery, our fastest service is Van Delivery. The transit time is 24-48h, depending on the distance from collection to delivery. You get an entire van dedicated to your pallet shipment, which is transported without stop-overs. Same-day collection can be arranged for urgent road freight shipments in 2-3 hours from most European cities, depending on availability. Our Van Service can fit up to 8 pallets at once. Request a tailored quote right now!
Can I track my cargo when I organise an urgent pallet delivery service?
Yes, when booking urgent cargo delivery services with us, you can always follow the transit of your shipment online. Simply follow the instructions sent to you via email to locate your cargo at any time. Read more about freight tracking.
When should I request a custom offer for shipping urgent cargo?
We advise you to request a custom offer whenever you need to transport an urgent shipment as we are able to respond in the fastest way possible through this channel. A custom offer is also useful when you are unsure which urgent freight shipping service is suitable for you or when you need to ship urgent cargo that is too bulky, heavy or oddly shaped to be packed on a pallet. In such cases, you can simply fill out the request form with the details of your load, and one of our logistics experts will prepare an urgent road or air freight delivery solution, especially for you.