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Van delivery to Germany: Dedicated & express transport

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Get a transport solution that meets all your requirements. Our dedicated van delivery service to Germany is exclusive, fast, and safe. By collaborating with a vast network of European van companies, we are able to provide efficient logistics solutions for loads of every size and shape, and with different industry requirements. Click the button to request a quote for your dedicated delivery to Germany.

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How to schedule a dedicated delivery to Germany?

Arranging a dedicated express delivery to Germany through Eurosender is fast and effective – we will send you a quote within 15 minutes!

  • Fill out the form
  • Provide as many details about your load as possible
  • Input your contact details
  • We will get back to you with a quote

Specialised van delivery to Germany

We have a team of logistics specialists fully dedicated to overlooking every detail of each van shipment. When you book a dedicated van delivery to Germany with us, we will handle all the communication with the carriers on your behalf, saving you time and effort.

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Pick-up and delivery info for the dedicated services to Germany


  • Collection is available on the same day, within 2-3h in urban areas
  • Pick-up available in Europe
  • Regular collection days from Monday to Friday, available also during weekends on request


  • Shipments delivered within 24-48h, depending on the distance
  • Direct delivery, without stopovers or vehicle change
  • Equipment and assistance for unloading available on request


Track your dedicated delivery to Germany

With Eurosender, you always know where your shipment is. Once your load is collected, you can follow the delivery through the live map, allowing you to estimate the delivery time with precision. We can also contact the driver during the delivery on your behalf if you need any additional information.

Tracking is already included in the price of the dedicated express delivery to Germany.

What can you send with the dedicated van delivery to Germany?

Our dedicated van delivery to Germany provides high flexibility, as you can safely ship a wide variety of items.
Here are a few examples of products our clients mainly transport:
Automotive parts

We have in-house agents specialised in the automotive industry to organise just-in-time shipments.

High-value goods

Our dedicated delivery to Germany follows the highest safety standards in the transportation industry.


Our logistics solutions will help reduce warehousing costs with fast, flexible and dedicated transport.

Medical equipment supplies

We provide reliable transport solutions for managing small or delicate outgoing flows.

We operate all around Europe!

Besides van delivery to Germany, you can also book dedicated shipments to several other European destinations. See more information below:

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FAQ on Dedicated express delivery to Germany

What is the transit time of the dedicated van delivery to Germany?
A dedicated delivery by van within Germany is usually performed within the same day. However, the total transit time will always depend on the distance between the pick-up and delivery points. We offer dedicated van deliveries to Germany from any destination in Europe, with transit times varying from 24-48h.
What other express services does Eurosender offer to Germany?
If you think the van delivery to Germany is not for you, you can still choose amongst our multiple other shipping solutions:
  • Parcel delivery: Suitable for sending packages of up to 30 kg
  • Express delivery: Transport by air of packages of up to 70 kg (also available for pallets upon request)
  • Pallet delivery: Groupage shipping service available in all European countries
  • FTL: Dedicated delivery to Germany with a full truck reserved for you
  • Custom solution: Didn’t find what you were looking for? We will prepare a shipping solution specifically tailored to your needs
What is the vehicle capacity of the van delivery to Germany?
We offer two types of vans for dedicated delivery to Germany:
  • Box vans: 13 cubic meters and 1000 kg capacity
  • Curtain-side vans: 19 cubic meters and 1000 kg capacity (with tail-lift only 700 kg)
Will the driver assist me when loading and unloading the goods?
It is the responsibility of the shipper to load and unload the goods from the van. However, if you need any assistance or additional equipment such as a tail-lift, we are happy to organise that for you. Please make sure to make this request when placing your order so that we can make the necessary arrangements with the van driver in advance.
Are there any packaging requirements when booking the dedicated van delivery to Germany?
No. When arranging the van delivery to Germany, you will be able to organise the goods in the vehicle as you wish. We still recommend protecting your items for transport to avoid any scratches or movement. In most cases, the driver will be happy to give you advice on the safest way to load your goods.
However, if you choose the FTL service for dedicated delivery to Germany, you will be required to pack your cargo in pallets. See our guide on how to pack pallets correctly.