Moving to Dublin: How to Immigrate to Dublin

Moving to Dublin: Things you should know before you immigrate to Dublin

Whether you plan to move to Dublin for work or study, alone or with your children and family, Eurosender offers a wide range of relocation and removal services for immigrating to Dublin. We have prepared everything you need to know about visa regulations, the healthcare and educational systems or the cost of living in Dublin. Save time on comparing the prices of different providers and let us find the best international removal service for your relocation to Dublin.

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Moving and living in Dublin

Many expats relocate to Dublin from all over the globe to enjoy its magnificent beauty and explore the history of the Irish capital. Convenient public transport, a booming job market, a historical centre and the warmth of Irish culture attract many immigrants to Dublin each year. Eurosender prepared for you all the information you are looking for before moving to Dublin.
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Visa regulations for Ireland

For citizens of EU/EEA countries, there are no visa requirements for relocating to Dublin. The EU moving to Dublin for work or study, don’t need a work or residence permit.

Travellers from the USA, Canada, Australia, South Africa, and multiple other countries don’t need a visa to stay in Ireland for periods till 90 days. Most Asian (including China) and African countries need a visa. These visas are granted for a period of 90 days.

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Cost of moving to Dublin: Property information and average rent in Dublin

The average rent for a one-bedroom apartment in the centre of Dublin will cost you approximately €1,700 per month. Whereas the monthly rent for the same apartment in the suburbs goes for about €1, 200 per month. When you want to save on accommodation, you can share living space with other expats, which is quite common in Dublin. It also allows you to meet new people and always have company for a house party.

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Cost of living in Dublin

Nowadays Ireland can be considered a quite expensive country for expats. The average prices for rent in Dublin are extremely high and will take a huge chunk out of your budget. Other costly things are going out, food and transport. Basic dinner out for two in a neighbourhood pub will cost you about €40.
To help you save some of your funds, here are some of the things that can help.

  • Many restaurants and entertainment facilities have early-bird arrangements.
  • Cars and taxies are expensive, so public transport is a fast and cheap alternative.
  • Get a “Dublin pass”. It will give you free access to the main touristic attractions and will also provide you with discounts in various shops.

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The job market in Dublin

The last couple of years have seen continued economic growth in Ireland, so there are many job opportunities for expats living in Dublin. It is easy to get a job in Dublin in areas such as:

  • IT. Especially programmers are in high demand in Ireland.
  • People who speak a European language besides English are sought after to work in one of the many service-related fields.
  • Financial services, for example, bank workers and financial advisers are very welcome in Ireland.

Schools and education in Dublin

The Irish school system is made out of the following parts:

  • Primary level education: Starts at the age of 5 or 6.
  • The secondary level of education: This consists of a 3-years junior part and a 3-years senior part. Depending on the program in this part, you can choose a college or university program.
  • Third level education: This includes all colleges and universities.

When you are moving to Dublin with children, you may consider attending a private school. Fees for private schools in Dublin increased significantly, with the most expensive schools now charging up to €8,600 a year and more than €20,000 a year for boarding.

Healthcare in Dublin

Foreigners living in Dublin for over a year have access to the Irish public healthcare system. When you haven’t reached that term yet, it is recommended to take out private healthcare insurance to avoid running into debt when you get sick or injured.

Driving in Dublin

Expats from the EU countries can drive with their domestic driving licence.

People moving to Dublin from countries outside the EU will have to obtain an International Driving Permit (IDP). Check out some other things that are specific for driving in Dublin:

  • Drive on the left.
  • One way to make driving in Ireland easier is by getting a smaller rental car. You’ll save on gas and find better parking spots this way.
  • To avoid carjacking and thefts, make sure that your doors are locked and that the alarm is on.
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What else to expect when living in Dublin

Many people who visit Dublin don’t want to leave again. However, some things may take a while to get used to. This is what people who immigrated to Dublin noticed when they first came to this beautiful city along the River Liffey.

  • When golf is your thing, then Ireland’s got you covered. It is home to hundreds of the most beautiful golf courses on the planet.
  • Dublin has not adapted to the global 24-hour economy, meaning that shops are closed at about 1700 on weekdays and remain closed on Sundays.
  • Construction and repair works are going on continually which leads to much heavy traffic.
  • As Dublin is such a popular expat destination, it has become an international city, and there is quite a big chance that you meet someone from your native country.


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The most popular destination from where you can immigrate to Dublin

Moving to Dublin from the UK

With Ireland being so close by, Dublin is a convenient option for British people who want a change of scenery. When you are moving from the United Kingdom to Dublin, turn to Eurosender and get the best shipping quotes on relocations to Ireland.

Moving to Dublin from Australia

When you are moving from Australia to Dublin, Eurosender makes sure that your items will have a safe and speedy journey. We offer the best rates in international removals to Dublin, whether you wish to bring just few boxes or your whole household.

Moving to Dublin form Canada

Many Canadians would like to know what life is like on the other side of the Ocean and think of moving to Dublin from Canada. With Eurosender the average moving costs to Dublin have never been so low, so start packing today.

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