Cheapest shipping from Slovenia to Italy

If you are getting ready for holidays in Italy, you are probably struggling to fit everything in one suitcase. By choosing to send your belongings ahead, you don't have to compromise on the number of items. Our online booking platform for courier services will provide you with affordable prices for shipping suitcases, packages, and pallets from Slovenia to Italy.

Lowest prices & instant quotes (up to 70% cheaper than going direct)

Assistance from our customer support team.

Simple and seamless booking system

Door-to-door pick-up and delivery from Monday to Friday, performed by one of our trusted partners

Special rates for business customers

Fully tracked and secure transport of your goods

Three online payment methods available – credit card, PayPal and bank transfer

Standard insurance of up to 200 EUR included in the price and additional insurance available to purchase at reduced costs

We will save you the trouble of comparing shipping fares, by choosing the logistics service provider which offers the best price to performance ratio.
Place an order in few easy steps and let us take care of the rest.

How does it work?

Send a package from Slovenia to Italy

If you want to send a package from Slovenia to Italy and you don’t want to spend the time to look for the cheapest option, you can choose Eurosender instead. We have a wide network of courier companies that offer different shipping services.  Based on the information you input into our engine, in the backend, our system selects the courier company that offers the lowest price. The final price does not depend on the volume that you need to ship, so you will always benefit from the same low prices. In this way, you can take a timely decision and place an order in only a few easy steps. You will receive all the confirmations by email and our customer support will always be available to answer any questions. Use our engine to make a simulation and you will be convinced that Eurosender is the quickest and simplest way to send a package from Slovenia to Italy.

Send a suitcase from Slovenia to Italy

Packing up your belongings for a trip and trying to fit everything in a suitcase is the pet peeve for many travelers. You can choose instead to send a suitcase from Slovenia to Italy and forget about carrying it around and paying extra fees at the airport. In this way, you won't need to compromise on the number of suitcases. Check on our website what are the prices for shipping a suitcase from Slovenia to Italy. And because we know that you might want to take valuable items, we offer a basic insurance, included in the shipping price. Additional insurance packages, scalable to your needs, are also available. Moreover, we understand the significance of quality deliveries so we work only with courier companies that have a proven record of the highest quality. You can rest assured that your suitcases will safely reach their destination and you will always be able to follow their transit with the online tracking tools.

Send a pallet from Slovenia to Italy

When you have many packages to ship, sending a pallet from Slovenia to Italy might be a better idea. Palletised shipments are more secure and stable and you will soon learn that it is cheaper to place multiple boxes on a pallet than to ship them individually. Generally, people who relocate and need to move all their belongings to the new place, choose to ship a pallet instead of packages. Also, businesses ship more often palletised goods when they do imports and exports. If you want to ship a pallet from Slovenia to Italy, Eurosender comes handy because it offers you an immediate price and you can start the booking process right away. Many businesses and individuals alike have chosen Eurosender to cover their shipping needs. Reach out and our logistics experts will give you more details about the service of pallet shipping.

For more information, check our dedicated page.

Pick-up from any location in Slovenia

If you need to ship a package, send a suitcase or organise a freight transport from Slovenia, we can find the best offer together with the logistics companies that we collaborate with. A courier driver will pick up the shipment from any location in Slovenia. You only need to prepare your package, suitcase or pallet for shipping. After collection, you can track the progress of your shipment online.

Deliveries in Italian cities

Shipping packages, suitcases, and pallets to Rome, Florence, Napoli or any other city in Italy has never been easier. To get an instant quote, simply enter the pick-up and delivery country, as well as the number and the weight of your shipments, and the system will instantly show you the final price. Ship your excess baggage in advance to travel carefree and save money.