Cheapest shipping from Croatia to Germany

If you need shipping services to send a parcel, suitcase or sports equipment from Croatia to Germany, Eurosender can offer you competitive prices. The logistics service provider collects and delivers packages of various sizes to any address, as fast as possible. Whether you are a one-time shipper or you ship parcels regularly, we can help you minimise the costs.

Lowest prices & instant quotes (up to 70% cheaper than going direct)

Assistance from our customer support team.

Simple and seamless booking system

Door-to-door pick-up and delivery from Monday to Friday, performed by one of our trusted partners

Special rates for business customers

Fully tracked and secure transport of your goods

Three online payment methods available – credit card, PayPal and bank transfer

Standard insurance of up to 200 EUR included in the price and additional insurance available to purchase at reduced costs

We will save you the trouble of comparing shipping fares, by choosing the logistics service provider which offers the best price to performance ratio.
Place an order in few easy steps and let us take care of the rest.

How does it work?

Send a package from Croatia to Germany

Shipping services come in handy when you need to send a package from Croatia to Germany to your relatives or friends in Germany. At Eurosender, we want to make the booking process for shipping a package as simple as possible. This is why we designed a booking platform that can provide an instant price for any destination in Europe. The process is very simple and you can place an order in only a few easy steps. Whenever you need to send a package from Croatia to Germany,  just check out our website to see the prices. We also offer additional services, such as extra insurance coverage for your packages for a better protection, and flexible booking so that you are able to make any changes to your order, for free. Once your order is completed, we will assign a courier company to perform the shipping service. We will always be your point of contact and help you at any stage of the shipping process.

Send a suitcase from Croatia to Germany

Whether you plan a business trip or only a weekend getaway to Germany, it will help you save some money if you choose courier services instead of lugging your suitcase around. You can send a suitcase from Croatia to Germany at lower prices than the fares at the airport. You can check all the prices directly on our website. Note that all the prices have a basic insurance coverage included in the prices so you can have the peace of mind that your items are protected. All you need to do to send a suitcase from Croatia to Germany is to place the order on our website and Eurosender will take care of the rest. We will arrange the shipping details with an international courier company which will come to your door to pick up the suitcase and deliver it to your desired destination. Pack everything you need for your trip, secure the suitcase with plastic foil and hand over the suitcase to the courier driver. It's that simple!

Send a pallet from Croatia to Germany

Eurosender has become the perfect solution for many businesses and individuals who need to send a pallet from Croatia to Germany. We know how complicated the process of receiving a quote is when you go directly to logistics providers. This is why we tried to simplify the process and we have pioneered the idea of offering an instant price for pallet shipping to Germany. Whenever you need to send a pallet from Croatia to Germany, simply select the desired route and the number of pallets and the engine will provide you with a price. As a business user, you might want to create a free account to get access to preferential prices. Start exploring and simulate the prices for free for any destination in Europe! And if you have any special requirements, you can simply get in contact with us and our sales department will prepare a tailored offer for you, based on your shipment's specifics.

For more information, check our dedicated page.

Pick-up from any location in Croatia

If you need to ship a package, send a suitcase or organise a freight transport from Croatia, we can find the best offer together with the logistics companies that we collaborate with. A courier driver will pick up the shipment from any location in Croatia. You only need to prepare your package, suitcase or pallet for shipping. After collection, you can track the progress of your shipment online.

Deliveries to German cities

Eurosender can make your holidays stress-free by offering shipping services performed by renowned logistics companies. You can send your suitcases ahead to Berlin, Hamburg, Munich or to any other city in Germany or you can ship parcels to your business partners whenever and wherever you need.