Moving to Dublin: Things you should know before you immigrate to Dublin

Moving to Dublin: Things you should know before you immigrate to Dublin

Dublin, with its magnificent beauty and long history, entices expats from all around the world to relocate to the capital of the island nation of Ireland. Being compact and streamlined it has everything that a modern citizen of the world could ask for. Convenient public transport, a booming job market, a historical center and the warmth of Irish culture, in Dublin you can find everything you have been looking for. Add to that the coziness of an Irish pub and the pleasant Dubliners and you will find that there are few places in the world like Dublin.

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Derived from the Irish word Dubhlinn, Dublin consists of two parts. “Dubh” which means dark and black and “lind” which means pool and together meaning dark tidal pool. This pool, near the Liffey, was where Dublin was founded. Nowadays, Dublin is one of the most modern cities in Europe and extremely popular with expats from all around the world. So, when you are thinking of moving to Dublin from the USA, keep reading. We will get you up to speed about everything that is connected with living and working in the wonderful city of Dublin.

When you are thinking about relocating from the USA to Dublin, you should educate yourself at least with some of the basic facts.

Population554.000 inhabitants
TimezoneUTC 0
How do you call someone from Dublin?a Dubliner, A Dub
Official languageEnglish has been the official language in Ireland for more than two centuries when it replaced Irish, which is still spoken today, is not as widely used as English.
International dialing code+353(Country code) 1(Area code)
Emergency number112 or 999
DrivingLeft side
TippingWhen receiving good service in a restaurant it normal to give a 10% tip, though this is not obligatory.
Unusual factBoston was named after a town in England with the same name.

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Living in Dublin

Many people who visit Dublin, never want to leave anymore. However, there are some things that may take a little getting used to. This is what new residents of Dublin noticed when they first came to this beautiful city along the river Liffey.

  • When golf is your thing, then Ireland’s got you covered. It is home to hundreds of the finest golf courses on the planet.
  • Dublin has not adapted to the global 24-hour economy, meaning that shops are closed at about 1700 on weekdays and remain closed on Sundays.
  • There are construction and repair works going on continually which leads to a lot of heavy traffic.
  • As Dublin is such a popular expat destination, it has become an international city and there is quite a big chance that you meet someone from your native country.

Visa Regulations for Dublin

There are many countries that don’t need a visa at all to enter Ireland, these include all EU countries, and can as stay as long as they wish.
Travelers from the USA, Canada, Australia, South Africa, and multiple other countries can stay in Ireland for 90 days without a visa.
Most Asian (including China) and African countries need a visa. These visas are granted for a period of 90 days.
When you want to work in Ireland and you are an EU citizen, you don’t need a work or residence permit. When you are from outside the EU, you will have to apply for both of them.

Healthcare in Dublin

When you have been residing in Ireland for over a year, you have access to public healthcare in Ireland. When you haven’t reached that term, it is recommended to take out private healthcare insurance to avoid running into debt when you get sick or injured. With a mere consultation already having an average price of EUR 60, you can only imagine what surgery costs.

School and education

The Irish school system (which is compulsory from age 6-16) is made up out of the following parts:

  • Primary level education: This starts at age 6 but you can start sending your kid here as young as 5 years old.
  • The secondary level of education: This consists of a 3 year junior part and a 3 year senior part. Depending on the program in this part, you can choose a college or university program.
  • Third level education: This includes all colleges and universities.

There are many renowned universities in Dublin, such as the Trinity College and the University College Dublin. The majority of the humanitarian studies take 3 years, where math and science studies take 4 years on average.

The job market in Dublin

The last couple of years have seen continued economic growth in Dublin and the whole of Ireland. This means that there are many opportunities for expats wanting to move to Dublin. Some of the areas you will have a good chance to find a job are:

  • IT. Especially programmers are in high demand.
  • People who speak a European language besides English are sought after to work in one of the many service related fields.
  • Financial services, for example, bank workers and financial advisers are very welcome in Ireland.

Property information

Prices for real estate have gone up significantly over the past decades and this trend seems to continue. A one bedroom apartment in the center of Dublin will cost you approximately €1.000, whereas the same apartment goes for about €800 in the suburbs.
When you want to save on accommodation, you can share living space with other expats, which is quite common in Dublin. It will also give you the opportunity to meet new people and you always have company for a house party.

Cost of moving to Dublin

When you consider moving to Dublin, you might be wondering: How much is shipping from the USA to Dublin? Getting an answer to that question might be easier than you think. You just need to think about three things.

  1. The exact details of the pick-up and delivery address.
  2. The delivery time.
  3. The dimensions of your shipment.

When you have determined these 3 things you know the cost of moving house to Dublin. When shipping with Eurosender you also have access to:

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Cost of living in Dublin

Nowadays Ireland can be considered quite expensive and prices are gradually going up. As mentioned before, prices for rent are extremely high and will take a huge chunk out of your budget. Other things that are costly are going out, food and transport. To help you save some of your funds, here are some of the things that can help.

  • Many restaurants and entertainment facilities have early-bird arrangements.
  • Cars and taxies are expensive, so public transport is a fast and cheap alternative.
  • Get a “Dublin pass“. This will give you free access to the main touristic attractions and will also provide you with discounts in various shops.
  • The connection between Dublin and its airport is not very well developed and the only way to go there is by car or by bus. For a cheap option try one of the many car-sharing apps.

Driving in Dublin

Citizens from EU countries can drive with their domestic driving license and those from other countries will have to obtain an International Driving Permit (IDP), which is available at your local driving authority. Check out some other things that are specific for driving in Dublin.

  • Rush hour is usually between 00730 and 0900 in the morning, while in the evening the peak hours are between 1530 and 1830.
  • It is pointless to look for an outdoor parking place as they are extremely scarce. Instead, park your car in one of the many multi-story carparks. These are also a budget-friendly option compared to what you have to pay for parking meters on the street.
  • Like in any other capital in the world, crime is not absent in Dublin. Carjackings and other theft do happen so always make sure that your doors are locked and that the alarm is on.

The most popular destination from where you can move to Dublin

United Kingdom

With Ireland being so close by, Dublin is a convenient option for British people who want a change of scenery. With cheap flights between the two countries, you can easily fly back home for family visits or work meetings. But what if you want to bring your whole inventory? When you are moving from the United Kingdom to Dublin, ask Eurosender for an individual offer. You will be amazed to see how cheap relocating can be.


Where in the past many Irish immigrated to Australia, nowadays there is also a steady flow of migrants making a trip in the opposite direction. As there is no language barrier and there are ample job opportunities in the growing economy of Dublin, nothing stands in the way of building a successful career in the capital of Ireland. It is also extremely easy to have your favorite possessions shipped to Ireland with the help of Eurosender. Whether it is your mattress, tv or sailboat, when you are moving from Australia to Dublin, Eurosender makes sure that your items will have a safe and speedy journey.


Many Canadians would like to know what life is like on the other side of the Ocean and think of moving from Canada to Dublin. Escaping the harsh winters, moving to Dublin is more than just a change of climate. The friendly atmosphere, the short distances and the abundance of employment opportunities at big firms such as Apple, Twitter, Facebook and Google, Dublin is the perfect spot to start the next phase of your life. So sign up at Eurosender and get the best deal for your relocation.

Other destinations?

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