Things you should know before you immigrate to Cyprus

Moving to Cyprus: Things you should know before you immigrate to Cyprus

Cyprus has everything to offer that a good tourist destination needs: sandy beaches, historical sites, delicious cuisine and a pleasant climate. After having a wonderful holiday on the “Jewel of the Mediterranean” many people dream about a life on this beautiful island. And even though every relocation has its difficulties, when moving to Cyprus, you will find that things are relatively easy here. Most people who settle on the island stay for good due to the relaxed atmosphere and the welcoming climate. Also thinking of changing your holiday destination to your place of residence? On Cyprus it is possible. Join us when we explore Cyprus in detail and get you ready for relocation.

International Removals to Cyprus with Eurosender

Moving to Cyprus from the USA or from any other country is a good move for your soul. With the pleasant climate, good housing options and the many job opportunities, Cyprus has become a popular expat destination. And then we haven’t even mentioned one of the main assets of Cyprus: the Cypriot people. The warmth of their personalities makes for a welcoming atmosphere for any immigrant from around the globe. Add to that the fact almost 90% of these people speak English and you will understand that you will easily feel at home in the “Pearl of the Mediterranean”. But what is actually involved with a move to Cyprus and what are the things you should be aware of when relocating? This and much more is described in our article Moving to Cyprus.

Before you pack your suitcases and hop on a plane, you should first know some elementary info about his magnificent island in the Mediterranean Sea.

TimezoneUTC +2
CurrencyEuro (EUR)
PopulationCyprus has a population of approximately 1.2 million inhabitants.
How do you call someone from Cyprus?Cypriot
Official languageGreek and Turkish. Armenian and Cypriot Arabic are recognized minority languages.
International dialing code+357
Emergency number112 and 199 will both get you to the emergency services.
DrivingOn the left side
TippingTipping is not obligatory as wages are usually included in the bill.
Unusual factWith a northern (Turkish) section and a southern (Greek) section, Cyprus is the only country in the world with a divided capital.

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Living in Cyprus

In Cyprus there are two parts known as North and South Cyprus. The Northern part is the Turkish part that officially is only recognized by Turkey. The Southern part is the Greek-speaking part of Cyprus and is officially recognized as Cyprus. Without going into politics too much, this matter is still the cause of a tense political situation and ongoing dispute. However, life in Cyprus can be considered peaceful and safe. Some other things you should know about life in Cyprus are:

  • Cyprus enjoys a low crime rate and you feel safe on the entire island.
  • Even though most people speak English, when you want to settle in Cyprus it is definitely worth learning the local language.
  • Cyprus is one of the most popular expat destinations, especially for English speaking people. You won’t have a hard time meeting new friends and enjoy regular parties on the beach.
  • Have you ever heard of Halloumi? If you want to relocate to Cyprus you probably have and it might even be the reason you want to go there in the first place. This delicious salty goat cheese is part of the way of life in Cyprus and you will find it loads of dishes, no matter breakfast, lunch or dinner.
  • Are you a pensioner from the UK? Then there is good news for you. As Uk pensions are also paid in Cyprus you can enjoy the lower cost of living and the pleasant climate at the same time.

Visa Regulations for Cyprus

Whether you need a visa and how to get one when you do, depends on where you are from. There are 2 options.

  • Citizens from within the EU, the EEA zone or Switzerland: Being from one of these countries that you do not need a visa for visiting Cyprus. However, when you plan to stay longer than 3 months, you will have to get a Registration Certificate for EU Nationals, also known as “yellow slip”.
  • Citizens from outside the EU, the EEA zone or Switzerland: Being from outside the EU requires a visa to enter Cyprus. When you intend to stay longer than your tourist visa allows you to, you will have to apply for a residence permit. When you have deep pockets you may want to consider the Scheme for Naturalization of Investors in Cyprus by exception. When you invest a minimum of €5 million or when your salary generates at least €100,000 in taxes for the Cypriot government over a three-year period, you will be granted citizenship.

Healthcare in Cyprus

Healthcare in Cyprus, in both the North and the South, are on the same level as most countries in the EU. You can choose between private and public healthcare. Emergency services are free not only Cypriot citizens, but for foreign nationals as well. Some other things you should know about healthcare in Cyprus are:

  • Most medical staff received their education abroad and as a result, most doctors and even nurses speak English
  • All the major cities have a state-run hospital and a number of clinics.
  • There are no vaccinations needed when you visit Cyprus.

School and education

In Cyprus, you can send your offspring to both public and private education, even when you are not a local. Get in touch with other expats to see what the best option is for you. In Southern Cyprus, both variants are options but keep in mind that when you choose for public education, your child might suffer from the language barrier. We should also mention that in North Cyprus most expats choose for private education.

The job market in Cyprus

After Cyprus joined the EU in 2004, many multinationals decided to open up officers on the island. With a low tax rate, these companies benefit from a pleasant business climate that Cyprus provides. Areas that have seen rapid growth are the financial sector, IT and technology. The salaries are a bit lower than the European average but keep in mind that Cyprus offers one of the lowest income taxes in the EU.

Property information

There is a wide array of different kinds of accommodation for every budget. Most expats opt for apartments that come both furnished and unfurnished. Utilities are not included in the rental prices but are well below the European average. Heating and air conditioning are standard in almost every apartment.

Cost of moving to Cyprus

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  • Standard delivery: All items that stay within the dimensions below (this includes the packaging) can be sent using standard delivery.
    • Maximum weight of 40kg (30kg in some cases).
    • A maximum length of 175 cm.
    • Length (in cm) + 2x width (in cm) + 2x height (in cm) < 300 cm.
  • Freight Service: When you decide to move all your belongings, including heavy things such as a fridge or a lawnmower, you can ship your items on pallets. Always check which pallet you need and arrange the right packaging.
  • Dedicated Van Delivery: When you want your items to directly go from point A to point B and you don’t want to share transport with other customers, then dedicated van delivery is for you. You fill an entire van with your things, that will then directly go to your destination.
  • Individual offer: When you have expensive items, such as a piano, or big goods, such as a motorcycle, then ask our logistics experts for an individual offer, specially made for you.

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Cost of living in Cyprus

Whether Cyprus is expensive or cheap, just depends on who you ask and where they are from. Fact is that most commodities are about 20-50% cheaper than in Britain. The cost of living is about 25% lower than the European average and can be considered cheap by western standards. A great contributor to the low cost of living is the low income tax, which is one of the lowest in the EU and will make it worth thinking about relocating to Cyprus.

Driving in Cyprus

When you want to enjoy a little road trip around Cyprus, you need to have your documents in order. Here’s what you need:

  • Driving license in English. When your license is in another language you will have to get an International Driving Permit (IDP) in your native country.
  • Identification, either an ID card, when you are from within the EU, or a passport.
  • Car insurance and registration documents.

With your documents in check, you can cross around the island. However, keep the following things in mind to have a safe journey.

  • The majority of the road signs are written in both Greek and English.
  • Driving etiquette is something that is rarely seen in Cyprus. Drives ignore red lights, cut off other drivers and park wherever they please. When you want to avoid this, it is better to drive in rural than in urban areas.
  • Always travel with enough water on board. It gets very hot, especially in summer, and if you happen to get car trouble, you will be glad that you brought your H2O.
  • Roundabouts are something troubling for Cypriot drivers. They don’t know how to behave and usually use the roundabout any way they can.


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